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Best Social Messaging Apps (Updated List 2022)

Best Social Messaging Apps

On social media, private, immediate, and direct communication is made possible via social messaging apps. This has several benefits for company because it encourages individualized and close-knit communication.

All social networks, if not the majority include built-in direct messaging capabilities. Their powers and roles, however, differ substantially. Others are perfectly suited for customer support, while some are perfect for sharing user-generated material.

We’re going to examine the most well-liked social messaging applications in this guide to help you navigate the constantly expanding world of social messaging apps. We will also discuss why they are significant in business.

Why Social Messaging Apps Are Important

If anyone doesn’t want to be inundated with lengthy emails needs messaging tools. You can pose a question in your group chat to receive the information you require, rather than setting up lengthy meetings and video conferences.

Best Social Messaging Apps


Facebook owns the social messaging service WhatsApp, which has 2 billion users globally. It isn’t linked to your social platform like other apps are. It is based on phone numbers instead.

WhatsApp can be used for business communications with clients or coworkers. More than 250 persons can be added to a group chat. From there, you can distribute multimedia files up to 100 megabytes in size. You can now send and receive money from other users via WhatsApp pay.


With the help of Skype, you may communicate professionally via texting, calling, and hosting video conferences. It offers excellent audio and video quality. You and your team can simply communicate with one another as long as you have a steady internet connection. The security of Skype is more crucial. Within seconds, you may instantly and confidently share files with your contacts.

It is an easy way to communicate with coworkers who use a variety of devices because it works with phones, tablets, and desktops. As a result, it’s a fantastic choice for enterprises, especially those who use remote workers.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is one of the most widely used chat programmes worldwide and is also owned by Facebook. Around 1.3 billion people use it actively worldwide. The use of it is free. You can use the Messenger app when setting up a Facebook business profile.

Because Messenger integrates with a chatbot, it’s an excellent platform for responding to client questions and disseminating promotions. You don’t need to hire customer support agents when a chatbot can answer questions 24 hours a day. It can assist numerous clients simultaneously without being overburdened. The best part is that your chatbot can answer client questions right away. Your customers can get the assistance they require right immediately from them.


A contemporary social messaging program is Slack. It is often utilized by software startups because it strikes the ideal blend between entertaining and useful. Emojis, GIFs, and other animations can be sent in direct messages to make them amusing. The app allows for both video and phone call.

In contrast to other messaging services, Slack enables you to create open group chats. You get to choose whether you want your group discussions to be public or private. Additionally, it works with your existing business programmes like Outlook and Gmail.


One of the apps you may utilize to connect with a younger audience is Snapchat. It is distinctive because it makes extensive use of visual content. Many companies use this platform to develop viral trends and campaigns that can expand the reach and awareness of their brands.

It also functions as a social messaging service that enables you to send other users photographs and videos. The communications are limited to 60 seconds. After that period of time, the exchange will be permanently deleted. The software will notify the other person if you take a screenshot of chats or photographs.


While Telegram may not have as many users as the other applications on this list, it does contain noteworthy features that are helpful to businesses. It is configurable, to start. To reflect your brand, you can choose a theme and add unique touches to your messaging.

It also offers free downloads and stickers. Even chatbots are integrated. As already noted, these bots can simplify customer assistance for your company. You may respond to client questions and issues more quickly by integrating a bot.


More than one billion people use WeChat, most of them are Asian. This app should make it simpler for you to connect with an Asian audience if you desire to do so.

WeChat’s ability to call landlines and mobile phones may be among its most practical capabilities. You can still get in touch with someone using the app even if they don’t have it.

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