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Top 10 Best Email Verification Services 2021

Top 10 Best Email Verification Services 2021

Do you want to verify your email list using Best Email Verification Services? If that’s the case, you should be relieved since we’ve put a stop to your quest right now. But, before we go into the list, it’s important to understand:

What is Email Verification and Why Does It Matter?

Email verification is a technique for determining whether or not an email address is legitimate. And for that, you’ll need an Email Verifier program, which will examine every email address on your list and eliminate those that are invalid or hazardous.

If you’re an email marketer, you should validate your email list before sending emails to it if you want to conduct a successful email marketing campaign. Because the success of an email marketing campaign is determined by the number of emails delivered to legitimate addresses.

The most critical tool for any email marketer is an email verification service. These email verifiers quickly identify and eliminate all invalid, disposable, phoney, role-based, and duplicate email addresses from your email list, leaving you with a clean and sanitary email list.

Advantages of Using Email Verification Services

Which Email Verification Services Are the Best?

Although there are numerous email verifier programs on the market, we only reviewed the top 10 email verification solutions in this blog, along with their features and pricing.

Top 10 Best Email Verification Services 2021

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top email verification and validation services that will help you delete unclean contacts from your list and conduct a successful email marketing campaign.

1. Bouncer



It is a well-known online email address verification service that is not only cost-effective but also quite powerful. Bouncer will maintain your data free of invalid emails, allowing you to boost your inbox placement and protect email deliverability.

Bouncer’s superior verification engine is the key to their outstanding performance. The backend of this email verification service is fantastic, so you can tell the system is reliable and accurate. If speed, accuracy, and security are important to you, Bouncer is the only email verification service that checks all of the boxes!

2. ZeroBounce



ZeroBounce is a popular email verification service that verifies email addresses in bulk with an accuracy rate of 98 per cent or higher. It detects and removes bad domains, invalid email addresses, role-based accounts, spam keywords, disposable email addresses (DEA), and habitual complainers from the list. It is one of the Best Email Verification Services.

You’ll get a clean and fresh email list after verification. As a result, your inbox deliverability rate will improve, and your ROI will rise. In a couple of minutes, ZeroBounce’s online validation technology can check thousands of email addresses.

3. DeBounce



DeBounce is likely one of the greatest email verification services, designed specifically for small and large businesses to validate email addresses. It lowers the bounce rate and improves the efficacy of email campaigns, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Simply drag and drop your email list from your system in TXT or CSV format, or simply import your list from the ESP, and you’ll have a fresh and clean list in minutes.

4. Clearout



Clearout is a cloud-based email verification program that quickly sorts out incorrect email addresses. It has a user-friendly dashboard where you can submit your email list to begin the verification process. It is amongst the Best Email Verification Services.

Furthermore, this email verification service is simple to combine with a variety of email marketing tools, CRM (customer relationship management) systems, and other marketing tools. With 96 per cent accuracy, it can authenticate Yahoo, Office 365, and AOL email accounts.

5. ListWise



ListWise is one of the most well-known email verification programmes on the market. It was created specifically to meet the needs of B2B businesses. ListWise also does Yahoo email verification and produces reliable results.

6. EmailListVerify



EmailListVerify may be the ideal alternative for you if you’re looking for the cheapest email verification service, as it just costs $4 for 1000 email validations. You can also link its real-time API into your existing application and have each email verified before it is uploaded to your database.

7. Bouncify



Bouncify is one of the greatest real-time email verification services, allowing you to confirm a customer’s email address at the moment of registration. It has a number of capabilities that can accurately validate an old email address list in a short amount of time.

8. VerifyEmailAddress


This free email verification service is great for small businesses or startups searching for low-cost or no-cost choices. In a matter of minutes, you may validate one or hundreds of email addresses using it.

You must upload your list for bulk mailings, and to check one email address, simply enter the address and click the “Verify Email Now” option.

9. QuickEmailVerification



QuickEmailVerification is a real-time online email verification solution that ensures that 99 per cent of your emails arrive in your customers’ inboxes. It will safeguard your reputation while also increasing the number of people who open your emails. You may verify bulk emails in seconds with the QuickEmailVerification service; simply upload TXT or CSV files to the programme, and the cleaning tool will take care of the rest.

Furthermore, by integrating Quickemailverification’s REST API into your existing application or website, you may perform real-time email verification.

10. Elastic Email



It is another of the cheapest email address verification services, with 1000 email validations costing only $1. With a single API request, our lightning email verification service checks 1 email or 1 million emails in under 3 minutes. It is the last name on our list of the Best Email Verification Services.


We will conclude our list of the Best Email Verification Services for our readers. You can use these services according to your needs and requirements. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions and feedback. Goodbye!

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