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Best 3D Printing Software (Updated List 2022)

Best 3D Printing Software

With some creative 3D printing projects, spruce up your life. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3D printing programs for each ability level, both paid and unpaid.

We recognize how challenging it is to choose the best tool for the job. After all, there are numerous options available that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Please start the drums for this year’s top 3D modeling tools.

Best 3D Printing Software


You can use FreeCAD, an open-source, fully configurable 3D modeling program, for mechanical engineering and design.

Users can adapt the software to handle a variety of design functions, including architectural and electrical engineering because it is scriptable and expandable. Realistic objects of various sizes can be created. One of the few 3D printing programs suitable for enthusiasts, programmers, teachers, and knowledgeable CAD users is FreeCAD.


An outstanding web-based 3D modeling and design tool is TinkerCAD. It has a simple interface that makes it possible for beginners to start 3D printing. Yes, employing forms and shape groupings allows you to create intricate models.

Although TinkerCAD is not a complete design suite, it contains sufficient functionality for a hobbyist or a STEM instructor. One of the greatest 3D printing programs for beginners is this one. The program is simple to use and works with the majority of 3D printers.

Ultimaker Cura

The slicing program Ultimaker Cura is used by millions of people worldwide. With just a few clicks, the software enables you to prepare prints. It comes with configurable settings for extensive control and interacts with CAD applications for simpler processes.

An internal team of specialists and user contributors constructed Ultimaker Cura over time, and it is open source. It is compatible with different printers on the market and was made to work with Ultimaker 3D printers.


One of the most used tools on our list is meshmixer. It has the ability to operate on triangular meshes out of the box. Meshmixer has capabilities that make it simple to modify and create 3D objects.

Meshmixer is ideal for building 3D models because it combines several simple-to-use features. The software doesn’t require you to be an expert to utilize it. But before you begin, you must become familiar with the software’s fundamental features.


A free 3D modelling and animation program is called Blender. It is free to use and an open-source 3D printing design program. This software can be used to produce 3D printable models, animated films, video games, or even original artwork. Blender is the least engineering-inclined software on this list and is best suited for programmers and gamers as opposed to other 3D design tools.

In terms of 3D design, Blender covers all the bases. This covers motion tracking, compositing, video editing, simulation, modelling, rigging, rendering, and animation. Knowing how to write Python scripts can allow you customise and create customized tools for yourself. However, you don’t require scripting knowledge to use the application well.


One of the best 3D printing programs is SketchUp. The tool is primarily used for design or architecture. But almost any form of 3D modelling can be done using its wide range of tools. SketchUp’s pro edition costs $299. However, you can also download SketchUp Free, the app’s free edition. You can essentially accomplish everything that the premium version lets you do with the free software. Remember that the free version’s export and import options have restrictions.

3D Slash

This 3D Slash is a tool for non-technical folks who are interested in 3D modeling and printing that was inspired by the game Minecraft. This application is enjoyable to use and provides a clear approach to 3D modeling. It has cutting-edge capabilities and a simple user interface that make printing 3D models simple. The best 3D printer design software for non-technical novices is this one.

Autodesk Fusion 360

The powerful cloud-based 3D printing tool Autodesk Fusion 360. Machinists, designers, and mechanical engineers favor that option. The device skillfully blends the strength of engineering, production, and design into one.

Fusion 360 speeds up the 3D modeling process and ensures that a high-quality output is delivered more quickly and smoothly. It is perfect for making effective mechanical components. This device is frequently regarded as the top 3D modeling program for 3D printing.


In search of the best 3D printer software for artists? A user-friendly and interactive digital sculpting program is Sculptris. For those just getting started with digital sculptures, the tool is ideal. It is simple to use and has an excellent user interface. Even yet, it is still a capable 3D program that engineers and artists may use. Sculptris enables you to produce three-dimensional models by sculpting a mesh with various brushstrokes. The procedure is a lot like shaping a lump of clay in the present.


Another free and open-source 3D design program that may be used to process and edit 3D meshes is called MeshLab. The tool makes it simple to edit, add texture to, render, and turn models into meshes. Design slices and 3D printing preparation are other options. This program is ideal for modern 3D triangular meshes.

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