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10 Best Accounts Payable AP Automation Software In 2022

Best Accounts Payable AP Automation Software

To assist you in selecting the finest AP Automation solution, the following article compares and examines the leading accounts payable AP automation software:

The amount owed by a company to its suppliers and vendors for the products and services it has purchased from them is known as accounts payable. Therefore, it is essential to the efficient operation of any successful organization. However, overseeing accounts payable is no easy task.

Fortunately, there is a variety of sophisticated and user-friendly accounts payable software available today that may help with the practical handling of this essential activity. In order to manage the massive volume of financial transactions between businesses and their vendors/suppliers, many prosperous enterprises employ AP automation software.

Accounts Payable Software

Even while the majority of these solutions offer plenty of fantastic capabilities to business organizations, many of them still struggle to handle AP operations that are more complicated in nature. Accountants can manage a bigger volume of bills while also understanding such intricate AP processes with the use of AP automation technologies. Additionally, they have the capacity to significantly reduce manual labour and human error. It should go without saying that the right AP software can assist managers who want to keep an eye on the AP process as well as accountants who are in charge of managing accounts payable.

Alas! Finding the best accounts payable technology for your company can be more difficult than managing the accounts payable process itself. Based on our personal experiences, we compiled a list of the top AP automation programs available. In this post, we examine in depth 10 of the most well-liked AP Automation software, providing insightful information on the features they provide, examining their costs, and eventually letting you choose the program that best suits your company’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the biggest challenges in the traditional management of accounts payable?

Traditional accounts payable management faces numerous difficulties, including lengthy processing times, obvious human errors, multiple payments, fraud, theft, and illegal transactions.

Is Accounts Payable a Liability?

The amount that a company owes to its suppliers and vendors is referred to as accounts payable, which is a short-term liability. The sum is subtracted from the balance of accounts payable once these payments have cleared.

What are workflows in AP automation?

Workflows assess the correctness of invoices in AP automation systems before they are scheduled for clearance. The optimal AP automation technology automates this otherwise complicated operation, saving valuable time.

10 Best Accounts Payable AP Automation Software

Let’s go over each tool in greater detail.

1. PaperSave AP Automation

PaperSave is an easy-to-use AP automation tool that simplifies the document collection process and employs electronic workflows to speed up business operations. To automate Purchase orders and non-PO/AP Transactions, it seamlessly interfaces with industry-leading ERP solutions including Intacct, Blackbaud’s Financial Edge NXT, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL. Whether you want to receive invoices through fax or email, PaperSave makes it exceedingly simple to do so.

2. Paramount WorkPlace AP Automation

Given its cutting-edge and user-friendly features, Paramount WorkPlace Spend Management can supply strong Accounts Payable Automation and experience, making it a very tempting solution. With Paramount, you can also convert your paper invoices into digital data using OCR and powerful document management tools. This enables paperless invoice processing and offers a centralized, secure method for keeping track of invoices so that data can be retrieved quickly. One of the most effective OCR systems is available in Paramount WorkPlace.

3. Nanonets

For automating all of your Accounts Payable procedures and workflows, turn to Nanonets. Make your AP team an engine for efficiency and expansion. With Nanonets, any unstructured invoices, POs, or receipts may be converted into structured, useful information. ERPs (Salesforce, Quickbooks, Netsuite, Yardi, Entrata, Dynamics, etc.), cloud storage services (Drive, Dropbox, email, etc.), and databases are all easily integrated with nanonets (MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, etc.).

4. Melio

Melio is a straightforward but incredibly helpful accounts payable program. The software has no fees associated with registration, recurring payments, or sending checks. Additionally, you can use bank transfers to pay for nothing. Furthermore, there are no fees associated with adding an infinite number of members to a single account. You can relax knowing that Melio complies with PCI DSS and fully protects all client data, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your personal information.

5. Stampli

Most people probably know Stampli for its amazing capacity to process invoices in real-time. It can automatically upload invoices for processing on its platform. But this software offers so much more than that. It boasts one of the nicest user interfaces of any AP automation software program currently available. because it is really simple to use and access the program from anywhere. It gives businesses access to a single communication centre where they can interact and answer questions from anyone using the service.

6. Tipalti

Tipalti sets itself apart from other products of a similar sort by offering an online platform for automating accounts payable. In addition to the distinction mentioned above, it offers several user-friendly features that are necessary for a competitive AP automation solution. The tool is a complete payment solution suitable for small businesses in desperate need of expansion. It pampers its users with a variety of cutting-edge features for effective accounts payable management, including invoice automation, automatic approval workflows, and self-service supplier onboarding.

7. Beanworks

Beanworks is aware of the difficulties involved with effective AP administration. As a result, it offers users a solution that can quickly process invoices and pay vendors remotely while substantially lowering AP expenses. With Beanworks, users may utilize custom rules to govern more aspects of their AP workflow. Managers can use the application to allocate purchase orders, invoices, and payment approvals to the most qualified team member at the most acceptable moment.

8. Basware

Basware, a former Verian company, provides companies with the accounts payable automation solutions that customers have come to expect. No matter what format your vendors’ invoices come in, this solution enables you to electronically collect them. Along with automated processes and matching, it is a solution that enables you to automate the complete invoice processing. The program is compliant with VAT laws in more than 50 countries and handles invoices in more than 70 different electronic formats.

9. FastPay

FastPay specializes in streamlining difficult and time-consuming payment procedures and quickens the payment of suppliers and vendors. It’s a device that prioritizes both your financial ease and gives suppliers access to quicker payment processing. Additionally, this gadget includes the hassle-free ability to carry out electronic payments. Basically, it speeds up the entire payment process and offers generous reimbursement for all of the payments it processes, both new and old.

10. SAP Concur

Users can access a cutting-edge cloud ERP integration system through SAP concur. As a result, it is a tool that focuses all of its energy on giving users access to a system that aims to do away with the trouble associated with managing paper bills. No matter what format you get invoices in, it encourages electronic capture and processing of them. For seamless AP management, the tool provides you with everything you need to streamline and automate the invoice process.


Keeping track of an organization’s unpaid debts is essential to enhancing its position and propelling it to new heights. Because of this, a company needs to effectively and efficiently manage its AP. Employing an account payable automation solution is clearly the better choice because managing accounts payable may be daunting and difficult.

Due to their thorough user interfaces, outstanding functionality, and strong industry reputations, all of the tools on this list have earned their spots. As for our suggestion, PaperSave and Paramount WorkPlace would better suit your needs if you’re seeking full-service AP automation tools, and Tipalti is a good option if you’re searching for software that supports small firms with fewer employees.

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