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11 Best Game Boosters and Optimizers for PC in 2022

Best Game Boosters for PC

 Best Game Boosters for PC: In general, gaming consoles are made for long sessions of intense play. But the majority of the PCs in our house aren’t truly like that. People are still using their home PCs to play games, despite this. Despite the fact that people are now beginning to take gaming PCs seriously, the number of individuals who actually purchase them is still quite small.

How do Game Boosters Help?

Don’t we all enjoy playing video games? It is no longer exclusively for children. According to the Entertainment Software Association, “65 percent of American adults are video gamers.” However, the sluggish performance of modern PCs frequently detracts from the excitement of gaming. By stopping all superfluous background activities, game boosters attempt to improve gaming performance.

Additionally, game boosters carry out a variety of other tasks that might improve the PCs’ general performance, which in turn enhances their ability to play games, such as defragmenting, recovering space, increasing frame rates, etc.

11 Best Game Boosters for PC in 2022

Now that we are aware of the fundamental necessity for game boosters, let’s go right on to the solutions:

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer, which is well known for its system optimization and cleanup tool, also has a module called Game Optimizer. By using it, you may manage background processes and play games without interruption. Additionally, it enhances the system’s speed and overall gaming performance.

Only a dedicated driver updater is missing from this fantastic PC cleansing and game optimization tool. This is the best all-around Windows system optimization utility if you can handle it. Additionally, you can remove files permanently, defrag your disk, eliminate duplicate files, clean up faulty registry entries, and do a lot more.

2. GameBoost

The GameBoost Game Booster by PGware is last but not least. The interface of GameBoost is straightforward and easy to use. Controlling and removing background processes, aids in enhancing the PC’s overall performance. It gives greater frames per second and enhances gameplay overall.

However, it lacks a few essential capabilities that are practically required, such as a dedicated defragmenter and a driver updater. GameBoost is one of the top PC game boosters in 2022 if you can live with a few drawbacks.

3. Razer Cortex


In the world of gaming, Razer is a well-known company. Premium gaming goods are produced by Razer. It is excellent for someone who doesn’t have a monstrous PC, according to Razer, who created cortex to maximize system performance.

A good free game optimizer is Razer Cortex. It includes a number of tools to enhance system efficiency, including garbage and leftover file cleaning and background process management to improve PC gaming performance.

4. Wise Game Booster

A straightforward yet powerful Windows game optimizer is called Wise Game Booster. With just a few clicks, Wise Game Booster’s utilities can enhance your PC’s gaming performance.

The graphical user interface on Wise Game Booster is fantastic. It automatically removes trash files and efficiently controls background processes to reduce CPU and RAM utilization for activities other than gaming for higher FPS.

5. WTFast Game Booster

Compared to the other Game Optimizers on the list, WTFast is a little unique. Between your device and the game servers, WTFast guarantees an unbroken high-speed connection. The company advertises its product with the slogan “It’s not a VPN, It’s a GPN,” and it also offers a secure connection between devices.

It does not, however, offer other capabilities like clearing the RAM or boosting frame rates that you may anticipate from a game optimizer. Only those who just want a better connection to their game server for a more enjoyable gaming experience should use this product.

6. MSI Afterburner

Another gaming industry leader’s tool is called MSI Afterburner. For faultless gaming, MSI has offered high-quality hardware. A product called MSI Afterburner gives your device extraordinary control for a fluid gaming experience.

In the program, where you can regulate the Fan Speed, RAM, CPU, and GPU, MSI Afterburner offers simpler Overclocking choices. While gaming, real-time on-screen information is useful for monitoring your system performance.

7.  IObit Smart Game Booster

The list’s most educational software is likely Smart Game Booster. It offers a number of tools that you can use to better understand your device and enhance its performance for a faultless gaming experience.

Your PC is automatically optimized by optimizing background processes and cleaning RAM to significantly increase your frame rate. Additionally, it offers a number of additional functions like CPU temperature monitoring, a free driver updater, the ability to overclock the CPU, etc.

8. Game Fire 6 Game Booster

Another fantastic PC game optimizer is Game Fire 6. It includes every gig you could ask for in a game optimizer. Optimizing background processes and freeing up RAM, enables you to attain higher FPS.

Game Fire 6 offers strong customization options as well, allowing you to optimize only the things you want. Defragmenting your computer can help you improve system performance.

9. MZ Game Accelerator

Another outdated yet useful PC game optimizer is MZ Game Accelerator. If you don’t want to overclock your hardware, MZ Game Accelerator has every optimization option you could want in a game booster.

To ensure a flawless gaming experience, MZ Game Accelerator gives you simpler defragmentation options, efficient background process management, boosts RAM, and temporarily allows extra CPU power to the game.

10. ToolWiz Game Boost 3

ToolWiz Game Boost 3 dramatically enhances the gaming performance of your PC, just like all the other Game Optimizers on our list.

It offers all the tools required, including defragmentation, background process control, RAM optimization, and increased CPU power allocation, to give your gaming experience that extra boost and increase FPS.

11. SpeedItUp Extreme

It is a fairly useful tool if you can work with a severely antiquated interface. It offers the tools required for efficient resource usage, such as Easy Defragging and eliminating RAM Leaks.

An unbroken internet connection is possible by using Internet Clean Up. I wasn’t a fan of the interface, but I enjoy how the software is in general.

This is the list of all the incredible game optimizers and boosters that are currently on the market. Please let us know which of these you plan to attempt; your feedback is greatly appreciated. Visit TweakLibrary frequently for more of this kind of tech-related stuff.

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