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Top 10 Best Android Dashcam Apps for 2022

Best Android Dashcam Apps

What is Dashcam?

A dashcam is a small, windscreen-mounted in-car camera that records everything that happens in front of and behind the driver. When a motorist is engaged in an accident, it can serve as an impartial witness while also saving money on insurance. Most dash cams also have Parking Mode, which can capture incidents and deter theft and damage while you’re away from your car. You can now submit dashcam footage to the police via our National Dash Cam Safety Portal if you’ve captured an event that you want to formally report.




Top 10 Best Android Dashcam Apps for 2022

1. AutoBoy Dash Cam – Blackbox:

Any dashcam tool with the name “Blackbox” can be quite encouraging. AutoBoy Dash Cam – Blackbox has both internal and external memory support, which you will like (unlike the previous app.) You can use the camera’s zoom, flash, and focus functions with a flick of your finger to focus on details. It is possible to snap images and videos at the same time.
AutoBoy is more detailed than Drive Recorder when it comes to storing routes. You can upload the videos directly to YouTube. The software has advanced features like smart collision sensors (which have yet to be tested) and LED background lights, implying that the recording is taking place in the background.
Overall, AutoBoy is an excellent dashcam recording program. You can upgrade to AutoBoy Pro for roughly $3 if you don’t want to see adverts.

2.Surveillance Devices as Dash Cams:

Although dashcams are generally intended to record the road ahead of your vehicle while driving, they can also be utilised for surveillance while parked. If you’re looking for that kind of capability, you might want to look into surveillance equipment that isn’t billed as a dashcam. These devices work similarly to dashcams in that they “loop” recordings and create multiple little files rather than a single large one, but there are a few drawbacks.

The primary issue is one of power. These gadgets can be powered by either 120V AC or batteries. If the amperage draw is low enough, you can wire in a car power converter or use a cigarette lighter inverter to power surveillance devices that run on 120V AC. In some situations, the device may completely deplete your battery.

3. Dashcam 9:

The Vault Micro, Inc. Dashcam 9 is named for the nine various functions it has. Anyone who has used dashcam software before should be familiar with many of the other capabilities. Each video file has overlays for speed, position, and time; videos can be kept in internal or external memory, with automated file deletion if the storage space limit is reached; and map data is provided in the GPX format (Global Positioning System). In the event of a collision, an event data recorder (EDR) feature will automatically record a video clip that starts five seconds before the collision and ends five seconds afterward.

4. KM Car Camcorder:

Loop recording is used by the KM Car Camcorder dashcam program, and it includes choices for setting the proper file size and the maximum size of the storage folder before previous recordings are overwritten by newer ones. Each video file in your collection will have the date, time, vehicle speed, and position displayed.

While using a navigation app or listening to music, the KM Car Camcorder may record video. It can record from the front or selfie cameras on your phone, allowing you to catch footage of the outside of your vehicle and the road ahead, as well as the interior to keep an eye on your passengers. It also has a collision detection sensor, which will lock the current video file if a collision is detected.

5. Smart Dash Cam:

Smart Dash Cam is a free dashcam download available from IP Cam Soft, which also makes IP cam software.
Collision detection, auto-loop recording, a Google Drive online storage link, and a collision detection system are all included.

Smart Dash Cam is an ad-supported program, unlike other highly rated free dash camera apps for Android.
While this may appear peculiar, it’s crucial to remember that you’re not intended to look at the screen of a dashcam while driving, so while the commercial may appear tacky, it’s not concealing any important information.

6. CamOnRoad:

CamOnRoad is a dashcam application by Smart Labs that is completely free to use and does not have a premium or paid version.

Users who register with Smart Labs get 2 GB of free cloud storage for dashcam recordings, with additional storage available for purchase via an in-app purchase.

CamOnRoad is an example of an app that performs a function that is impossible to provide with dedicated physical dashboard cameras, such as real-time video recording. It not only turns your phone into a dashcam, but it also comes with built-in GPS navigation.

Some dash cams include GPS, which can show the location of an accident but not directions.

7. Drive Recorder:

Drive Recorder is a highly rated app that accomplishes “everything the premium applications do,” according to one reviewer in the comments. This is absolutely true, as you can record for up to 90 minutes without interruption. It also offers continuous loop recording for extended sessions.

This software is defined by its minimalism, with only the necessary functionality accessible through “Settings.” What I enjoyed best was the landscape feature’s lock screen, which stabilizes the camera and provides a steady broad field of vision. The ads can be turned off for free from within the app.

8. DailyRoads Voyager:

DailyRoads Voyager scores highly in terms of features and performance. The app is linked to G-force sensors, which protect performance from being distorted by unintentional collisions or bumps. With your car’s doorknob, the app can start or stop automatically. It geotags everything and recognizes the street addresses of any videos/photos on your trip. This app has a built-in heat protection feature that comes in helpful during the summer.

9. Drive Recorder Dash Cam:

The Drive Recorder software suite includes a number of useful functions. When you run the app, it starts recording in the background and can be set to start recording immediately.

It also shares videos to your phone’s cloud drive and supports numerous video resolutions and file sizes. It has the ability to record the driving path and navigate to the latest position recorded while driving.

Additionally, the editing tool of the program allows you to drag and drop to select the exact length of time to save as a single clip. It is able to playback video files that contain integrated timestamps and GPS position tracking. Everything will work properly if your Android operating system is 4.0 or higher.

The Drive Recorder software is easy to use, albeit it does occasionally include adverts. Alternative dashcam software for those who don’t require a lot of extra features in their vehicles.

10. AutoGuard:

Hovan Yoo’s AutoGuard is a dashcam program that comes in both free and premium editions. Despite the fact that the free version is billed as ad-supported when recording, no adverts appear on the main screen.
You can sync movies to YouTube and use AutoGuard with other apps with the subscription edition. Although most dash cam apps, such as hardware dashboard cameras, provide a view of the road or whatever you’re filming, some of them may also record sounds in the background.

AutoGuard is an example of a dashcam program that can run in the background. AutoGuard’s commercial edition can be used in conjunction with other programs.

As a result, you can continue to use your navigation app while the dashcam is recording. You may be able to have a small AutoGuard window in the corner of your screen while using other applications if your hardware is configured correctly. Dashcam apps, unlike physical devices, require configuration each time they are used. A recording app will instantly activate and begin recording when you connect your phone to a car dock.


For fleets of any size, a front-facing dashcam provides various advantages. There are numerous reasons to install a dashcam, ranging from more effective driver coaching programs to improved CSA scores and insurance rates. If you’re interested, check out the Motive Smart Dashcam, which works in tandem with the Motive ELD solution.

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