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What Can You Do If You Accidentally Drop AirPods in Water: 6 Methods

When You Accidentally Drop AirPods in Water

When you accidentally drop your AirPods in water, your heart may stop. Today, Apple AirPods have simplified our lives. They allow us to listen to music while exercising or talk on the phone while driving. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix AirPods if they fall into the water. Therefore, water can cause permanent damage to your expensive AirPods.

Okay, we are kidding. There are a few water-related issues that you can repair. Our team conducted extensive research and dropped AirPods into various water depths to determine what happens when AirPods are dropped in water by accident. And we’ve discovered numerous solutions that we’re about to reveal. So, let’s get moving.

Are AirPods watertight?

No model of AirPods is waterproof or sweatproof. In contrast, some contemporary models are water- and sweat-resistant. Therefore, you should avoid showering or swimming with them. Additionally, AirPods should not be used in saunas, steam rooms, or while skiing. In addition, please do not wash them under a faucet or in a washing machine, nor subject them to any other water-related activities.

Apple has introduced five AirPods models so far. The first, second, and Max AirPods are not water- or perspiration-resistant. The AirPods Pro and AirPods 3rd generation, however, are water- and sweat-resistant. On the basis of this pattern, we can anticipate that future models will have the same or greater water and sweat resistance.

First- and second-generation AirPods, as well as AirPods Max, lack an official IP rating. AirPods Pro and AirPods third generation have an IPX4 rating.

Are the charge cases for AirPods waterproof?

There are three kinds of AirPods charging cases: standard charging cases, wireless charging cases, and MagSafe charging cases.

Both the first and second generations of AirPods include a charging case. You can purchase a wireless charging case for them, however. Previously, the AirPods Pro came with a Wireless Charging Case, but now they come with a MagSafe Charging Case (which is not waterproof). Additionally, the third version of AirPods comes with a MagSafe Charging Case. However, it is waterproof.

In short, only the MagSafe Charging Case for AirPods third Generation is water- and perspiration-resistant. AirPods Pro Wireless and MagSafe Charging Cases are the only products that are water resistant. The AirPods Max open-design case, on the other hand, lacks this protection.

Are the AirPods Pro and Third Generation Waterproof?

Although the AirPods Pro and third generation are water- and perspiration-resistant, this condition is not permanent. AirPods’ water resistance may degrade over time as the seals deteriorate from constant use, wear and tear, drops, etc. In addition, the chemicals found in soap, face wash, lotions, fragrances, sunscreen, oil, and hair dye can damage water seals and membranes.

There is no established criterion for determining if the seal has been compromised. Therefore, take additional precautions when using your old AirPods.

What to Do If You Drop Your AirPods in Water

The heart-stopping moment when you accidentally drop your AirPods into water does not have to result in a disaster and a costly charge to your credit card. Consider a few methods for protecting your AirPods from water damage.

Method 1: Wipe Your AirPods Gently

You accidentally dropped your AirPods into water, and they are now drenched. Before attempting to connect or use them, thoroughly dry them with a microfiber towel and allow them to air-dry upside-down.

The same procedure should be followed for the prosecution. If, after a few minutes of drying, your AirPods appear dry, you may use them. However, do not give up if they continue to fail. These wet AirPods may be salvageable through the application of a few more complex techniques.

After dropping your AirPods in water, do not return them to their charging case. The enclosed compartment will prevent the AirPods from properly drying, and any water that escapes will damage the AirPods case.

Method 2: Utilize Desiccant Pouches

If your AirPods appear to still be retaining moisture, acquire a container and some desiccant sachets. These small paper packets with the words “Do not eat!” are commonly found in the packaging of footwear, electronics, and other products.

These packets contain beads that absorb moisture. Seal the container with a few sachets and your wet AirPods for several hours. This should eliminate any remaining moisture on the AirPods and restore their functionality.

After drying your AirPods, connect them to your iPhone. Remember to first listen to them. Even when they are connected, the audio quality may be irreparably compromised.

You may be tempted to try the traditional dry rice trick for drying wet phones (if you’re unaware, soaking your phone in a container of uncooked rice for a few hours will absorb all the moisture). We do not recommend doing so with AirPods. Rice grains and particles can become trapped in the AirPods, causing more harm than good. If this strategy fails, proceed to the next solution.

Method 3: Utilize Cotton Swabs

Take a cotton swab that you would typically use to clean your ears. Rub your fingers together to remove any broken and clogging fine cotton threads. Using a Q-tip, carefully remove any liquid that may have entered the charging case.

Warning: the end of the charging case contains connectors for charging AirPods. Avoid forcing it down or dislodging it when cleaning with a cotton swab.

Method 4: Place your charging case on its back

Apple recommends opening the AirPods case and placing it on its side. Then, you must submerge the charging case in water and leave it alone for several hours.

Method 5: Remove the Water from the Speakers

A specific frequency of sound can cause liquid to leak through the speaker mesh. Pair your AirPods with your iPhone or iPad to get started. Then, use the Water Eject shortcut to remove the water from your AirPods. Comparable to Apple’s Water Eject feature, which is available on newer Apple Watches, is the procedure.

Here’s how to use Water Eject if you drop your AirPods in water by accident:

  1. Tap the iCloud link on your iPhone to download the Water Eject shortcut.                                                           On iOS 15 and later, tap Add Shortcut. If you are using iOS 14 or earlier, you must enable untrusted shortcuts before tapping the iCloud link.
  2. Select Water Eject from the My Shortcuts page.
  3. Notification must be presented. Tap Begin Water Ejection to begin the process.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to install an untrusted shortcut on your iPhone, you can remove the water. You can utilise free third-party applications or visit a website that simply plays the sound to eject water.

We chose Sonic because it is available for free on the App Store and performs the task admirably. After installing the software, you can experiment with the sound frequency to find the optimal setting. Finally, press the Play button to remove the water from the speaker of your iPhone.

To remove any moisture from the speakers, you could also utilize the website Online Tone Generator.

Method 6: Place your AirPods near a fan.

You may also consider placing your AirPods near a fan or in a warm location to expedite water evaporation, in addition to the methods described above.

Additional Tips to Prevent Future Incidents of AirPods Water Damage

Follow these guidelines to avoid getting your AirPods wet and prolong their lifespan:

Invest in a waterproof case for your AirPods. However, this protects your charging case only when it is closed. Once removed from their case, AirPods are still susceptible to water damage.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be upset if you accidentally drop your AirPods in the water. As you can see, there are ways to prevent water damage to your AirPods. However, prevention is always superior.

Therefore, avoid taking your AirPods near water. And if a tragic accident occurs, use the aforementioned solutions. Contact the Apple Store near you if your AirPods are still under warranty. The end for now! Continue to follow us for additional tips and tricks.

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