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Best Dictation Software In 2022

Best Dictation Software

Recent technological advancements have enabled us to communicate and record information more effectively. One such innovation is speech recognition, also referred to as voice recognition, speech-to-text, or voice-to-text technology.

Children with physical or learning challenges as well as others with visual or hearing impairments, have benefited from speech-to-text technology. Additionally, it makes recording crucial information or discussions easier and less taxing.

Best Dictation Software

Dragon Anywhere

Anywhere, at any time, you can record speech and convert it to text using Dragon Anywhere. It simplifies the creation and editing of documents of any length and redefines mobile dictation. You can use your mobile device to prepare and share your document with it.

It is flexible and boasts a 99 percent accuracy rate. Using the Train Words tool, you can “train” the computer to become accustomed to your speech. There are versions of this dictation app for iOS and Android phones. A one-week trial and three paid plan choices are available for this software. US English, Canadian English, UK English, and German are the four languages it supports.

Google Docs voice typing

Did you know that Google Docs has a dictation capability in addition to being a robust web application already? You can now create and amend speaker notes in Google Docs and Google Slides thanks to a unique Chrome feature.

You must ensure that your microphone is turned on and working, much like with MS Word’s dictation functionality. Selecting “voice typing” for papers or “Voice type speaker notes” for your slide speaker notes will be your options from there.

The application supports many accents and languages in addition to English, including, but not limited to, Afrikaans, Galician, Georgian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, and Zulu.

Microsoft Word

If you have Microsoft Word, you might want to try out its Speech-to-Text feature. It is a free dictation program with a respectable accuracy rate and a user-friendly interface. You must first check that your microphone is turned on. You can connect a different mic if the one built into your gadget isn’t functioning.

You must launch MS Word and select the Home tab in order to use this feature. Locate and click the Dictate button. The recording has begun when you hear a beep and see the symbol transform into a microphone with a red recording light.

Basically, that is all there is to it. Simply make sure that your voice is loud and clear throughout the entire recording. When finished, press the Dictate button once more. For US, Australian, Canadian, Indian, and UK English, as well as simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mexican Spanish, this program offers basic text, symbols, letters, and numbers.


Otter is dictation software powered by AI that enables you to create notes for significant voice conversations. It is versatile and can record, live-transcribe, and share. The best part is that Zoom integration is possible.

It offers you a more intelligent way to work and is driven by ambient voice intelligence. You may teach it to identify voices and pick up jargon or specific terms thanks to its capacity for continuous learning.

There are three different pricing tiers available right now: Basic ($0), Pro ($8.33 per month, billed yearly), and Business ($20 per month, invoiced annually). You may access the Pro plan’s basic and advanced capabilities, including sophisticated search, bulk import and export, and custom vocabulary. Small- and medium-sized enterprises can take use of extra features like time codes, user management, team jargon, and Otter Live Notes for Zoom with the Business package. Otter supports Chinese, Russian, and Scottish accents in addition to US and UK English and a number other regional accents.

Apple Dictation

There are two ways for Apple consumers to use Apple Dictation on their devices. Voice Control or keyboard dictation are both options. Keep in mind that when the Voice Control feature is active, you cannot utilise the former.

Voice Control allows you to speak commands to your smartphone and dictate text, making messaging and emailing simple. Voice Control has the ability to comprehend contextual information, which makes switching between text dictation and voice instructions possible.

Among the more than 30 languages supported by Apple Dictation are Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Indonesian, Polish, Swedish, and Thai.

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