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16 Best AZMovies Alternatives To Stream Free Movies


What is AZMovies?

AZMovies is an online entertainment platform where you can view popular films from around the world. The website’s home page features a list of the top ten films, forthcoming films, and recently added films, which can assist keep movie buffs informed about recent advancements in the film business.

There is even a separate library for movie stars where users can view their professional biography and filmography, which comes in handy when users are unsure of the title of the film they are looking for. To find a movie, a user merely needs to type his or her name into the search area. If the user is simply seeking anything odd to watch, he can simply select a genre and view all relevant films.

Is using AZMovies legal?

The answer is contingent on the jurisdiction in which you live. We haven’t found any evidence that AZMovies has paid for the international distribution rights to any of the content on its website. As a result, under any reasonable definition of the word, all of the site’s material is pirated. However, this does not make it illegal.
As you can see, piracy is not prohibited in every country. Even in countries where it is illegal, the government does not actively persecute it.

Consider the world’s countries in terms of their attitudes toward piracy. There are three alternatives:

AZMovies’ Features

The free streaming and downloading website AZMovies has a number of unique features that make it worthwhile to visit.

The World’s Largest Collection of Movies, Series, and Shows

This is AZMovies’ most valuable feature. You can obtain the best stuff in top-notch quality on your preferred device with only a few keystrokes on the keypad without spending a single penny from your wallet.

This website includes a large collection of movies, television shows, and series. It provides its users with unlimited access to thousands of movies, broadcasts, television shows, and online series.

User-Friendly Interface

The website offers a simple and user-friendly interface that is packed with a big collection of titles, as well as a frequently updated movie area where you can download the latest blockbusters without any effort.

AZMovies’ user-friendly movie search engine allows them to look for films based on the actor’s or director’s names. It’s incredibly simple to find the movie or show you want, much like the Soap2day Website. The user interface was created with their needs and convenience in mind.

Downloading and streaming Without Limits

AZ Movies is a free movie download service that offers limitless watching and downloading of its vast library of movies. All of the movies on this page can be downloaded to watch later. As a result, you can access the content even if you don’t have access to the internet. You may also choose whether to download the HD or SD version of the movie to your device.

You may view movies and stream or download stuff on any device without spending any money. However, the download speed may be affected by the settings of your mobile browser. You may need to adjust some browser settings, such as web permissions, to allow this site’s content to download to your device.

Best AZMovies Alternatives

We have compiled a list of the AZMovies Alternatives to stream free movies. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Movie Genius

Movie Genius is one of the most exclusive and straightforward ways to keep track of all your most likely TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment. Genius Movies & TV is a simple and elegant platform introduced to the market by Sudhir Khanger Inc. It serves as a one-stop-shop for watching your favorite movies and series whenever and wherever you want. You can obtain information on any film you like.

And its svelte design enables you to select films from a list and begin watching them immediately. The app provides critical information about your most likely movies and shows, such as ratings, release date, plot summary, and other required content. It is one of the best AZMovies alternatives.

2. Bobby Movie

Bobby Movie is a crucial application like AZMovies that enables you to watch a wide variety of films and television series directly on your Android phone or tablet. And Bobby Movie enables you to watch your most awaited films and other forms of entertainment whenever and wherever you want.

You may quickly navigate through a variety of flashy categories by utilizing the menu located on the left side of the screen. It enables you to learn about all the latest films without having to pay anything. You may also organize the films by checking out the most recent episodes of your most likely series, as well as by genre.

3. Movie Bucket

Movie Bucket is a secure and entertaining pocket that allows you to save an unlimited number of movies whenever you want. It was introduced to the market by Aspyre Solutions Inc. The Movie Bucket app allows you to keep track of all the films you want to view in the future. You can watch your desired films whenever they become available. Additionally, the app learns which movies your friends are watching. Through incredibly straightforward browsing and searching, you can rapidly add your desired movies to its lists. You can see exactly which videos your friends, family, and loved ones are watching.

4. TodoMovies 4

TodoMovies 4 introduces an innovative solution to manage and monitor movies that you want to add to your bucket list and want to watch all in one location. Also, TodoMovies 4 is similar to AZMovies. It is a visually attractive application produced for the market by Screenplay & Script Pte. Ltd. It contains cutting-edge posters, an unlimited list of movies, personalized listings, and a variety of other features. You can easily create personalized lists and discover new films while on the go. It enables you to take advantage of features such as cast profiles, release notifications, bonus scene indicators, and an App Watch app.

5. Filmbox+

Filmbox+ is a clever and slick database for TV series and movies that Tayfun Susamcioglu Inc. developed for the market. And Filmbox Smart Movie Manager – Trailer, Review, TV Show, and Box app enables you to construct a powerful, easy, fast, and useful organizer in the most exclusive way possible. Film Box Plus – Trailer, Review, TV Show, and Box software features a clean, basic design that supports both iOS 13 and iPhone 11. Film Box has no account requirement, iCloud synchronization, user-defined lists, a unique roulette view, photographs and artwork, iTunes store integration, and trailers and other videos, among other things. It is one of the best AZMovies alternatives.

6. Boximize

Boximize is a one-stop-shop for organizing collections, sketching ideas, recording audio, and creating forums. And Boximize – Be infinitely more organized is a simple-to-use thing organization program that gives you access to a database while maintaining usability and simplicity. The software provides a range of 28 templates from which you may choose one and get started in seconds.

You can create customized collections by removing or adding numerous fields, or you can start from blank and create your own collection.

7. My Movies by

My Movies by is a popular app among subscribers and users. And My Movies by is an excellent and completely free site, which means that everyone can utilize this entertainment platform.

You can intuitively synchronize and transport your most frequently used games and movies with you. It enables users to scan barcodes to obtain detailed information about their favorite films and even add them to their collection. Its game libraries include titles for the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii, PS4, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Steam, and PC Games, among others.

8. The Movie DB

The Movie DB offers a plethora of exclusive films, television shows, and people for you to discover anytime and wherever you choose. And the Movie DB is an incredibly beautiful tool that enables you to create and manage your own custom personalized lists of your favorite movies, TV episodes, and series at any time. You can search and filter intuitively for what to watch next on your Android and iOS devices.

You can perfectly enjoy TMDb’s ad-free content by signing up here and immediately begin watching whatever you want. It enables you to create a personal watch list, filter by the services to which you have subscribed, create custom lists, contribute to the platform, and keep track of the TV series and movies you’ve seen.

9. Playbox


Playbox enables you to stream a plethora of films, anime, television programs, and a slew of other interesting content directly to your Android cell phones and tablets without downloading a single file. And Playbox – Hundreds of Movies and Series for Streaming is a gorgeous platform with an easy-to-use layout that puts a plethora of interesting alternatives at your fingertips.

You can quickly select your desired category (from a variety of categories) by clicking over it. The app’s left side features menu options that allow you to quickly access various categories for animated films, anime, and television programs, among other things.

10. RecordMovies Free


RecordMovies is a free program that enables you to keep track of all your favorites movies without the use of paper, pencils, or other material possessions. And RecordMovies Free is an excellent program introduced to the market by Living Paper Free, LLC. It intuitively optimizes recording movie lists by providing several sections for immediately tracking all your favorites’ movies and leisure items.

With a single click from the tab menu, you may list the whole collection of movies by categorizing them by actors, titles, and ID. Additionally, you can filter items by favorites using the app’s tab navigation. The administrative area of the program includes a button for sending a complete list and favorites.

11. Movie Manager Collector 4K Blu-ray DVD UPC Library


Movie Manager Collector 4K Blu-ray DVD UPC Library enables you to easily filter, classify, and manage all your most likely movies. And Movie Manager Collector 4K Blu-ray DVD UPC Library is a magnificent platform given by iCollect LLC Inc. that enables you to see critical information precisely, add personal information, and intuitively acquire cover arts.

This AZMovies alternative may be used to scan barcodes, manually enter barcodes, and search databases, among other things. You can instantly create a free, personal, and cloud-based list of goods. Movie Manager lets customers view their content from any iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac device at any time and from any location.

12. My Movies 3 Pro

My Movies 3 Pro enables you to create an intuitive archive of your favorites films and television episodes with its exclusive service. And My Movies 3 Pro – Movie & TV Collection Library program features a simple interface that allows you to import data for movies, television shows and disc titles from a variety of nations and languages. You can specifically enjoy a collection of nearly the most exclusive title database. It comes with a slew of attractive customization possibilities, including various views (both a white and black interface). Apart from watching your preferred video, you may also listen to audio tracks and read subtitles.

13. Dejavu Movies Discovery

Dejavu Movies Discovery is a must-have tool for all movie buffs, as it enables them to experience movies in a whole new way. And Dejavu Movies Discovery is an excellent platform in the market by Kerr Maric Miller that enables you to rapidly discover your next most likely film whenever and wherever you are. The app has an infinite amount of TV series and films and allows you to effortlessly download fresh stuff. This large collection of films adds another layer of difficulty to the task of discovering relevant and fresh films to watch for all consumers.

14. MoviePro – Discover and Track TV Shows

MoviePro app gives its global customers the most exclusive information, overview, and authentic details about all their most likely television shows and films. And MoviePro – Discover & Track TV Shows is a fantastic product introduced to the market by Movie App & TV Shows Inc. that allows you to discover and track your favorite content from the most exclusive community TMDb.

You can easily discover a wide variety of TV series and movies by browsing the menu or using the search option. It includes a slick search feature that enables you to quickly discover TV series and movies across numerous genres, categories, and years.

15. MoviesFad

MoviesFad is one of the most exclusive apps on the market for managing your most likely movie collection. Brought to you by FEMA Inc. Also, MoviesFad – Your Movie Manager program enables you to manage your movies. And their associated information, photos, cloud synchronization, statistics, custom filters, and a variety of other features. Through its comprehensive function, you may intuitively identify and filter your preferred items. And search for your information in the most simple manner.

16. Movie Diary

Movie Diary is an ingenious application for all movie buffs . That allows them to watch their most likely films for free. And Movie Diary is an amazing website that allows you to easily look for the most likely TV series. And movies. The software enables its global users to maintain their own personal film collections. And easily access them via their movie diaries. This entertainment software features a large repertoire of both classic and contemporary films and will never let you miss any of your most anticipated releases. It is the last name on our list of the best AZMovies alternatives.


Depending on where you are, AZMovies is not a legal website to use. However, regardless of where you are, it is still a dangerous place to visit for reasons that have nothing to do with legality. Even more harmful are mirror AZMovies websites. So you can rely on these alternatives. Goodbye!

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