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Top 20 Best Ubuntu themes

Ubuntu themes

We’ve explored a variety of best Ubuntu themes over the last year, with the majority of them being GTK themes inspired by material design and flat design. It’s been a while since our previous theme piece, so I thought today would be a good day to give you a big list.

1. ArcMPD Theme



ArcMPD is a translucent Arc-based GTK theme for Minimalists, as the name suggests.

2. Flat Remix Gnome



My current favorite shell theme on this list is Flat Remix Gnome. Flat Remix is a modern, lovely, and straightforward theme based on material design, with modern “flat” colors, great contrasts, and sharp borders. It even comes with its own set of icons and is also available in two colors: light and dark.

3. Canta theme



Canta theme is a flat design with a lot of eye candy. Material design with glossy eye-candy tabs and rounded border-radius windows. It is amongst the best Ubuntu themes for a reason.

4. Ants Theme



Ant is a simple GTK theme with an eye-catching UI and three color variations: Ant, Ant Dracula, and Ant Bloody.

5. Paper Theme



The Paper theme, which is part of the Paper project, is one of the nicest themes out there right now, and you can customize it with its icon collection and custom cursors.

6. Arc Theme



Arc is a popular and modern flat GTK theme with translucent elements and three variants: Arc, Arc-Darker, and Arc-Dark.

7. United GNOME



United GNOME is a Gnome shell theme inspired by Unity. It allows you to have the Unity look and feel while keeping the Gnome desktop’s superb functionality.

8. Matcha Theme



Matcha is a lovely Arc-based flat theme with transparent features. It’s the ideal dark mode GTK theme, complete with several ARC window control button versions. Undoubtedly it is one of the best Ubuntu themes right now.

9. Blue Face Theme



Blue Face is a GTK theme designed for Facebook users since it allows you to give your desktop a Facebook-like appearance with its overall blue color scheme.

10. Adapta Theme



Adapta is a modern, attractive, and adaptable theme that was created using Material Design rules and relies heavily on Material Design elements, particularly typefaces.

11. Pop Theme



With its brown and orange color settings, Pop is an eye candy Adapta-inspired theme that is reminiscent of Unity’s color scheme. You can download this one of the best Ubuntu themes whenever you want.

12. Vimix Theme



Vimix is a nana-4-based flat Material design theme. Its wonderfully created icons, which come in three variations: Grey, Doder, and Ruby will give your desktop a shiny appeal.

13. Qogir Theme



Qogir is an Arc-based flat design theme with a blue and white color scheme and a dark shell option. It is, in my opinion, is the cooler sister of Blue Face, and it will undoubtedly improve your whole desktop experience.

14. Materia-Theme



Materia (previously Flat-Plat) is a gorgeous Material Design theme with built-in Oomox theme designer compatibility. What makes it even better is that it supports Ripple effect animations and comes in three color and size variations.

15. Aqua Shell Theme



The Aqua Shell theme has a distinct color scheme from Blue Face, with an overall blue color scheme. Fans of DC Comics’ Aquaman are likely to enjoy it the most. That’s why we have placed it in the list of best Ubuntu themes.

16.  macOS High Sierra Theme



macOS High Sierra DARK is a dark version of macOS High Sierra, which is a fantastic shell theme for a complete macOS UI/UX on Ubuntu.

17. Minimal Conception Theme



The goal of Minimal Conception is to give you a basic interface that keeps clutter out of your desk while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

18. Windows 10 Light Theme



What kind of Windows experience would you like to have? on your GNOME or Unity desktop with the latest UI of the Windows 10 Light Theme? Try this one out and see if it doesn’t win you over.

19. Sector-X Theme



Sector-X sounds like it was created in a secret extraterrestrial facility, and it very well could be. It’s a dark back shell theme with a ninja-like appearance on your desktop.

20. Numix Pack Theme



You’re losing out if you’re not familiar with the Numix project. The Numix Pack theme is a flat, material design-inspired theme with its own icon collection and color variations!


This article has talked about the best Ubuntu themes to decorate your screens. We hope you enjoyed reading our article. Dont forget to send us your suggestions and feedback. Goodbye!


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