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Best GIS Mapping Software (Updated List 2022)

GIS Mapping

The finest GIS Mapping software program allowing users to transform geographic data into concise and clear visual data is a geographical information system (GIS). It provides useful details on facility management, engineering design, demographic analysis, logistics routing, and other data gis maps.

Despite evidence to the contrary, purchasing GIS software can have a significant return on investment. We created a list of the top free GIS tools because of this. Here is a list of the top free GIS programs for businesses on a budget or wanting to try it out before committing.

Best GIS Mapping Software

Hexagon Geomedia

Best GIS mapping applications Geomedia Hexagonal Bar Graphs In operation for approximately 40 years is GeoMedia. But the decline has only just started. Nevertheless, Geomedia is still a top-notch GIS tool. The best remote sensing package might be created when paired with ERDAS Imagine.

ArcGIS Professional

Best GIS mapping applications ArcGIS Pro application. ArcGIS Pro updates GIS with a ribbon user interface, 64-bit computing, and 3D integration. It’s a significant overhaul that emphasizes novelty, quickness, and cartography. ArcGIS Pro comes first despite being a big computer with plenty of moving parts.


Best GIS mapping applications One of the most important open source developments and community initiatives in GIS was QGIS 2. It became incredibly unique and imaginative because the community drove it. QGIS 2 can hold its own against the best while being open source. However, QGIS 3 has now received full support.


4.8 ratings were given to QGIS 3. Open source is ingrained in QGIS 3’s DNA. It was created through genetic engineering to defy commercial GIS conventions by offering equally superior mapping, editing, and analytical tools. Due to QGIS 3’s inclusion of 3D, it is not a recommended GIS Mapping Software option. However, QGIS plugins still let you explore practically infinite options.

ArcGIS Desktop

Best GIS mapping applications A cutting-edge GIS tool is ArcGIS Desktop. Performing tasks that other GIS applications can’t raise the bar to a higher level. Its capacity for growth is the key to its success. ArcGIS Desktop is a GIS powerhouse from modeling to scripting to field applications.

FME Data Inspector

A comprehensive GIS product is not what the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) is. As an alternative, it handles and dispatches your data with the finesse of a Jedi. It is quite strong and has a fairly active community. Its yearly World Tour is actually a lot of fun. FME should not be used to make maps, nevertheless.

GAT WhiteBox

WhiteBox GAT resembles a sapphire. It’s a great option for hydrological and terrain analysis. The support for LiDAR is fantastic. Whitebox GAT, however, provides 360+ plugin tools. It deserves to be ranked higher. However, it falls short in terms of data management, editing, and mapping.


GIS and CAD are combined into one program by Cadcorp. It has almost perfect mapping and styling capabilities that are broad. The ribbon interface, interoperability, and development tools are just a few new features it boasts. However, the lesser-known Cadcorp shines on numerous levels when coupled with server and cloud tools.


FalconView is a flight simulator, so it would be inappropriate to compare it to the GIS programs on this list. Georgia Tech made it such that fly-throughs may be done if necessary. Otherwise, 3D features like elevation and LiDAR can be represented.


GRASS GIS 3D received a rating of 3.9. One of those software packages that lets you work until dusk is GRASS GIS. It’s a loaded gun with cutting-edge equipment. GRASS GIS is sufficiently powerful that it can be used with QGIS as a stand-alone toolkit. But it is limited by its awkward user interface and stubborn map projection restrictions.

MapInfo Professional

At its core, MapInfo Professional is all about locational intelligence. And, like GeoMedia, it has witnessed a decline in the market share of its rivals. But resist being conned. A premier GIS software package, MapInfo Professional focuses more on business decision-making.


GIS mapping applications If you eat, sleep, and breathe GIS, GvSIG is free and excellent open source GIS software. Its qualities might surprise you. For instance, it has a PC version, a field app, and 3D capabilities. There isn’t much documentation, though. something specifically in English.


The MicroImages GIS software suite includes TNTview, TNTedit, TNTmips, and TNTscript. At its most basic level, TNTview is an open viewer. As you move through the tiers of licence, more features are available at each level. It’s an excellent option for general mapping, analysis, and editing overall.

3D AutoCAD Map

If you’ve previously used Autodesk products, AutoCAD Map 3D will look familiar, which will put you at rest. In essence, AutoCAD Map fills the gap between CAD and GIS. You’ll get editing, data management, and map layout capabilities. The best of both worlds are obtained by merging CAD and GIS.


The IDRISI system from Clark Labs primarily employs raster analysis and image processing tools with a focus on 2D/3D infrastructure. For instance, it has more than 300 analysis tools. But IDRISI also emphasizes Earth modeling. Among other things, it has modules for modelling biodiversity, climate change, and land use.


Best GIS mapping applications Expert in statistical software and analysis is GeoDa. Utilizing this free GIS software, you look into geographic facts. The best tool for spatial modeling, it offers sophisticated geo-visualizations and geo-simulations.

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