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Best Life Insurance Companies (Updated List 2022)

Best Life Insurance Companies

Purchasing life insurance is a wise decision if you want to leave a financial legacy for your loved ones. A strong policy guarantees that you will receive a plan that is affordable and that the insurer will have sufficient funds to pay the agreed-upon death benefit. By comparing coverage options, you can select the most affordable premium for your events. Check out the ranking of the top and best life insurance companies from Businesscrunch to assist you in making the best decision.

What kind of Life Insurance Should I take?

Knowing how much life insurance you require will allow you to rest easy knowing that your close ones will be taken care of in the event of your passing. However, if you purchase too much life insurance, you may be forced to pay premiums that are too expensive to save you money on the cheapest life insurance for those over 50.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) advises considering other, less obvious forms of income in addition to your salaries, such as the worth of employee benefits like employer-sponsored health insurance and 401(k) matching. After you pass away, your close ones will need to make up for these losses if they wish to continue enjoying the same standard of living.

An important first step before buying insurance is figuring out the amount of coverage you’ll need. Once you know this amount, you may begin looking for insurance that meets your demands and your budget for premium payments. Also, read Best Storiesig Alternatives.

What Is the Cost of Life Insurance?

The cost of life insurance policies varies according to variables that influence your risk level in the eyes of the insurers. You will have to pay a higher premium the riskier your profile is. In other words, the cost of life insurance for cigar smokers is higher the higher the danger of the insurer paying claims.

Banner Life  

Banner Life has lower monthly premium costs than the other companies in our list, making it the No. 1 Cheapest Life Insurance Company of 2022. Both term and universal life insurance are offered by Banner Life. Customers may also request a quote from the business online.

One of the most varied term lengths in our evaluations, Banner’s term life policies offer terms from 10 to 40 years. Despite the limited number of available riders, applicants have a variety of choices, including an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider and a Children’s Life Insurance Rider.

Guardian Life

Among the products provided by Guardian Life are universal, entire, and variable universal life insurance. For all types of policies, you must work with an agent. The company has received an A++ rating from AM Best.

The company’s permanent life insurance plans include flexible or guaranteed level premiums as well as a number of options for coverage customization with riders. For instance, their universal life insurance comes with an improved accelerated benefit rider, long-term care benefit, philanthropic benefit, and monthly deduction waiver. Term, universal, and variable life insurance policies start at $100,000, while whole life insurance policies start at $25,000. In 2022, Guardian Life will begin paying dividends on its whole life insurance policy.


With a sample cost that is substantially comparable to Banner Life’s, AIG is the second most affordable life insurance provider in 2022. Term, universal, and whole life insurance are just a few of the several policies that AIG provides. A medical exam is not required for other insurance.

The range of coverage ranges is $5,000 to $10 million, depending on your insurance. Despite the fact that you can ask for an estimate online, you must first speak with a professional. The term life insurance policies offered by AIG are available in five-year increments from 10 to 30 years. Without having a medical checkup, you can easily change your term life insurance policy to a permanent one.


Transamerica provides term, whole, and universal life insurance. Additionally, AM Best gave it a grade of A. Transamerica also offers three permanent life insurance policies in addition to two term life insurance products. There are predetermined term lengths for the Trendsetter LB and Trendsetter Super Series term life insurance. The Trendsetter Super Series policy is also cost-free and does not call for a physical.

The three permanent policies that offer lifetime protection are Individual Whole Life Insurance, Financial Foundation IUL, and Final Expense Life Insurance. Transamerica’s Final Expense Life Insurance is a full life policy with no medical exams and coverage up to $50,000 for customers who are just searching for life insurance coverage to meet any final expenses. Also, read Best Telegram Alternatives.

State Farm

The range of insurance options provided by State Farm includes term, universal, whole life, and last expenditure plans. Depending on the policy, you may be able to get shared coverage, where the death benefit is distributed in accordance with the insured who has passed away.

The business also offers premium savings, like as a discount for several policies. This implies that you will save money if you buy several plans. The organization does not, however, offer quotations online, which is a drawback. Even applying for a policy online is not possible. State Farm might not be the greatest choice if you don’t want to work with a representative. Depending on the policy, you might be able to get a policy the same day.

How to Save Money for Life Insurance

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