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Top 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

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Android is the most popular mobile OS used by billions of people worldwide. Its success and popularity are the massive app ecosystem and provides plenty of features and customizations. It allows you to customize your smartphone as you want and is the most flexible OS.

You can read lots of other articles about Android on our site, and today we will talk about the best download manager apps for Android. As many users download a lot of stuff and, they might need some download manager to organize and access their downloads.

List of Top 10 Best Download Manager Apps For Android

A perfect download manager enables you to manage your downloads with ease. You will enjoy using these download manager apps, offering you maximum download speed provided by your ISP or telecom operator.

Let’s have a look at the list of best download manager apps for Android given below.

1. Advanced Download Manager



The efficient download manager app automatically captures the downloadable files and links every time you tap on download. You can also tap on the desired file for a long and then choose the download manager to download it. This app is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Dolphin, Stock Browser, Boat Browser, etc.

2. Turbo Download Manager



This download manager is popular among users because it can boost your download speed up to 5 times than the regular downloaders. It utilizes various HTTP connections to accelerate download speed to maximum. You can manually increase the maximum connections per download for your files to double the download speed.

3. Loader Droid


Loader Droid is one of the best download manager apps for Android that you can download via the Google Play Store. It is considered a quick, reliable, easy download manager where you can manage your downloads without any hassle. You can use this download manager to download both individual and bulk files and allows resumable downloads and much more. Even if you 3G or WiFi, it is going to serve you the best.

4. IDM Download Manager


Windows users are fully aware of this name IDM, which has been dominating for years. The user interface is very smooth and easy, and you can download tons of files at once. What makes it different from others is the download speed which is faster and doesn’t affect the quality of your downloaded files. You can even download videos or any files with Internet Download Manager.

5. Download Accelerator Plus


As the name suggests, Download Accelerator Plus is a download accelerator that increases the speed of your download.  We recommend it as the must-have app for all Android devices. It works differently; first, it divides your files into three parts and downloads every part with fast speed with an auto-resume option. You can give it a try if you want to download files at a fast speed.

6. Free Download Manager


If you look at the Google Play Store listing, it claims that Download Manager can boost up your downloads up to 10 times which is extraordinary. You can download this app to grab large files, torrents, music, and videos from all the downloading sites. What makes it superior to others is that other than downloads, it supports broken and expired download links. You can even schedule your downloads at a preferred time using this app.

7. FVD – Free Video Downloader


FVD is another name on this list that lets you download files from various websites directly into your device. You can open that file whenever you want, and it saves you data; after its installation, you can visit the website from where you want to download files. It also offers a built-in browser to search content, and you will find the FVD icon everywhere, allowing you to tap and download.

8. GetThemAll


GetThemAll is not a full-fledged download manager, but it’s a web browser designed for your Android smartphones. However, if you want to download files, first open the GetThemAll browser and visit the desired website to download your content. After you search for something on this browser, you will find a download button on every downloadable content and allows you to download multiple files at once. You can carry out all other tasks as this download manager works in backgrounds, which is a great facility.

9. 1DM

1DM is the best download manager that you can download on your Android devices right now. It’s the most modern and probably the fastest download manager ever on Android devices. This is a unique app to download files as it cuts your desired file into  16 parts to speed up downloads. You can pause and resume the download whenever you want to depend on your internet and also download content from streaming and torrent websites.

10. Download All Files



Download All Files is the last name in our list of best download manager apps for Android available on the Google Play Store.  If you look at its rating, it is getting popular day by day, and the number of downloads is massive. The unique fact about Download All Files app is that it offers users to prioritize the continuing downloads, and you can choose which file to download first.  Some other basic features available in this app include pause/resume support, continue disconnected downloads, and much more.


We have created a list of the best download manager apps for Android users to download as much data as possible. Users are always looking to download different types of files because they can’t have an active internet connection. There are so many other download managers available, and you can suggest to us any good names missing on our list. DOnt forget to send us your precious suggestions and feedback. Our experts will meet you again with another exciting topic, until the next time. Goodbye!

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