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Best Network Monitoring Tools In 2022

Network Monitoring Tools

A Complete List Of The Best Network Monitoring Tools In 2022: Monitoring of network devices such as servers, switches, firewalls, routers, etc. is known as network monitoring. A program called Network Monitoring Tool collects important data from various network nodes. It will support network management and control. Performance, defect, and account monitoring will be the main focuses of network monitoring. Applications, email servers, and other components are examined using it.

Importance Of Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is crucial for security, problem-solving, and time and money savings. Keeping an eye on the network for any problems will assist in keeping your information secure. Tools for network monitoring will contain troubleshooting features.

It avoids wasting the time and money that would be needed for the inquiry in the event of a problem. With the use of this technology, you will be able to see the changes coming and prepare accordingly.

Best Network Monitoring Tools

Looking for the best network monitoring tools? Let’s Explore!!

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

There is a 30-day free trial period available. On request, there will also be an interactive demo accessible. The starting price is $2995. For further information on price, get a quotation. The Network Performance Monitor from SolarWinds can lessen network disruptions and boost efficiency. For large environments, it provides a scalable solution with intelligent scalability.

NinjaOne (Formerly NinjaRMM)

NinjaOne provides a risk-free product trial. Based on the functionalities required, Ninja is priced on a per-device basis. Managed service providers (MSPs) and IT specialists can use NinjaOne’s robust, user-friendly endpoint management software. All your network devices, such as Windows, Mac workstations, laptops, and servers, may be monitored, managed, secured, and improved using Ninja’s comprehensive range of capabilities.


For network performance, infrastructure, log management, etc., Datadog offers a variety of pricing options. The starting pricing for Network Performance is $5 per host per month. This includes tools for analyzing network traffic and tag-based searching. The platform is available for a free trial. Datadog Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) tracks the performance of on-premise and cloud-based networks using a distinctive tag-based methodology, allowing you to analyze network traffic between hosts, containers, services, or any other tag in Datadog.


On request, Obkio provides a free demo and a 14-day trial of all paid features. You have the option to stick with the free plan when the trial period is over or upgrade to a paid plan. Obkio is a straightforward SaaS solution for network performance monitoring that enables users to continuously track their network performance in order to enhance the end-user experience.

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a tool that makes network management and monitoring effective and hassle-free. Switches, routers, interfaces, servers, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Servers, VMware Servers, Nutanix Devices, Storage Devices, and other networking gear are among the networking hardware that OpManager monitors for health, availability, and performance. When monitoring a company’s whole network infrastructure, OpManager covers all the bases with Ping, traceroute, switch port mapping, real-time graphing, AI and ML-based reporting, automation, usage estimates, and more.

Site24x7 Network Monitoring

The cost is determined by the number of network interfaces being watched. The Starter pack costs $9 a month and gets even less expensive as you go up. A full-stack monitoring solution called Site24x7 provides AI-powered performance monitoring and cloud expenditure optimization for IT operations and DevOps. Its extensive capabilities make it possible to rapidly solve issues with end-user experience, apps, servers, public clouds, and network infrastructure. Zoho Corporation provides the cloud service Site24x7.


You can get started with Auvik’s network administration and monitoring solution for nothing. It provides a risk-free trial. A quote-based pricing approach is used by Auvik. It provides the solution with two pricing tiers: Performance & Essentials. Reviews indicate that the cost begins at $150 per month. A cloud-based tool for network management and monitoring is called Auvik. It is simple to use and aids in quicker problem detection, prevention, and resolution. Its traffic analysis techniques are speedier at spotting irregularities. It offers automatic performance and security updates. Data on the network is encrypted using AES-256.

PRTG Network Monitor

The cost is determined by the license size. Up to 100 sensors are free. You may view the specifics of the various pricing plans in the table below. You will receive limitless sensors with either of the XL plans. The number of sensors will vary depending on the pricing strategy. In addition to LAN and WAN, Cloud Services, Application Monitoring, and other components of your infrastructure, PRTG offers a network monitoring solution. It offers a dashboard designer and merges the network components in accordance with your needs. It is equipped to perform distributed monitoring.


You must pay $1995 for a single license of Network Analyzer from Nagios. It provides services including Network Analyzer, Network Monitoring Software, and Network Traffic Monitoring. A thorough dashboard, sophisticated visualizations, customized application monitoring, automated alarms, specialized views, and sophisticated user management are just a few of the capabilities offered by Nagios Network Analyzer.


It is open-source software that is free. Zabbix offers open-source network monitoring services for servers, networks, clouds, applications, and services. Advanced problem identification, intelligent alerting, and remediation are features of it. It offers solutions to various sectors, including government, retail, and aerospace.


A free trial is available for LogicMonitor. Three pricing options are available, including Starter ($15 per device each month). Pro ($18 per device per month) is available for 50 devices at first. Enterprise ($20 per device per month; it starts at 100 devices). 200 devices are the initial set. There are two plans, SP Pro ($13 per device per month) and SP Enterprise ($15 per device per month), for service provider pricing. These two plans have a 250 device minimum. With on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure deployment choices, LogicMonitor offers a monitoring solution. It keeps an eye on the hardware’s temperature, CPU, fan, and memory.


In this article, we’ve reviewed and contrasted the best network monitoring software. PRTG Network Monitor can perform distributed monitoring and is for your entire infrastructure.

The performance will increase and network outages will be decreased thanks to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor. You will receive comprehensive visibility and continuous monitoring via ManageEngine OpManager.

An open-source network monitoring tool called Nagios can keep an eye on the network for problems like downed servers. Zabbix is an open-source, totally free network monitoring program. Any size of business can use it. Fast deployment and event monitoring are two features of the cloud-based monitoring platform LogicMonitor.

Any host and application can be monitored by Icinga. On-premises deployment is offered. Spiceworks is a network monitoring tool that offers up-to-the-minute information about servers, switches, and IP devices. Small and medium-sized businesses should use it.

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