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10 Best Audio Editing Software In 2022

best audio editing software

What is Audio Editing Software?

Users of audio editing software can create and modify audio files. Engineers use these tools to combine or remove audio segments, edit and rearrange audio areas, and record and create new audio components. Programs for altering audio files may also include effects that allow for various sound manipulations. MP3s, WAVE, Windows Media, and MPEG-4 are among the file types that audio editing software typically supports. Audio engineers and music producers frequently employ audio editing software for usage in music, movies, and television shows, frequently in collaboration with video editing software and the video production crew. There are numerous free music-creating software options for audio editing for musicians that are just starting out.

Software for sound mixing is called audio editing software. It is comparable to a digital mixing console if that makes sense. Your computer may combine many audio files into one or mix multiple audios in one or more channels.

10 Best Audio Editing Software In 2022

Audio editing software is one of the tools that designers will utilize frequently. Do you want to know what software is available for audio mixers? What distinguishes each one? Which one suits you the best? Here, we’ve compiled the top 10 audio mixer programs. Find out which one is best for you.

1. YouTube Movie Maker

An audio mixer is included with YouTube Movie Maker. You can mix audio as well as apply fade-in and fade-out effects, choose the sound channel, change the level, and more. The audio can be divided and edited as necessary.

You can add the altered audio to the video directly because YouTube Movie Maker is a versatile video editing program. You may acquire rich effects with its transitional effects, audio shake, audio spectrum, and other features.

2. Audacity

Popular open-source and free audio editing software is called Audacity. Linux, macOS, and Windows are all supported. Features offered by Audacity include noise reduction, beat switching, and echo. General audio editing requirements can be satisfied by the built-in editing, copying, mixing, and effects features.

Users can also examine sound frequencies using its audio analysis features. 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit quality are all supported by Audacity. Your files can be exported in the following audio formats: MP3, MP2, WAV, AC3, AIFF, AU, and others.

3. Ocenaudio

A cross-platform, free audio mixing program is Ocenaudio. Linux, macOS, and Windows are supported. Ocenaudio enables audio mixing, editing, and other functions. While making adjustments, you can preview the sound effects in real-time with Ocenaudio. A multi-selection functionality is also available in Ocenaudio.

While listening, you can select various audio file segments, alter them, and add various effects. Large files can be supported more effectively. The number and length of audio files are not constrained. Try it if you need to work with big files.

4. Adobe Audition

Professional audio editing software from Adobe is called Adobe Audition. It allows you to edit, mix, record, and recover audio. You can use it to add audio effect choices, mix audio, remove white noise, and multitrack edit audio.

It also functions as a streaming audio mixer. And it will improve the quality of your voice during the Livestream. It will take some time to learn Adobe Audition’s many audio editing software functions before you can use it.

5. MixPad

An expensive multitrack mixing and recording program is called MixPad. You are able to apply to utilize its free version for non-commercial purposes. Both PCs and mobile phones are supported. Users can select the version that is compatible with their operating system and device. Unlimited music and soundtracks can be mixed using MixPad.

Additionally, you can simultaneously record one or more channels. Meanwhile, royalty-free music is provided for use with MixPad. Numerous built-in audio effects can be added. Through the VST add-on, you may also add other effects and instruments.

6. FL Studio

A professional mixing program called FL Studio was introduced by Image-Line. It has a 23-year history. FL Studio was made with musicians in mind. Through its extensive feature set, musicians may produce a wide range of effects. Among other things, the mixing area includes effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, and sophisticated automation.

Additional plugins, synthesizers, and effects are available with FL Studio. You may use extra features and give your audio more effects by utilizing these extensions. For speedy construction, it also provides several examples and preset packs.

7. Logic Pro X

Apple makes the audio editing program Logic Pro. It has a ton of options for expert audio editing, yet mixing and editing are also rather simple. It also includes a sound library, plug-ins, and a variety of effects, instruments, and sound clip plugins. Up to 24-bit/192kHz audio files are supported by Logic Pro. There are almost 4000 pre-programmed chord grids in the score editor.

Additionally, it supports a wider range of score symbols better. It allows up to 1000 sound channel mixes for audio blending. Additionally, Logic Pro supports a wide range of external devices that you can employ to speed up your editing process. Using reasoning is a wise decision if you utilize Apple products.

8. Reaper

A fully functional premium audio editing program is called Reaper. Linux, macOS, and Windows are also supported. It can at least support Windows XP for Windows computers. It enables you to import any audio and MIDI for songwriting tasks including synthesis, sampling, composition, arrangement, editing, and mixing.

Reaper has an intuitive user interface. Drag and drop is used to import, arrange, and render. Of course, you may alter the layout, toolbars, colors, and icons to better suit your preferences.

9. Traktor Pro 3

Mixing is one of the main elements of the DJ program Traktor. It provides beat-detection capabilities Hotcue, Beatjump, and seamless looping. Audio mixing is made simpler and more efficient thanks to these features. Additionally, Traktor Pro 3 offers over 40 user-friendly effects. This enables you to rapidly change how your channels are effects.

The latest version has a built-in digital vinyl system and better sound quality. Additionally, Traktor supports split-track files in the Stem format, enabling real-time remixing of the vocals and bass from other tracks. With the Remix Deck, it can help your mixes become even more exceptional.

10. Studio One

A digital audio workstation is Studio One. It outlines the entire process of making music. Users can drag and drop objects to carry out a variety of tasks, including the use of virtual instruments, musical effects, and audio loops. It provides MIDI and audio harmonic editing, enabling you to produce better music. It features specialized plug-ins for cross-channel mixing when it comes to mixing.

You have the option to combine one or more channels with these plugins. The present mix scenario can also be saved and recalled. Either a specific channel or a portion of one will be simpler to blend. It is a quick and effective method for mixing for musicians.

Final Words:

Each of these ten audio mixer programs offers unique capabilities that users can select based on their own requirements.

Use YouTube Movie Maker, Audacity, and Ocenaudio for general sound mixing and editing. You can pick from a variety of additional high-quality professional programs if you create music.

Basic audio editing requirements can be met by entry-level software, which is appropriate for occasional usage. Professional software is better suited for professionals because it has more features and typically integrates with hardware.

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