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Best Password Managers (Updated List 2022)

best password managers

A password manager is a necessary tool for navigating the modern internet environment. It is past time to incorporate such a tool into your online routine given the growing importance of protecting personal information.

This post will provide you a quick summary of the finest password managers compared and explain the significance of password managers in 2022:

Best Password Managers


The company behind Nord VPN also makes the NordPass password manager. In order to manage all of your passwords, they provide both free and commercial versions. This is a wonderful choice for individuals who prefer to keep things straightforward.

In addition to allowing you to import passwords from the web and many other apps, NordPass does provide two-factor authentication. The program lacks a few features like form-filling capabilities, password inheritance, and powerful auditing tools. It has a simple design. Additionally, NordPass does not yet have a Safari extension, and its subscription edition only allows for one device.


For users who are solely dependent on the Apple ecosystem, 1Password is the greatest password organiser and one of the few programmes that doesn’t support the premium subscription model. A strong password generator, username and password storage, unrestricted password syncing across many devices, account access both online and offline, a security audit, security alerts, and a user-friendly design are all features of the software.

Since 1Password supports importing data from LastPass, Dashlane, SplashID, Roboform, and other 1Password accounts, you can import your password data with ease. You can also import data from other managers and services using a third-party tool or as a CSV file. You don’t have to key in your master password every time because the mobile app enables biometric unlock on both iOS and Android.


One of the most well-known password managers, LastPass, offers a number of its features without charge. The best feature is that it works with every operating system, including Linux, Chrome OS, Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS. It also supports browser extensions. Even wearables like Apple Watch and Android Wear are compatible with it.

LastPass saves your encrypted data on its cloud servers, allowing you to share your passwords and view it from machines other than your own. Free LastPass features include credit monitoring, auto-fill, and multi-factor authentication. A password generator is also available.


Keeper is a sophisticated web-based password manager with complete features that supports a variety of devices and browsers and offers a number of strong authentication techniques.

Like many other password managers, Keeper lets you limit the regions for which your data is accessible. It also enables biometric login on mobile devices and lets you designate a legacy or emergency contact who can access your data in the event of an emergency.


EnPass appears to be one of the few free password managers that supports almost everything, including Chromebooks, Linux, and BlackBerry devices. You can add secure notes or file attachments, save and fill payment cards, and expand storage, but you cannot autofill contact information.

Enpass is focused on local data stores and has no connected cloud services, therefore you can’t securely share passwords with other users or access your data in a web browser. It has the benefit of significantly reducing the footprint of hacking and breaches.


KeePass is a fantastic free and open-source password manager that provides users with a wealth of flexible features and extensive customizability. The distinctive feature of KeePass is that it keeps passwords and other information locally on your device rather than in the cloud.

The advantage of local storage is that it gives the user control over their security requirements; nevertheless, most users may not need this additional responsibility. It goes without saying that you can also upload your local Keepass storage to the cloud.


LogMeOnce comes to mind when password managers are contrasted side by side. Does the program live up to the high praise from some illustrious names? With features like unlimited storage, anti-hacking and anti-theft protection, safe notes, data storage, photo login, secure wallet, and more, there is no denying that LogMeOnce is a feature-rich app.

Although this software has a tonne of functions, the presentation is where it falls short. Both the setup and the user interface could use some work.


Dashlane is a beautifully made, simple-to-use password management app that lets you manage up to 50 passwords and free autofill for all of your personal data on your preferred device. The app’s ability to notify you of security breaches on any of the websites you visit is one of its most intriguing features.

You can create, save, and manage an infinite number of passwords on an infinite number of devices, sync passwords across all of your devices, backup your account, and share passwords with a paid Dashlane version. Dashlane Premium also provides security monitoring and breach notifications. A VPN, a separate safe browser, credit monitoring, and identity theft insurance are all included in Premium Plus.


Bitwarden has high grades for being a good password manager but is missing some features offered by rivals. Bitwarden might be the free password manager you need if you don’t need any more features or storage. You may sync between devices and keep as many passwords as you’d like using Bitwarden.

It is compatible with almost every platform and gadget, therefore compatibility is not a problem. The 256-bit AES encryption used by the program is first-rate. The premium edition, which comes with first-rate tech support, password audits, and 1GB of cloud storage, is reasonably priced at $10 per year. It might not be the greatest password manager available or ideal for beginners, but for some people, it will be the best choice.

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