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11 Best Block Puzzle Games for Android In 2022

Best Block Puzzle Games

There are numerous block puzzle games available for Android. You may easily download a variety of options for your smartphone from the Play Store. It would be beneficial if you avoided con artists who would only leave you with a waste of money. Every person has different preferences when it comes to choosing games. In addition, some individuals favor heart-pounding adventure or survival games, while others favor cerebral puzzle games.

Block puzzle games are under the second category, which require more mental effort than usual. However, these puzzle games can test your cognitive abilities in addition to being entertaining to play. If you want to pass the time doing something worthwhile, you should think about playing these games. Browse through the best puzzle games featured below to find your personal favorite.

11 Best Block Puzzle Games for Android In 2022

Businesscrunch brings you the list of the best block puzzle games for android. Let’s explore the list given below.

1. Block Puzzle Jewel



Similar to the original Tetris game, Block Puzzle Jewel is a vivid and colorful puzzle game. One of the top Android block puzzle games is this one. Additionally, players must figure out how to arrange the groupings of geometrically formed blocks that are falling from the top of the screen into lines so that they can clean the screen line by line before it is completely filled. In addition, Block Puzzle Jewel, a jewel-tile block puzzle game, is enjoyable to play. It’s colorful and difficult to master.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic



Jigsaw Puzzle Epic is the first game to make your skull explode. There are more than 10,000 puzzles accessible in different categories. For instance, this program additionally enables you to create puzzles using your photographs. Nevertheless, pick your preferred images from the gallery and finish the task. Furthermore, jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts must own this program. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic is a game that will also take you on a global tour.

3. Block Hexa Puzzle



Block! Hexa Puzzle is among the top and most well-liked block puzzle games for Android. When compared to square or rectangle blocks, the hexagonal pieces in Block! are more disorienting to the brain. Additionally, finish every stage and fit every piece to feel accomplished. Block! With its hexagonal pieces in various colors, it can become a new addiction. Additionally, this game has no time limit. There’s no urgency to complete this assignment quickly. To win the game, you must also arrange the blocks in the grid frame.

4. Puzzle 100 Doors



To help you improve your problem-solving abilities, Puzzle 100 Doors offers a variety of puzzle difficulties. You must, however, figure out the problems in order to leave the house. In this game, you’re also locked within an enigmatic home, and the only way out is by solving puzzles. You’ll also encounter other challenges, such as logical puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and hidden things. There are 100 doors in total, each with a unique set of challenges.

5. Woodblock Puzzle



One of the top block puzzle games for Android is Woodblock Puzzle. A straightforward block puzzle game in the style of a wooden puzzle is called Wood Block Puzzle. This is a block puzzle game similar to Tetris. Furthermore, you will be amazed at how simple it is to learn. Drag and drop the wooden blocks into a vertical or horizontal line to complete it.

6. Puzzle Game Cube-Classic Block Puzzle



A simple and enjoyable block puzzle game is called Classic Block Puzzle. It takes less time to play Puzzle Game Cube than the well-known Tetris block puzzle game. Additionally, it is suitable for all ages. Additionally, the objective is to fill every block in a row or column to completely empty the screen in both directions. Additionally, Wi-Fi is not necessary to use anywhere, at any time. You will become addicted to playing Puzzle Game Cube, the best block puzzle game, and won’t want to stop.

7. Roll the Ball



Your IQ matters a great deal in this game. Fans of congestion puzzles and labyrinths will love BitMango’s Roll the Ball. Additionally, this game adds a fresh twist to the age-old tile issue to put your brain to the test. You also need to make room for the steel ball by sliding the tiles. Give the ball away by letting it roll to the exit. But this game also improves your agility while stimulating your thoughts. This game can also help you develop better hand-eye coordination, which is advantageous for both your hands and eyes.

8. Block Puzzle


Unquestionably, this is among the greatest Android block puzzle games ever! Once you begin solving this well-known and timeless block puzzle, you won’t stop. There are also more than 550 levels available, ranging from simple to complex. But every tale is entertaining. The free Block Puzzle app’s online version enables anytime and anywhere play. If you want to pass the time or unwind, you can keep yourself engaged with this game. The game’s guidelines are straightforward: drag the blocks across the screen either horizontally or vertically until they are completely filled.

9. Unblock me free



One of the top Android block puzzle games is this one. One of the best pass-the-time games is Unblock Me Free. Due to the use of a well-known puzzle, this game is suggested for enthusiasts of puzzles. It supports the growth of brain-healthy cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, despite its diminutive size, the critically acclaimed game delivers a powerful puzzle experience. Unblock Me Free is also a fantastic alternative to use if you want to exercise your brain.

10. Puzzledom- classic puzzle all in one



Using this software, you may play puzzle games wherever you are. There are numerous games to choose from. When you download one program, you gain access to dozens of different games. Leave the room now! You must move the red block in order to reach the exit. You’ll have obstacles to overcome. Puzzledom, a traditional puzzle all in one, will also place a test on your ability to observe things. There are currently about 8,000 levels in the app as well. Each group is individually created. This game won’t make you bored.

11. Puzzle Glow: Brain puzzle game collection



Puzzle Glow: The collection of brain puzzle games offers a wide range of puzzle games to satisfy any taste. It is also among the top Android block puzzle games. You are also free to use your time however you see fit. Use this app on a daily basis to sharpen your intellect. There are hundreds of new games in development right now, including ones that encourage reasoning, problem-solving, and recognition. Additionally, this software is state-of-the-art and has a fashionable UI. Labyrinth run, number link, fill line, Hexa blocks, Square blocks, one-touch puzzles, and other games are among those that are offered.

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