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Best Graphic Design Software In 2022

Best Graphic Design Software

Graphic artists are aware that the best graphic design software with all the amazing tools and features is required to produce something extraordinary. You should be able to select the program that best suits you using our list of the top graphic design tools.

Graphic artists are aware that the best graphic design software with all the amazing tools and features is required to produce something extraordinary. You should be able to select the program that best suits you using our list of the top graphic design tools. In the sections below, we’ve broken down our list of top graphic design applications into paid and free options.

Best Graphic Design Software

Adobe Photoshop

Many photographers and graphic artists continue to use Adobe Photoshop as their preferred graphic design program. Despite being more expensive than many of its rivals, Photoshop has long held the top spot on the market. It is considered an all-in-one tool because it comes with every feature you require.

Its numerous built-in design tools for web and mobile apps are some of its strongest features. The UI now offers hundreds of different workplace arrangements, making it incredibly configurable. For synchronizing, Adobe employs its built-in cloud, making all of your creations accessible from any device.

Adobe Illustrator

Many people believe Adobe Illustrator to be the best design program available. Adobe markets illustrator as a useful tool for graphic artists. Corporate logos, website and mobile mockups, page layouts, elaborate graphics, and whatever else you require may all be created. Making vector images is where it really excels.

The cost of Adobe Illustrator prevents it from being the finest design program. It costs $20.99/month, which is more than competing programs, and there is no way to get a perpetual license.


Another graphic design program is called Procreate, however it only runs on the iPad. This will be a deal-breaker for most users. Having said that, it is a strong, lovely program with an excellent UI and attractive functionality. You can personalize 128 of the brushes that it supports. Procreate is a delight to use and has garnered recognition in the design world. For all you get, the price of $9.99 is a great deal.


This is one of the best online graphic creation tools. With this application, you may create files, modify them in your browser, and export them all at once. Even for beginners, Canva is fairly simple, yet lacks useful features. It is designed for those who want to design invitations, posters, and social media images.

You won’t benefit greatly from the free version because many of the best features are only available to paying customers. It has many available templates, allowing you to quickly transform a blank canvas into a finished product. Membership controls pricing, and there are several tiers available.

Affinity Designer

The new and exciting graphic design software Affinity Designer is a great, less-priced alternative to Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Designers adore the grid UI because it gives them complete control over objects, angles, gutters, and spacing so they can position pieces as precisely as possible. For the visuals and icons in video games, this works fairly well. The snapping tool offers more control in a number of ways. The tool operates in dual mode, allowing you to produce vector images and pixel art simultaneously.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

One of the more established rivals to Adobe Illustrator in the market is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Despite being quite similar, they carry out the same responsibilities in various ways. CorelDRAW had the potential to compete, but they lost the battle to Adobe since they didn’t provide enough support for Mac customers.

Professional software called CorelDRAW provides its devoted users with a few standout features. The application, which integrates seven different tools into one easy-to-use suite, is targeted toward design. It does a great job at developing of complex vector drawings. Additionally, it comes with a built-in paint application, font manager, snapshot tool, HDR and RAW image editor, and all the other tools you could possibly need from one sleek interface. CorelDraw Graphics Suite costs $499 to buy outright, or $249 for an annual subscription that gives you access to improvements in advance.


Figma is a visual design tool that is relatively new to the market, yet it is already creating waves. It functions best for UX and UI designers, similar to Sketch. With so many possibilities available, Figma is swiftly rising to the top as the best graphic design software. Figma competes the Mac juggernaut with some outstanding features, which is why many former Sketch users are switching to it. Real-time collaboration on Figma is one of its best features.

Figma is accessible to everyone thanks to its Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux availability. While Figma is a notable rival to Sketch, it cannot compete with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The Free, Professional, or Organization plan are the three price tiers that Figma offers, each with a monthly cost.


Mac users’ preferred graphic design software has been Sketch for many years. The fact that it includes native macOS support for graphic rendering is one of its most substantial advantages. Many Adobe Photoshop users have switched to Sketch, but recent changes to Figma are luring them away. For creating user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and web applications, Sketch is fantastic. It has a tonne of features and all the tools you need to compete with the now-defunct Adobe Fireworks.

A vector-based application called Sketch comes with a tonne of pre-built iOS and other templates to get you started. To further its functionality, the community has provided many unique plugins. With a one-time payment of $99 for a year, Sketch is a reasonably priced choice. However, you will only receive updates for a year under that. You must pay that same charge once more the following year if you want to witness more modifications.

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