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How Does Apple Watch Mirroring Work On iOS 16: Complete Guide In 2022

Apple Watch Mirroring

Apple has released new versions of iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS, version 9. With the new operating system and Apple devices, there are numerous new and enhanced functions to be found. And one of the most anticipated improvements on iOS 16 is the Apple Watch mirroring. In the latest iOS, mirroring your Apple Watch is a modified version of AirPlay that allows you to cast the screen of your watch to your iPhone. This latest operating system is currently only accessible for beta testing. Therefore, if you are a developer, you can test-drive the most recent iOS by downloading it.

To assist you, our staff has downloaded the beta version of iOS 16 to demonstrate how Apple Watch mirroring works.

Let’s dig in.

What Does iOS 16’s Apple Watch Mirroring Entail?

The Cupertino-based corporation developed Apple Watch Mirroring to assist those with physical and motor limitations. Users are now able to control their Apple Watch with their iPhones. The user can then utilize the iPhone’s assistive functions, such as Voice Control and Switch Control while wearing their Apple Watch.

This means you will be able to use Apple Watch inputs normally available. In addition, you can access accessibility capabilities like as head tracking and external Made for iPhone switches simply by tapping the Apple Watch display as appropriate.

Why Is Apple Watch Mirroring Required?

watchOS developments have resulted in Apple Watch-only applications. Such iPhone applications as Mindfulness, Heart Rate, and Blood Oxygen are unavailable.

iPhone users might normally have difficulty using these applications. However, with Apple Watch Mirroring, you can now utilise these apps on your iPhone.

Users may now view their Apple Watch face on the iPhone’s bigger screen. Additionally, they will have larger touch targets than before. It is ideal for Apple Watch users who have difficulty tapping correctly on some of the smaller touch targets.

How Does iOS 16’s Apple Watch Mirroring Operate?

As a preview of what was to come, Apple Watch Mirroring was announced ahead to WWDC 2022. These capabilities are not currently accessible to all users, but they will be when the final versions of iOS 16 and watchOS 9 are released this autumn.

This is an expansion of watchOS 8 and iOS 15’s AssistiveTouch feature. As the name says, users can mirror the screen of their Apple Watch to their iPhone. This will display information from your Apple Watch on the iPhone’s bigger display. However, once this is enabled, Apple permits you to control a variety of Watch features.

And here’s how iOS 16’s Apple Watch mirroring works:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Settings application.
  2. Drag to the bottom of the page and click Accessibility.
  3. Tap Apple Watch Mirroring inside the section Physical and Motor.
  4. Then, toggle the switch next to Apple Watch Mirroring On.

Following a brief delay, your iPhone will display a fresh screen. Additionally, the Apple Watch display has a crimson border around the entire display. The pop-up box on your iPhone will leverage AirPlay between your iPhone and Apple Watch to facilitate easier interaction with your Watch.

Simply activating Apple Watch Mirroring does not ensure that the display of the Watch will always be visible. Instead, mirroring is discontinued upon clicking the X button in the upper right corner. If you wish to use the future function, you will need to enable it in the Settings app.

We hope Apple makes Apple Watch Mirroring more accessible prior to iOS 16’s final release. Additionally, we would like to be able to create an action with the Shortcuts app and make it immediately available from the Home Screen.

How Do I Turn Off Apple Watch Mirroring in iOS 16?

During our research for this article, we were dismayed to discover that Apple had not included a Shortcuts app action. Unfortunately, this means that you must navigate to the Accessibility section of the Settings app in order to enable Apple Watch Mirroring.

However, we have identified another technique for enabling Apple Watch Mirroring fast and efficiently, and that is through the Accessibility Shortcut. Here is how it operates:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Settings application.
  2. Drag to the bottom of the page and click Accessibility.
  3. Navigate to the General section by scrolling down.
  4. Select the Accessibility Keyboard Shortcut.
  5. Select Apple Watch Mirroring from the list of options.

Forward, you can enable Apple Watch Mirroring by triple-clicking the Side button on your iPhone. However, you may also access this Accessibility Shortcut from the Control Center. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Settings application.
  2. Drag to the bottom of the page and select the Control Center option.
  3. Toggle the plus sign beside Accessibility Shortcuts under More Controls.
  4. Using the three vertical lines on the right, drag and drop this toggle on the list.
  5. Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner.

What Else Is Available in WatchOS 9?

Now that you’ve seen how Apple Watch mirroring on iOS 16 operates, let’s investigate the other new WatchOS 9 features. The new Apple OS includes various new and improved features, including:

AFib Monitoring

AFib detection and history is a fitness wearable feature that has advanced in recent years. Apple gained FDA certification for AFib tracking just recently, and watchOS 9 can retain your AFib history to provide “deeper insights into their state.”

In addition, you will receive alerts to assist you understand what may affect your AFib. In addition, because all of this information is maintained in the Health app, you may obtain a PDF of your complete medical history to discuss with your physician.

Meditation Monitoring

No longer should you use the Reminders app to take your prescription? The Health app on iOS 16 and watchOS 9 now offers a new “Medications experience.” In addition to entering your meds, you can schedule reminders on several devices.

Apple now enables you to create individualized schedules depending on your personal needs. In addition, the Health app will alert you if there are “important interactions” between your drugs or danger of “unexpected adverse effects.”

Sleep Tracking

Sleep monitoring has been a feature of the Apple Watch for some time. However, considerable improvements are forthcoming. watchOS 9 now enables your Apple Watch to identify your sleep stage and display this data in the Health app. Then, you will be able to view a comprehensive breakdown of each night’s sleep, including the length of time you slept as well as your heart rate and respiration rate.

Improved Workout App

The Workout app on Apple Watch has been improved to provide even more information and details. In addition, rather than swiping or tapping the screen to view different metrics, the user must click on the desired metric. The Digital Crown on the side of your Apple Watch can also be used to select between stats based on your “training styles.”

Heart Zones is a new tool that “monitors the intensity of a workout” using your health information. And this can be “made manually or calculated automatically.” It is simply another example of how Apple can help you maximise your gym workouts. Consequently, watchOS 9 provides additional control over the device.


Apple desires to enhance your exercises in any manner possible. Therefore, fitness+ will now offer on-screen instructions. In addition to trainer instruction to assist users in maximizing workouts, it also provides:

Perhaps even more thrilling is the fact that, for the first time, Fitness+ customers can AirPlay their workouts and meditations to “suitable third-party TVs and devices.”

Form Detection on Form

When watchOS 9 is published later this year, runners and swimmers will gain access to novel stats (unless you join the beta before then). For instance:

Apple is enabling the inclusion of them in various workout views and displaying them immediately within the Health app. This not only tries to improve your form, but it can also demonstrate various patterns to help you better comprehend how to run.

How Apple Watch Mirroring Works in iOS 16: Final Remarks

Clearly, the combination of iOS 16 with watchOS9 will be phenomenal. With next iOS releases, you can anticipate a number of new and enhanced capabilities.

Now that you understand how Apple Watch Mirroring on iOS 16 operates, stay tuned for future updates on the most recent iOS. We have many more surprises in store for you!

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