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Best Video Interviewing Software In 2022

Best Video Interviewing Software

With the use of video interviewing software, your hiring team may conduct interviews with prospects using video calls and texts. It goes far beyond video calling services like Skype or web conferencing tools like Google Meet & Zoom. With a thoughtful combination of features like scheduled questions, email notifications, and applicant assessment templates, a video calling system offers ways to streamline the hiring process.

The platform provides two options for video interviewing to increase its efficiency and convenience for both recruiters and candidates: a two-way conversation between applicants and recruiters in real-time, as well as applicant-submitted pre-recorded videos. Consider the first as your typical live video meeting. The latter method allows job seekers to film and submit videos in which they respond to pre-written interview questions.

Best Video Interviewing Software In 2022


Your virtual interview software, HireVue, can help you hire more quickly. It provides live and on-demand interviewing solutions that make interviewing candidates simple, convenient, and effective. Conversational AI technology is built into the software to interact with applicants via WhatsApp and text messages. The solution streamlines the typically difficult and time-consuming recruitment activities by providing real-time assessment tools, shareable recordings, and automatic routing.

The best aspect is that it also allows you to conduct interviews anywhere, at any time. The candidates’ interview experience is improved by its adaptable, on-demand interviewing, which improves your organization’s reputation and increases the likelihood that they will accept the offer.

Spark Hire

Spark Hire, one of the best video interviewing platforms, streamlines the employment process for both large and small businesses. Depending on your recruiters’ preferences, this program provided both live encounters with the candidates and pre-recorded video interviews. It allows you to quickly and easily screen candidates without regard to where they are physically located. Additionally, you get to consolidate all of the important interview data into an one location, resolving accessibility concerns while also enhancing decision-making ability. It facilitates hassle-free collection of useful hiring manager input, encouraging impartial candidate evaluations while minimizing recruiter bias.


You may arrange video interviews with VidCruiter to quickly and easily screen candidates. To meet the various needs of employers and candidates across jobs and sectors, the software provides both live interviewing and pre-recorded video interview solutions. With the aid of this application, you may instantly rate your candidates’ responses, aiding in the shortlisting procedure.

Additionally, it maintains interview records and gives stakeholders collaborative tools for improved communication. The program benefits businesses with a global presence and a diversified, remote workforce. With no downloads or sign-ins required, its app-less style offers candidates a pleasant experience.

iCIMS Talent Cloud

You may increase your talent pool by using the integrated virtual interviewing technology provided by iCIMS Talent Cloud. The program is a cloud-based virtual interviewing solution with native connectors for both ATS and the IMS Digital Assistant. You may more effectively organize the entire digital interviewing process with this technique.

In addition, it gives you the tools you need to significantly improve your tracking, reporting, and feedback & evaluations. It also aids in meeting your regulatory requirements. It helps you hire the appropriate people by providing better feedback, reporting, monitoring, and compliance.


One of the best one-way video interviewing platforms is Hireflix, which saves businesses countless hours of labour. The platform has a user-friendly interface to help you become familiar with it more quickly. Because the interviews are pre-recorded, you can screen more candidates using this tool in a reasonable amount of time.

Without any confusion or data management issues, you may create an interview once and invite several candidates to participate in it. Additionally, the software enables the easy sharing of recorded interviews to assist decision-makers in making the best option. It allows you to improve your hiring procedure and hire more quickly without altering your current operation.


Willo is one of the top platforms for video interviews and can speed up the employment process. Everyone on your team can easily utilize the program, which can be used for everything from setting up the interview questions to reviewing the applications. Additionally, it provides a strong security system to protect your data.

The system is set up to encourage remote interviews, enabling you to draw in top candidates from around the world. Willo is even more advantageous because it integrates effectively with more than 4,000 apps, including the leading CRM and applicant tracking platforms. It makes the application process easier for the candidates and encourages diversity inside your company.


Talview provides a powerful video interviewing platform that uses artificial intelligence to expedite your employment process. The system provides efficient auto-workflows that help you save time and resources. You can use the software to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, soft skills, proficiency, and motivation in just one step. Additionally, it aids in reducing the number of applicant screening iterations by using on-demand or asynchronous video interviews.

For greater candidate engagement, our video interviewing platform provides a mobile-first, personalized experience. It interacts with additional HR tools, optimizing your hiring process as a whole.


This is the artificial intelligence-powered platform for your end-to-end video interviews. The software includes cutting-edge capabilities to screen and shortlist the best candidates for every position in your company. It includes tools to study the technical and psychological components so you can locate the candidate who is the best fit for the position while also allowing you to evaluate applicants’ experience and talents. Without changing your present workflow, it assists you in structuring and optimizing the recruitment process.


You can conduct interviews with candidates at a convenient time using Yello’s online video interviewing platform. The software supports both pre-recorded and live video conversations with the candidates. Additionally, the software gives the highest video and audio quality because it is loaded with strong tools.

This not only gives everyone involved in the process flexibility but it also increases your organization’s reach and makes it easier for you to find and hire the top people. As a result, you can interview more candidates in less time by cutting down on time spent on candidate screening.


By using Tribepad’s video interviewing software, you can cut the normally drawn-out interview process in half. Everyone on your team can utilize this agile, potent, and quick interviewing tool since it is so user-friendly. The platform supports both live (two-way) video interviewing and one-way interviewing techniques. In this way, it makes it possible for you to conduct interviews on the road and evaluate applicants from all over the world, encouraging diversity in your company. The ability to access it on any device, at any time, increases applicant engagement.

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