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10 Best Text to Speech Solutions for Business

Best Text to Speech Solutions

Text-to-speech programs provide an easy way to read text documents on computers and cellphones. Because they offer the readers a high level of ease for both personal and business needs, these solutions are growing in popularity these days.

Having said that, narration with a human voice helps readers develop an emotional connection with text-based materials like PDFs, books, novels, and online courses, to mention a few. Solutions for text-to-speech enable multitasking for busy professionals.

It is not surprising that the market is flooded with text-to-speech software. Due to the same factors, audiobooks are also becoming more popular.

For you to read while participating in other physical activities, Businesscrunch’s experts will go over what text-to-speech is in this article as well as some of the top options on the market.

Let’s begin!

What is Text To Speech Solutions?

An assistive technology called Text to Speech (TTS) can read digital text. TTS scans text on a digital device, such as a computer or smartphone, and then turns it into speech or audio.

How does TTS Work?

You can adjust the reading pace with a Text to Speech solution, and the voice is computer-generated. Computer-generated voices occasionally sound like children speaking, and the voice quality might change.

Benefits of Text to Speech solutions

Both content owners and users can benefit from text-to-speech technologies. Following are just a few of the many advantages of a TTS solution:

For Businesses and Content Owners

The following are some benefits of TTS systems for content owners including companies, publishers, organizations, media outlets, mobile app developers, e-learning solution providers, and others in related fields:

For end-users

Text-to-speech solutions can be useful to end-users like online students, researchers, teachers, device and app users, people who visit websites and use machines, etc. in the following ways:

So, are you prepared to take advantage of all these advantages that text-to-speech may provide you?

If so, let’s investigate various Text to Speech remedies.

1. Murf is a flexible AI voice generator with more than 100 realistic text-to-speech voices in more than 15 languages. You can customize your voice with the Murf Studio’s many voice modification tools, like emphasis, pitch, and speed, to get the most out of the AI-powered voice technology. The voiceovers produced sound remarkably realistic and have a wide range of uses.

2. TTSReader

Do you wish someone would read your PDFs, ebooks, and loud text for you in a voice that sounds normal and doesn’t require a person to be seated next to you? The answer is as follows: Test out TTSReader for FREE by typing or pasting any text into the box and pressing the play button. Numerous languages, accents, and playing speeds are supported. If you want to automatically save your position and text to the cloud, you may also check the corresponding box. It works with almost every browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

3. Wideo

Wideo provides you with a simple, quick method for turning your text into speech. Select a voice, set the speed, then type your message directly into the box or upload a text file to begin listening. The best way to download the voice in mp3 format is through Wideo. Making an explainer or demo video with this text-to-speech tool is advantageous because it is simple to use, FREE, and allows you to add voiceovers to the videos.

4. NaturalReader

With NaturalReader, you can easily convert text to speech at work, at home, or while you’re on the go. Convert documents and text to speech, then download the MP3 file to listen to it wherever you are. The natural-sounding voices provide you with a reading that is of the highest quality and clarity. It can also be used to read text or graphics from scanned documents or photographs. Access the older uploads and turn them into mp3 files. For those who are working professionals, students, language learners, or dyslexic readers, it is fantastic.

5. ReadSpeaker

You can use speech solutions to promote your products in the market with ReadSpeaker. You can input a message or paste any text, choose your chosen language and voice, and then click “listen” to hear the text being read out. To make the content accessible to the audience, you might incorporate your speech into your apps and website. Create audio files with voices that sound natural, and use text to speech to give robots, IVRs, public address systems, and other devices a voice.

6. Notevibes

Get free mp3 downloads with Notevibes and online text-to-speech conversion to transform the text to 201 realistic voices. You may complete the task without hiring any pros because it will save you time and money. The solution can be used to create videos with voices that sound like real people. Put these films on your website, Vimeo, or YouTube. Use the advanced editor’s clear and straightforward interface to quickly convert text to speech.

7. Free TTS

Online text-to-speech conversion is available for FREE with the help of Free TTS. You can input your content or paste it from any file, select one of the drop-down menu’s 35+ languages, specify the voice you wish to hear from the box, and convert it to MP3 format. For continued protection, all of your audio files will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. The procedure moves quickly and produces high-quality results thanks to Google machine learning and the robust TTS capability. You can freely use artificial voices for commercial purposes.

8. Google Cloud

Use an API that is powered by Google’s AI technology to convert your text to speech. Through natural-sounding and insightful responses, cloud text-to-speech technology helps to improve client interactions. With voice-based user interfaces in your applications and devices, you can interact with your users. Give your users the chance to select the language and voice that they prefer. Through DeepMind’s speech synthesis expertise, the API produces speech that is almost human-like. It has 220+ voices and more than 40 languages.

9. Watson

Your text can be turned into speech in a variety of languages with Watson Text to Speech. Using Watson Assistant and an existing application, you may turn written text or any other content into speech using this cloud API service. Give your company a voice to increase user engagement and customer experience by boosting communication in the users’ native tongue.

10. Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly offers a powerful method for transforming text into speech that sounds like human speech, enabling you to make talking apps. Deep learning is used by Polly’s TTS to create a speech that sounds natural. Create speech-enabled apps that function internationally. In order to produce speech of the highest quality, the API also provides NTTS (Neural Text-to-Speech). It has the ability to construct a custom voice, so you’ll need to collaborate with the Polly team to develop a distinctive voice for your business.


Users are demanding more convenience and flexibility, which is driving up the demand for information in various formats. Therefore, a text-to-speech solution might be quite helpful to you, whether you are a business owner or an end-user.

In response, offering multitasking functionality and enabling text-to-speech solutions in your blog, e-learning materials, etc. can assist users in listening to them wherever they are. Choose a text-to-speech solution like the one above or create your own to make it easy for consumers to enjoy the content.

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