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Top 10 Essential Android Security Apps for 2022

These days, a number of security issues like viruses, malware, trojans, and keyloggers can have a significant impact on your device. Additionally, a lot of hacks can steal private information from your Android device.

Therefore, we are here with some security apps that will enable you to secure your device from security risks in order to protect the Android device from all these attacks. Check out the apps listed below.

Top 10 Essential Android Security Apps for 2022

Here are the Top 10 Essential Android Security Apps discussed below.

1. AppLock by SailingLab

An Android privacy protection tool called AppLock by SailingLab can lock virtually all popular apps that are already installed on your device. You can lock well-known Android apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, and more with AppLock by SailingLab.

Additionally, AppLock by SailingLab lets you lock system apps. You can lock your gallery, SMS, contacts, settings, etc., for instance. Additionally, it has a few security features, including Photo Vault, a secure lock screen, Message security, an intruder selfie, and more.

2. Clario: Security & Privacy

On the Google Play Store, Clario: Security & Privacy is a complete mobile security app. Despite not being extremely well-known, the software provides several crucial cybersecurity features.

With the help of its spyware detector, Clario: Security & Privacy can help you find out who is spying on your device, check it for viruses and malware, keep an eye on your emails for password leaks, encrypt your data with its VPN, and more. All things considered, Clario: Security & Privacy is a security programme you must not overlook.

3. Android Device Manager

Ever lose or misplace your phone? Android Device Manager helps you keep track of misplaced devices and secure access to your device and the data stored on it.

You can use Android Device Manager to find Android devices connected to your Google account, change the screen lock PIN on your device, and erase all data from the phone.

4. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Your personal life can be seen in your searches, from amusing videos to queries about health and finances. To advertise their products and to offer you appropriate ads, many internet businesses, however, monitor your search behaviour. The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is useful in this situation.

It offers a search engine that blocks web trackers and doesn’t monitor your online behaviour. A feature in the most recent version of DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser also blocks 70% of email trackers as soon as you open them.

5. NoRoot Firewall

It is an Android firewall app that prevents the transmission of your private information to the internet. You are alerted by NoRoot firewall whenever an app tries to access the internet. Simply pressing the Allow or Deny button is all that is required.

The software is great for keeping track of which programmes are utilising your internet. It can be used to locate applications that stealthily use your data plan.

6. MalwareBytes

The well-known anti-malware programme Malwarebytes is now accessible for Android devices. Your Android devices are effectively shielded by this app from malware, malicious apps, and illegal spying.

Spyware and Trojans can also be eliminated using Malwarebytes’ most recent Android version. This is one of the top security apps for Android, all things considered.

7. LastPass Password Manager

Your passwords and personal information are stored in a secure vault using LastPass, a password manager and generator.

The nicest part about LastPass is that it rapidly creates fresh, safe passwords and auto-fills your login information for apps and web browsers.

8. SurfEasy VPN

So, if you’re looking for a quick and simple VPN programme for Android, this might be your best choice. With top-notch, no-log Internet security that safeguards your personal information and encrypts your traffic, SurfEasy VPN provides a secure browsing experience.

With the help of this VPN tool, you may hide your IP address, access prohibited websites, get around firewall restrictions, and more.

9. Keepsafe Photo Vault

This picture vault programme helps you protect private photographs and videos by encrypting them with military-grade encryption, PIN protection, and fingerprint verification.

If you don’t want other people to see your private photos and videos, you can use this software. Additional capabilities included in the premium edition of KeepSafe include the ability to lock albums, activate break-in warnings, create a fake PIN, recover garbage, and more.

10. Firefox Focus

One of the greatest web browsers with a strong privacy focus is this one. From the minute you activate it to the moment you close it, the new Firefox Focus automatically prevents a variety of web trackers. Your browsing history, passwords, and cookies are all immediately deleted by this browser so that you won’t see bothersome advertising again.

These are the top Android security apps, so use them right away. You can protect your device from risks like viruses and several espionage applications that are just intended to steal users’ info by using these apps. Please share any additional apps you are aware of with us in the comments.

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