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Best HR Analytics Software (Updated List 2022)

Best HR Analytics Software

Human resources analytics software is a tool that can help you gain valuable insights from data and make more informed decisions about your personnel. This answers the pressing problem, Where Do I acquire the data?, frequently in HR. Due to the dispersed nature of data in most HR systems, it might be difficult to access the proper information when you need it. There is a simple solution: get yourself some HR analytics software.

Best HR Analytics Software


More than 700,000 companies and organizations worldwide utilize Freshteam, making it the most popular HR analytics software available. Its guiding principle is abandoning the antiquated method of acquiring staff and replacing many systems with a centralized hub. The program has cut down on onboarding questions by 90%, decreased them by 80%, and cut down on time it takes to manage time off by 80%, saving over 50% in total.

SAP, Penn University, MoneyCorp, and Nissan are just few of the companies that use Freshteam for effective project management. With Freshteam, you can save time during the hiring process by keeping your relevant data in one spot, including candidate profiles, interview notes, comments from the panel, and emails.


Human Resource is an essential department of any business. With datapine HR Analytics, HR can unleash the full potential of its workflows and gain a comprehensive overview of HR information. The HR analytics tools feature a drag-and-drop interface, so even people with no technical background may take advantage of them to create interactive dashboards and uncover previously hidden facets of their business.

The datapine HR analytics tool is every HR professional’s dream, allowing for the automation of reports, collaboration with other business experts, merging data from diverse sources, and constructing interactive dashboards.


When it comes to getting the right information to the right people at the right time, nobody does it better than the Sisense platform, which offers a fully customized, AI-driven analytics cloud dashboard. With Sisense, businesses can embed analytics into all of their apps for customers and internal processes.

Customers may overcome analytics adoption barriers and make more informed decisions with an intuitive platform. Create stunning visualizations and interactive app components with an extensive collection of widgets and validated add-ons.


Alteryx, an industry pioneer in data blending and predictive analytics, provides powerful people analytics to boost business development. Alteryx is the best option because it offers sophisticated reporting and analytics in a user-friendly, code-free interface. As a result, its features are accessible by a wide range of users without requiring them to learn anything new.

Human resources can use its data to make quick, informed decisions rather than taking days or weeks. Users adore it because it consolidates three commonly-used processes into one: data blending, analytics, and reporting. Alteryx is used by well-known companies worldwide, including Siemens Energy, Coca-Cola, McLaren, and 7-Eleven. Alteryx is very user-friendly and provides access to hundreds of no-code or low-code analytics building pieces for use in data preparation, blending, and analysis.


Human resources professionals, business owners, and managers can all benefit from using intelliHR. Built-in human resource management (HRIS) and performance management capabilities aid firms in aligning and managing personnel data.

The HR department may foster a culture-based setting with the use of real-time feedback tools. Insights about the performance of your staff can be gathered and reported in a systematic format using the feedback tool. It’s easy for human resources managers to generate personalized reports on staff productivity with this platform. The environment’s problems and hidden biases can be better understood using reports generated by the built-in AI-powered Sentiment analysis tool.


peopleHum is an intelligent human resource analytics platform that operates in the cloud and supports the full employee lifetime, from recruitment to retirement. There are elements of a performance dashboard, employee engagement tools, and the recruitment process available on the platform. people Hum’s reporting features make it easy for organizations to create timely and comprehensive HR reports with only a few mouse clicks. The human resources reports analyse what influences output, retention, and performance. A Learning Management System (LMS) is integrated into the platform to offer periodic individualized course suggestions for skill development. The platform incorporates game mechanics to motivate workers to become more invested in their work.

Zoho People

Thanks to its ground-breaking enterprise software, Zoho is now a household name worldwide. Using Zoho People, the company may modernize their HR procedures using cloud-based People analytics. With this system in place, HR departments can better care for their staff, adjust to new circumstances, and remain competitive. HR is able to gain knowledge about the efficiency of each team or employee, as well as their skill set and potential to boost the company’s success. SpiceJet, GEP, and McDonald’s are some well-known companies that have adopted Zoho People. If assembling a highly effective team is a top concern, then Zoho People is the place to start. Integration between Zoho People and Zoho Analytics allows for comprehensive and detailed analyses of employee performance.


Board is a people analytics and human resources platform that helps businesses move beyond traditional HR data analyses. Better decisions may be made with the support of their sophisticated platform, which offers enhanced visibility into staff segmentation, data forecasting, and the implementation of HR metrics. An increased appreciation for fundamental principles of human resource management is another benefit.

Cost-per-hire, employee turnover, tenure, absenteeism, and many more key performance indicators (KPIs) can be automatically computed with the help of this smart solution. Aspects like headcount, retention, and other metrics can be easily predicted with its help thanks to its robust statistical features and cutting-edge predictive analytics. The company may make the best choice for its future by looking ahead.

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