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Top 10 Apps for Identifying a Song on Android In 2022

Apps for Identifying a Song on Android

Apps for Identifying a Song on Android:

These apps allow you to identify songs simply by humming into your smartphone’s built-in microphone. Song recognition apps, sometimes known as Music ID apps, primarily collect samples of the music listened to and matched the audio fingerprint to a massive online library of songs.

Song finder apps, in a nutshell, address one of the most typical inquiries we have while listening to a new playlist: “What song is this?” or “What’s the music playing in the background?”

I’ve produced a list of the finest song-finding applications to detect music/songs accessible on Android in 2022 so you never miss out on a song again. I assessed these music finding applications based on their song identification speed and accuracy at the end of each app.

List of Top 10 Apps for Identifying a Song on Android:

We’ve put up a list of the Best Identifying a Song Alternatives. Let us take a look at the list below.

1. SoundHound:

SoundHound has been providing users with the option to identify songs through humming or singing for a long time before Google started offering the service. To do so, you need to tap the big orange button to have SoundHound start listening. The app works pretty great and pulls up the lyrics as well. For the best results, hum or sing for at least 10 seconds.

When music is playing in the background, and you want to identify it, use the same button. SoundHound works swiftly and accurately to identify the tune. The program also has a lyrics archive, where you may search for specific song lyrics. A music discovery option also shows artist recommendations depending on genres.

2. TrackID:

TrackID is an app that, like SoundHound and Shazam, identifies songs by listening to them as they are played around you. Aside from this basic feature, it offers strong integrations with Spotify, allowing users to fully utilize the app’s capability. When there is no internet connection, this app also functions offline. When there is no internet connection, it listens to the song and keeps track of it. When the connection is re-established, it recognizes the music, allowing the user to access the song regardless of the circumstances. The software also includes a fantastically designed welcome interface.

3. Shazam:

Shazam is a popular music recognition program that is simple to use. While a track is playing, the user clicks on the Shazam button on the app. The program will listen to the song, identify it, and display the title, band or person who sang the song, lyricist, etc. It then gives you a choice to share the music, listen to it on the radio, and view its lyrics. Tagging, My Tags, Discover, Friends, and Settings are the app’s five main functions.

4. Music ID:

Although Music ID does not offer any other features not described above, it is ideal for users who want a simple-looking program with one of the greatest music detection skills and soundtrack tags.

The Explore tab of the music finder app displays information on popular songs and artists. Unfortunately, the software does not display the lyrics. On the plus side, you can provide comments on the identified music.

One intriguing feature of the Music ID Android app is that it presents a complete profile of each artist, including information on movies and TV series, biographical data, etc.

5. Genius:

Genius is the most advanced app on this list. While it does include a music identification feature, it is not designed mainly for this purpose. The major interface of the app is geared to providing music aficionados with access to news headlines.

Aside from that, Genius offers a relatively extensive video section and an extensive artist database. In terms of music recognition works fairly well in our tests, and it reacted quite swiftly in our tests.

6. Midomi:

Midomi is an internet website that may be used to identify songs by humming them or playing them. Open the site, click on the appropriate choice, and then sing or hum the needed song for at least 10 seconds. The program will then provide the top results, including the song’s title, the artist’s name, the duration, and so on. This program is accessed through a browser and is not available as a mobile app.

7. Soly:

Soly is another music-finding tool that can detect songs and generate lyrics. It also includes an inbuilt music player, allowing you to listen to tunes stored on your smartphone.

Although Soly’s song recognition is high, it is marred by a number of difficulties. The most irritating aspect of Soly is the ad bombs, which occur more frequently than in any of the other song identification apps described here.

Aside from that, Soly lyrics are rarely displayed when a song is identified. It does, however, have a lyrics search column where one may manually look for lyrics.

8. Virtual Assistants (Siri, Cortana, and Google Now):

Cortana, Siri, and Google Now are Windows, Apple, and Android virtual assistants. This software can detect numerous songs with the words provided as inputs and are pretty efficient at it too. The user must supply the lyrics to the application before the identification.

The following is a list of traditional music recognition software. Others have yet to be discovered. The Birdsong app is a simple example. An app that listens to birdsong identifies the bird and provides information about it. Explore more apps and create your lists for us to read.

9. MusiXmatch:

MusiXmatch is an app that primarily assists users in obtaining song lyrics. Nonetheless, the program offers a song identification function. Using any of the applications on the list above to get the name of a song is as simple as pointing your device in the direction of the sound.

When the program recognizes a song, it will also display the lyrics, which will appear on your screen in real-time. During our testing, however, the app had some issues detecting songs. Nonetheless, the floating lyrics feature is rather useful, as it syncs with Spotify or your music library. When this happens, a little window will appear on Spotify, revealing the lyrics of the music you’re listening to.

MusiXmatch also contains a discovery tool that allows users to listen to new songs and artists and view a variety of top charts.

10. Sound Lookup:

Sound Search is Google’s official music identification software, and it uses the same operational principles as Shazam, Track ID, and others. The difference between it and other apps is that it can be further integrated into our Android phone in the form of widgets and all. It is also linked to the Google Music app, which allows you to buy the song immediately after identifying it.


These are some of the greatest music identification applications on Android for identifying music online, and they all function flawlessly, both online and offline. Do you have any suggestions for better music identifier apps? Please let us know in the comments section.

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