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15 Best Free Bodybuilding Apps To Use in 2022

Best Free Bodybuilding Apps

Nowadays, everyone aspires to be physically strong enough to actively carry out all of their responsibilities. There are various fitness objectives. Some people wish to lose weight, while others wish to gain weight. Some people joined the gym and began working from home to attain their fitness goals for various reasons. However, simply going to the gym or working out at home will not help you attain your goal. Today we will talk about the Best Free Bodybuilding Apps.

To reach fitness goals, a variety of aspects such as nutrition plans, different activities, and adequate intake patterns are required. Unfortunately, you will not always have a trainer with you to assist you with all of these exercises, proper nutrition planning, and checking things out.

15 Best Free Bodybuilding Apps To Use in 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best Free Bodybuilding Apps. Let’s have a look at the list given below.




The app has a number of functions that will assist you in training and monitoring your fitness. Here, for example, you can find a variety of training videos to help you train your body. The app will also assist you in correcting your body posture throughout a workout. Because the app has an inbuilt notebook, you can schedule your workouts there. You will find a variety of training plans here to help you achieve your fitness goals, such as Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, and so on. It is one of the Best Free Bodybuilding Apps.

2. Nike Training Club



As we all know, Nike owns the app; Nike is the favored brand of athletes since it offers a wide range of sports products. The app is succeeding in the same way that Nike is succeeding in supplying consumers with a variety of training programs. The nicest feature of this Best Free Bodybuilding Apps is that you may choose between beginner and intermediate levels. Then, once you’ve decided on your intermediate level, you can work out accordingly.

3. Freeletics Bodyweight



This app now includes all of your at-home workout plans. This app is for folks who can’t afford a gym membership or don’t have time to go to one. Here you can find a variety of training regimens and activities that you may do at home. The workouts do not require the use of any equipment. Workout plans for various Bodybuilding, ABS, and back routines are available. We recommend you give this one of the Best Free Bodybuilding Apps a try.

4. BodySpace



This is now a fitness enthusiast’s versatile app. Even the fitness community forum considers it to be the finest app. It stands out from the crowd since, in addition to training programs, it includes all of the necessary nutrients and proteins. Proteins and vitamins can be purchased here in accordance with your workout schedule. In addition, you can create a daily routine to follow here.

5. You are Your Own Gym



As the name implies, this app focuses on at-home workouts rather than going to the gym. You will be able to choose from a variety of fitness videos for a certain routine. For example, if you want to train your abs, you will be given a variety of workouts from which to choose. The best part is that all of the videos are completely free. You’ll find a timer here to help you complete the workout at a certain time.

6. FitNotes



This app’s user interface is simple to use, allowing for improved user interaction. The best thing is that this program will take your information, such as height and weight, and work out based on them. You can choose from a variety of exercises and add them to your schedule. You may also create and follow your own fitness regimen here.

7. Pro Gym Workout



This one of the Best Free Bodybuilding Apps comprises all workouts to take you from novice to expert, as the name says. You’ll get a full-body exercise here, including leg, shoulder, back, and chest. You can save all videos in offline mode and watch them whenever you want, even if you don’t have access to the internet. Getting monthly plans, such as a 3-month training plan, is the best feature.

8. Strong: Exercise Gym Log



If three sets of bench presses with ten reps are supplied, you can design a workout plan in this app. Depending on your skill level, you can modify it to four sets. Here you will find the warmup calculator, which will inform you how long you should relax after each exercise. You may even personalize it.

9. StrongLifts



Stronglift is a fitness app that focuses solely on developing your strength. As a result, it includes workouts that are primarily designed to develop strength. It will also include features such as a timer calendar that will allow you to track your progress day by day.

10. PowerLifter: Wendler Log



The software is made for bodybuilders who want to get in good exercise. You’ll just get a weight-lifting regimen here, with a focus on bodybuilding. This app’s standout feature is a graph that depicts your weekly progress. You may also tailor your workouts to fit your needs. You’ll also get a calculator here, which will tell you the time, such as when it’s time for an exercise or when it’s time to rest.

11. AtletIQ: Personal Trainer & Gym Workout Routines



AtlertIQ takes a unique approach to generate personalized training programs that will help you attain your objective more quickly and efficiently. Anyone can easily register a free account and then fill out the required information. After that, you can choose a workout regimen that suits your needs and begin working hard. Beginners, advanced, and professional programs are organized into three categories. As a result, it includes everything you’ll need to meet your fitness goals.

12. Fitness Trainer FitProSport



This is fantastic software if you’re serious about bodybuilding. The app does not require any personal information and includes over 150 exercises. As a result, you’ll never run out of things to do or exercises to do. It even displays the description and animation for each exercise so you don’t make a mistake and damage yourself. You can modify or add to your fitness routine as you see fit. It also contains an exercise calendar to keep you on track with your program. In the log, you can store a completed workout or a different exercise. All of the information can be synced to the cloud.

13. Fitness Point



For Android users, Fitness is a great bodybuilding app. A personal training program for the gym or at home is simple to set up. There are numerous workouts from which to pick. In addition, you can use a variety of pre-made programs. There are numerous training plans available at Fitness Point. You can also choose the number of goal sets and reps. Workout plans are also created by professional trainers, however, these must be purchased in-app.

14. Fitness & Bodybuilding



Fitness & Bodybuilding was created by a group of professionals to provide a comprehensive bodybuilding guide. This software contains a comprehensive range of workouts that successfully target every muscle in your body. As a result, their ultimate goal is to assist you in achieving excellent outcomes in a short amount of time. It also includes the perfect graphics that vividly illustrate each activity, as well as a text description. You can also make your own training regimens, use the built-in timer, and keep track of your progress with the built-in Calendar.

15. 10 Fitness


10 Fitness will wow you with its thrilling service at an affordable price. The software is only $10 per month and has everything you could possibly need. 10 Fitness takes care of your daily routine and assists you in achieving your specific objectives. Above all, it allows you to participate in many worldwide challenges while also encouraging you along the way. This software sits by your side as a professional coach, guiding you through each stage. You may also use the app to link third-party applications and fitness equipment for even more productive exercises.


If you are a fitness freak you can try these Best Free Bodybuilding Apps. These apps allow you to make you fitness training routine and set goals for the future. Keep visiting us for other interesting articles, Goodbye!

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