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Best Drawing Software (Updated List 2022)

Best Drawing Software

Although there is nothing quite like the sensation of putting a paintbrush or pencil to paper, the benefits of utilizing the best drawing software may cause you to reconsider your artistic endeavors. Continue reading to learn which sketching program is perfect for you.

Best Drawing Software

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has set the bar for creative design and digital photography software for many years. Photoshop remains a favorite among many creative types despite a number of other products that compete with its features and user interface.

With Photoshop, you can make beautiful photos, illustrations, web interface designs, and even 3D graphics. To simply create masterpieces, the software comes with a variety of drawing tools, filters, and special effects. Some regard it as the industry’s top software for creating digital art. Adobe’s stellar reputation carries a cost. For a monthly charge of $9.99 for usage on one device or $20.99 for use on your PC and iPad, you may subscribe to Photoshop.


A free and open-source painting and drawing program is called Krita. Krita won the title of best free painting program in 2019. The best part about Krita is that while being free, it has a really professional appearance and feel. The user interface is clear, simple to use, and adaptable. By changing docked panels, the user interface can be changed.

With Krita, you can produce amazing artwork because it is loaded with features like 100 brushes, brush stabilizers for fluid drawing, and libraries of vector and text elements. Even the option to share artwork, brushes, and other resources between artists is included in this totally free software. Additional options include adding audio, exporting to video, framing, and onion skinning. This one can’t fail, I promise!


ArtRage, another contender in our lineup of digital studios, enables colour blending for a realistic, canvas-envy painting. The program is designed for traditional artists making the shift to the digital world. The application may, however, be used to create cartoons, comics, graphic designs, scientific drawings, and even caricatures because of how adaptable it is.

The usual gradient fills, paint cloning, grids, and guides are all included to keep everything in place. They provide a free trial version, a Lite version for $29.90, and a full version for $79, but they also provide apps for iOS and Android each priced at $4.99.

Affinity Designer

Another slick operator among painting and drawing apps is Affinity Designer. On Windows, Mac, and even the iPad, it performs admirably. The user interface is cutting-edge and simple to use. Users generally praise this program and contrast it with Adobe Photoshop, albeit they do point out that it lacks a few crucial capabilities.

Affinity Designer boasts of “changing the world of graphic design” and has received a few honours. There is no free version, however the Mac and Windows versions are available for $49.99, and the iPad version is available for $19.99.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Due to its sophisticated pen pressure sensing, Clip Studio Paint Pro is becoming more and more popular among comic artists and seems to be the ideal program for drawing. Using this function, artists may create natural-looking, realistic pen strokes that draw and paint just like they would on a real canvas.

The program comes with a huge selection of interchangeable brushes that are all lag-free, ensuring that your illustrations are flawlessly fluid and seamless. A free trial of the software is available. The program’s capabilities can be increased by purchasing the EX version for $219, which contains tools for manga, comics, and animations. The Pro version costs $49.99.


Fans of the iPad love Procreate because it was created just for the device. In addition to having the usual capabilities like blend modes, layering, and a selection of brushes, it was also built to work well with the Apple Pencil. A drawing pencil’s functionality can be expanded in a variety of ways by using it. Importing typefaces to create original typography for your artwork is one special function.

The Eyedropper to select a precise hue, the endless palette library, and the slick menu system to conveniently arrange layers and several projects at once are some great extra features. It is quite reasonably priced on the Apple App Store at $9.99.

Corel Painter 2020

Since Corel has produced drawing software for so long, it has only improved. The most recent edition is loaded with fantastic features, such as a brush accelerator that eliminates lag. The application is adaptable enough for fine art, comics, painting, and drawing.

You won’t lack with 900 brushes. Brushes, the user interface, and more are all customizable. Corel has extensive experience with digital art software, but this expertise and premium advantage come at a cost. The steep price of the software is $429. However, you only pay $229 if you are upgrading.


Another drawing and painting program with a free, basic version is Artweaver. Despite claiming to be a fully equipped software package, they lack the sophistication of other rivals on our list and have an outdated, basic interface.

It does have many preloaded brushes that you may edit and store for later use. The software also has collaboration options so you may collaborate on group projects or share your artwork with others. The Pro edition costs $34 and is only accessible for Windows, which is a drawback. The premium features that might entice you to use the paid version are absent from the free version.

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