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10 Best Flight Tracking Apps for iOS and Android in 2022

Flight Tracking Apps

A mobile app is all you need if you’re just a plane enthusiast, a spotter, a pilot, a crew member, or an average traveler looking for trustworthy flight information. You can get up-to-date information on airline arrivals and departures as well as the weather at various airports around the world with flight monitoring applications. We’ve listed some of the top flight tracking apps for iOS and Android in this article. Look them up…

For both passengers and the flight crew, being up to date on flight statistics is essential. You can receive real-time updates on the status of various flights in your city or at airports worldwide using your flight tracker on Android or iOS mobile devices.

10 Best Flight Tracking Apps for iOS and Android in 2022

We’ve compiled the top flight tracking apps in this article so you can use your smartphone at your convenience to get real-time flight updates. For more information, keep reading.

10 Best Flight Tracking Apps

1. Flight trader24












Over 150 countries utilise the well-known flight tracking programme Flight Trader 24. The tracker app is now restricted to Android operating systems. With it, you can keep an eye on global flight trends in addition to monitoring your own journey. Along with other features, it provides a detailed map with live flight tracking for both domestic and international flights.

Additionally, you may access real-time flight information for any aircraft that is arriving at or departing from any airport in the world. It’s highly user-friendly. Simply point your smartphone in the direction of any plane to instantly learn details about it, such as its model and destination.

2. FlightAware












You may check the status of many aeroplane flights with this amazing flight tracker programme by route, registration, airport, airline, etc. It boosts its flight tracker and pushes notification capability by using the radar called NEXRAD overlay, which keeps you informed.

Users of the app may set notifications and communicate with friends and family to pick them up at airports. Both iOS and Android mobile devices can use it. However, customers in the US and Canada are the only ones who can use FlightAware.

3. Flight Stats












The Flight Stats app provides comprehensive information about international flights, including the airport, flight number, and route. You can instantly examine important metrics like gates, weather, and arrival/departure times thanks to its simple and clear layout.

With the Flight Stats App, tracking flight status has never been easier. Utilize this tool to make tracking your flights easy. The flight monitoring app is only right now accessible to Android users.

4. Flight Board












This app has your favorite straightforward styles. The Android flight tracker has a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to obtain all the crucial flight statistics.

The software organizes arrivals and departures in an easy-to-read format. Every few minutes, the tracker provides updates on specific airport flight trends.

5. The Flight Tracker












The Flight Tracker app has a simple user interface for quick access to current flight information. It will correctly track a flight’s arrival and departure, so you can rely on it.

Additionally, at a few international airports, you can check the weather conditions at your destination and get timely updates on plane arrivals and departures.

6. Plane Live Flight Tracker












To provide users with the greatest experience possible, our battle monitoring software combines a straightforward user interface with thorough analytics. You can access the information you need regarding your flight on any device because it is compatible with both Android and iOS-powered smartphones.

This flight tracker can be used by experts like pilots, flight attendants, aviation enthusiasts, and regular passengers interested in tracking flight statistics because its statistics are so trustworthy.

7. Flightview flight tracker












The iOS app Flightview Flight Tracker has a tonne of fantastic features. Users can receive fast updates on the status of flights and weather updates, for instance, thanks to the push notification option. You will be able to get updates on flight arrivals, departures, and a variety of other crucial flight data.

The Flightview app also allows you to view the specifics of your itinerary. For instance, you can add your itinerary by sending a confirmation email. You can also get useful trip information through the app, including reservations for hotels, vehicle rentals, tours, etc. Additionally, it seamlessly interacts with the iPhone calendar, allowing for simple sharing or on-the-go real-time flight circumstances.

8. Plane Finder












The abundance of features in the Plane Finder app makes it quite popular. Users of iOS and Android can access it. Users can get updates on the local weather conditions where they are travelling. You also receive the anticipated arrival time for the aircraft you are flying.

Additionally, Plane Finder enables you to locate other aircraft that are travelling along the same path by just using your camera to scan the horizon. This is the greatest flight tracking app for everyone who travels frequently, whether they are experts in aviation, aviation enthusiasts, or just regular travellers.

9. Flighty












Regular flight tracking is tiresome, but not with the Flighty tracker app. The app gives you a quick overview of your flight’s status at all times. Flighty is a stunning and very user-friendly interface (UI) for simple access and navigation. Both iOS and Android devices support it.

Along with a tonne of other amazing features, you will be able to check the progress of your flight and the seating arrangements. Additionally, this app will allow you to view any current FAA travel advisories.

10. ADSB flight tracker












Radar mode flights can be observed and tracked by an ADSB flight tracker. It provides the precise time, direction, speed, and altitude of your current flight in real-time by utilising the GPS feature of your device.

Additionally, the app enables quiet notifications regarding the progress of your flight. You will have access to flight information for all significant airports worldwide.


The list of the top flight tracking apps has come to an end. Any of the flight tracker applications mentioned above can be used to keep track of your flight whether you’re using an Android or iOS-powered device.

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