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Top 15 Best Sound Boosters for Windows in 2022

Best Sound Boosters for Windows

If you want to increase the sound volume when you’re stuck at home in 2021, you’ll need to add external speakers to your laptop. To appreciate your laptop’s music, you should also consider installing a Sound Booster on Windows 10. One thing that everyone agrees on is that laptops are smaller and have fewer components than desktop computers, which means that the output can be limited. (Best Sound Boosters for Windows)

The Windows 10 audio mixer, on the other hand, does not always create the best sound. Try the VLC media player and you’ll see the difference right away. If you want to improve the sound of your Windows 10 while playing games or watching YouTube videos, you can use one of the laptop volume boosters listed below.

How to Choose the Best PC Sound Booster

Boom 3D is one of the best programs for supporting all of your other apps as well as web browsers on your machine. This program can improve the sound quality of any media you play on your computer. Special attention is paid to earphones and headphones.

Top 15 Best Sound Boosters for Windows in 2021

We have compiled a list of the Best Sound Boosters for Windows. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. FxSound


FxSound is another well-known brand among the top free sound boosters for Windows 10. It offers a user-friendly interface and all of the world’s conveniences to allow you to enjoy its operations without wringing your hands.

This best PC sound booster comes with presets to help you explore different music genres, and it works well with Windows 10. Its strong sound equalizer should not be neglected, though. It is one of the Best Sound Boosters for Windows.

2. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer



Check out this dependable, user-friendly tool, which some may regard as the best audio enhancer and volume booster for Windows 10. It works with all of the music apps you might already have loaded, including YouTube, Spotify, and a slew of others. There are three different versions available: free, premium plus, and premium pro.

3. Boom 3D


Boom 3D is one of the most popular and effective audio boosters for Windows 10. After a big success as an iOS and Mac software, Global Delight Apps has now released Boom 3D as a free volume enhancer for Windows 10, which is a huge relief for many. It has settings that let you enjoy the sounds on your own terms.

4. Equalizer APO


This incredibly cool, simple-to-use Equalizer APO for Windows 10 can put an end to your hunt for a free sound booster. It provides a number of options for managing sound on your computer. The CPU utilization is straightforward, and the latency is minimal. It also has a user interface and a graphical interface that is modular.

This open-source application is the best free PC sound booster for Windows PCs and allows you to grasp its functionalities. It may, however, take a bit longer to set up. It is amongst the Best Sound Boosters for Windows.

5. Voice Meeter


Voice Meeter is a free sound booster for a laptop for Windows 10 that can tune each sound stream played on your PC separately. Unlike Ear Trumpet, which only allows users to boost or decrease the loudness of a single app, Voice Meeter gives each app its own equalizer. It allows users to capture audio on their computer while ignoring other sounds and voices.

6. Ear Trumpet


Ear Trumpet is more of an add-on for the default Windows 10 Audio Mixer than a stand-alone software for enhancing sound in Windows 10. It enables you to adjust the volume of each open application on your computer. The setup is simple, and switching between playback devices is as easy as clicking a button. Ear Trumpet is available for free on the Microsoft Store.

7. Audio Retoucher


If you’re looking for a basic sound enhancer for a laptop running Windows 10, Audio Retoucher is definitely the tool you’re looking for. It was designed for non-technical people who merely want to increase the volume on Windows 10.

8. Viper4Windows


Viper4Windows is another well-known name in the realm of the finest free PC sound boosters. It deserves a spot on this list as a free sound booster for Windows 10. This vintage program comes with a lot of functions pre-installed. It provides controls for audio density, bandwidth, and other things. However, you will have to put in some extra effort to set up this app, but it will be well worth it.

9. Letasoft Sound Booster



It could be one of the greatest sound boosters for Windows 10, with a 500% increase in sound quality. Due to its built-in distortion detecting module, this would surely increase the quality of your speakers while also minimizing distortions.

Because this software integrates with all of your apps, you can see a 500% boost in volume on your Facebook or gaming apps. It also boosts the loudness of your web browser’s sound when you’re listening to YouTube music, making it one of the finest audio boosters for Windows 10.

10. DFX Audio Enhancer


Another of the greatest free sound enhancers for Windows 10 with a number of choices to suit your musical tastes. DFX Audio Enhancer allows you to listen to audio at a volume higher than 100% on your PC.

Furthermore, despite the name of the audio/video player, it replaces the default player and thus improves sound quality significantly. It contains an equalizer, music type, and presets, which come in handy when switching between different music profiles.

11. VLC Media Player



We can’t get enough of VLC Media Player, another great loudness enhancer for Windows 10. It has a 10-band equalizer that you may adjust to your liking, and the preset feature lets you enjoy the parameters of various music genres. The fact that this free sound booster for Windows 10 works with all types of audio files has to be the most calming feature.

12. Clementine Music Player


A huge majority of PC users use this as one of their primary media players on Windows. However, in addition to being a simple Media Player, this software solution can also improve the sound quality of your PC. Although this media player has a lot of features, if you want to improve your sound, you’ll need to use pre-amplification.

13. Breakaway Audio Enhancer



Because of its simple and user-friendly interface, Breakaway Audio Enhancer makes this list a superb free sound booster for Windows 10. To keep the sound from distorting, it incorporates peak limiters.

By altering the level and managing the sound performance, you may immerse yourself in a fantastic musical experience. It offers a free trial version that may persuade you to buy the full version.

14. Ultra Player



It’s a small media player that’s also one of the most powerful yet simple sound enhancers. If you’ve ever worked on a media player before, you won’t have to worry about anything once you start utilizing Ultra Player because it can effortlessly improve the sound.

15. GOM Media Player



This is another free media player for Windows PC that can be one of the most effective sound enhancers you’ve ever used. You can play a variety of music and video formats, as well as simply increase the volume of such audios and films. Along with this software, you’ll get a number of advanced options. It is the last name on our list of the Best Sound Boosters for Windows.


Here we will conclude our list of the Best Sound Boosters for Windows. If you know other sound boosters, please suggest us. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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