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Best Visual Studio Code Themes You Must Try in 2021

Best Visual Studio Code Themes

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular and best code editors available in the market. It has a broad range of extension which get support from every community, and you can utilize  VS Code to meet your programming needs. This app is compatible with almost all platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it the perfect coding application. The most amazing this about VS Code is its flexibility and impregnable theming abilities, and you can customize it to your desire. The default theme is okay to use, but there are other attractive themes you won’t like to miss.  We have brought the 10 best Visual Studio Code themes that you must try in 2021.

Best Visual Studio Code Themes You Must Try in 2021

We have compiled the list of the 10 best Visual Studio Code themes, and if you want to use them, the process is straightforward. Just click on the links to visit Visual Studio Marketplace and tap the ‘Install button.  And after its installation, you can between themes using the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+K Ctrl+T or other manual procedure mentioned there. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Ariake Dark


Ariake Dark is at the top of our list of best Visual Studio Code themes and is based on Japan’s traditional colors. It won’t be wrong to say that its appearance is pleasing and attracts you every time you apply this theme. And the color scheme embedded in this s theme manages to look great without compromising readability and syntax highlighting. The author of the theme suggests using the font ‘Fira Code’ (you can customize the font from File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Text Editor -> Font -> Font Family) for most reliable results. You can download it using its name Ariake Dark Theme without any hassle.

2. Rosé Pine


Rosé Pine is an attractive theme that adds color and beauty to VS Code. The theme arrives with an amazing icon theme, and the procedure is given below. You can choose from File -> Preferences -> File Icon Theme and get two additional themes: Rosé Pine Dawn and Rosé Pine Moon. These come with various background colors while staying real to the color scheme. Remember its name Rosé Pine Theme to download it whenever you want.

3. Celestial


Celestial is a sub-theme of VS Code theme, Horizon, which is a bit darker. Horizon itself is a remarkable theme, but Celestial adds darkness to its background color, which many users prefer. We have placed it in the list of best Visual Studio Code themes because we prefer and adore real dark themes. You will also find Horizon in this list, and you can try it if you dont like a dark background but like the color scheme applied here.

4. In bed by 7 pm

This theme’s name is quite awkward, but the author created it, who is already famous for creating another Night Owl theme for  VS Code. It is evident from its name, and it is created for users who go to bed early. In bed by 7 pm is a remarkable theme with excellent contrast levels to easily distinguish various elements in the code.  Download it any time searching its name, and you set it following the procedure we mentioned in the intro.

5. ReUI


All the users looking for different VS Code themes must know about React JS’ and its website to find attractive VS Code themes.

If you like the color palette used in React website’s code fragments, the UI theme brings it to VS Code. The result is a beautiful theme with colors that go light on the eyes. This is amongst the best Visual Studio Code themes because of its eye-catching colors.

6. Horizon

You can read above; Horizon is the foundation of the Celestial theme that brought darker mode to Horizon. Horizon is a glowing theme with a vibrant color palette that manages to grab all VS code users’ attention.  Moreover, the author has enabled people to set contrast, exclude italics, and gray brackets in the theme’s listing to squeeze the theme according to their choice.

7. Night Owl


Night Owl is a theme that brings brightness and peace to the eyes. This theme focuses on a pleasing contrast for more excellent readability. And the people with colorblindness won’t feel uncomfortable with its color scheme as it is not intense. The theme is specially designed for people who prefer to work late at night and Night Owl can meet their requirements.

8. Andromeda



Andromeda is one the best Visual Studio Code themes with lively colors, and the dark background makes it look fascinating.  The author created this variant for the users and decorated it with italic keywords that go well with fonts.  It also includes the Operator Mono and Catograph Mono with an adjoined version if you like having a separation between multiple tabs.

9. Nord


Nord theme is an Arctic Ice Studio’s Nord color palette which was aroused by the arctic beauty. The fact which makes it better than other themes is its color scheme even extends to popular third-party language extensions. This feature is there to offer you a consolidated experience, and if you like minimum setups, you will probably cherish this theme. The downside of this theme is it looks a bit too dim in bright lighting conditions.

10. Tokyo Night

It is evident from its name that Tokyo Night is a theme that glorifies the dazzling night lights of downtown Tokyo, Japan. The theme arrives with two different versions, namely Tokyo Night Light and Tokyo Night Storm. To get the maximum result, the author suggests disabling semantic syntax highlighting from settings. It also enables you to access configurations for disabling italics, improving Codelens text, and customizing active and inactive borders with ease.


This is our list of the best Visual Studio Code themes for our users looking to make coding an animated experience. You can download and set these whenever you want to; choose the best option from the list. There are several other VS Code themes available, and you can suggest us anytime. Until the next time Goodbye!

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