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Best App Development Companies in USA (Updated List 2022)

App Development Companies in USA

The growth of mobile app development firms in the US has been accelerated by the explosive growth of the smartphone sector. The number of applications on the market today is rising quickly, ranging from those that create games and services to those that produce apps for specific products. It is worthwhile to engage a mobile app developer for your needs because they are becoming more common in the US and are established on a daily rate. Businesses are thriving thanks to the emergence of mobile apps.

More than 7000 enterprises in the US market specialize in developing mobile apps for businesses. SoftwareWorld has identified the top American companies for mobile app development. This list serves as a resource for learning about the top-rated and trustworthy organizations that offer knowledge and experience in mobile app development. With the help of this list, you can locate the best cross-platform, iOS, and Android mobile app development businesses operating in the United States.

Best App Development Companies in USA


Messapps is a full-service app development firm that offers consultancy, design, and app development services for people looking to succeed. We are an innovative team of talented designers, tech-savvy engineers, and fantastic project managers based in New York.

We build the greatest appreneurs the world has ever seen by creating inventive apps, marketing the hell out of them, and designing & developing them. Even the most revolutionary concepts require thorough planning and execution of a strategy. We’ll dive into your sector, brainstorm, and mind map your concept with you to turn it into a one-of-a-kind product.


ArcTouch creates conversational systems that function on both Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa in order to connect its clients to the rest of the world. ArcTouch assists companies using blockchain, IoT, and AI-driven products. Since 2007, ArcTouch has partnered with clients of the highest calibre. With the assistance of a staff that contributes its expert opinions on the newest digital goods they make, the company has created high-tech apps and websites.


Technology is at the heart of Rightpoint, an independent customer experience agency. In order to help customers flourish at the speed of innovation, we develop meaningful digital experiences that are driven by insight, strategy, design, and technology.

Rightpoint now offers a strong foundation in creating and delivering mobile apps with smart, technological solutions that increase how businesses satisfy customer expectations in today’s mobile-first market. This is thanks to the recent integration of Raizlabs. Rightpoint has 450 workers spread across 10 offices, serves more than 250 Fortune 1,000 organizations, and has been designated one of Crain’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Chicago for four years running.


A boutique software development company and digital transformation consultancy, Intellectsoft offers its clients cutting-edge business solutions. Fortune 500 corporations and next-generation start-ups have benefited from Intellectsoft’s assistance in solving tough problems of the current day. The software business has developed into the most trustworthy and dependable visionary platform. With the help of its team of passionate engineers, Intellectsoft has formed partnerships with top-tier clients by offering exceptional services.

Atomic Object

Collaborating with one of the top US software development businesses is crucial if you’re seeking for the proper software. Companies that wish to work more efficiently and offer their clients the greatest services should go with Atomic Object. The proper equipment and cutting-edge technologies are available at Atomic Object for creating desktop and mobile websites and applications. Atomic Object empowers its clients with the greatest service, regardless of your market.


Your one-stop shop for all your software development requirements is ScienceSoft. Together with partnering businesses, their team of developers aim for excellence whether you are interested in developing custom software or utilizing corporate solutions. Companies like Walmart, eBay, NASA, IBM, and others are among its clients.

They have developed businesses in the fields of CRM, eCommerce, data analytics, and information security. They began modestly, concentrating on building on a singular technology, notably AI, and have since included other technologies, including Machine Learning, Big Data, the Internet of Things, AR/VR, and Computer Vision.


The greatest mobile app development business, Zco, has been operating since 1989. Zco normally produces top-quality, appealing, clear, and consistent products, and its longevity has made it one of the most sought-after successful agencies for application development. They have been carefully chosen for a variety of specialties due to their knowledge in this area and more than the effective team.

 Y Media Labs

The ultimate power tool Y Media Labs provides the best-in-class solution to all business problems currently facing the digital era. The software company is a creative designer, App developer, and manager of web tools that produces goods with a lasting impression. Y Media Labs has established an amazing reputation among top-tier commercial clients because to its innovative technology. Y Media Labs is exactly what you need if you’re seeking for a corporate environment that conveys a human feel through its software.

Dom & Tom

Ten Dom & Tom is your digital solution partner if you want to enhance your company’s value and rank highly with your customers. The business is driven, gifted, and open about its concepts. Dom & Tom empowers its clients with ground-breaking digital solutions, whether they are high-profile clients or emerging start-ups. The business is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships and exploring all of the available digital opportunities.

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