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Best BlueCamroo Alternative (Updated list 2022)


Since BlueCamroo is not a universally applicable solution, some complex needs are incompatible with it. You might not want to incur the cost of a second CRM if you already pay for a CRM platform. You might decide against using all of the sophisticated capabilities that BlueCamroo provides in favour of less expensive options.

What is BlueCamroo?

Although BlueCamroo is a fantastic crm software option, if it does not meet the demands of your organization, we have included a list of some top alternatives below.

Thankfully, there are several of feature-rich crm software packages that might fit your needs. Let’s look at a few BlueCamroo alternatives below to see if we can point you in the direction of a CRM that is superior to this. Also, read Best Zoom Alternatives.


Karbon is a platform for managing projects used by accounting firms and other professional service providers. It offers a really collaborative platform for managing workflows, coordinating teamwork, and producing top-notch client work. Karbon gives your team a single location to interact and cooperate by fusing email, discussions, tasks, and effective workflows, enhancing your team’s ability to produce on time and within budget.


The project management tool for agile teams is Jira Software, which can be tailored for any kind of project. Teams have the option to design their own unique workflow or start with a project template. Jira issues, sometimes referred to as tasks, keep track of each item of work as it moves through the workflow processes. Teams can quickly automate tasks and processes thanks to Jira’s automation engine. Reports can also be created to track progress, productivity, and guarantee nothing slips since all project information is in one location.


The project management tool MILEMATE enables users to handle certified and physical progress assessment, planning, and accounting. Any project can be arranged using a logical approach and a hierarchically weighted structure. The scheduler’s planned data is compared to pertinent earned and real information. The final dossier definition is provided in a project document repository. QR codes can be used to organise inspection forms. SaaS/On-Premise alternatives are available.


Team chat, video conference, task management, file sharing, and real-time document collaboration are all included in Samepage, an award-winning all-in-one team collaboration tool. With fewer apps and emails, it enables teams to communicate, manage projects, conduct meetings, and accomplish more. It offers the ideal collaboration environment by displaying team discussions with tasks, calendars, files, co-authored text, diagrams, spreadsheets, and more. It also interfaces with over a thousand apps. Also, read Best Android Dashcam Apps.


Teams are given the tools they need by ESM+STRATEGY to create, monitor, and share their strategic plan. ESM+OKR helps businesses strategically complete work by leveraging Objectives and Key Results. Organizations may manage risk, compliance, and cyber security with the help of ESM+CYBER. Employees are empowered to connect goals to the company strategy thanks to ESM+PERFORM. ESM brings strategy to life with automated Balanced Scorecards, strategy maps, dashboards, and rapid reports.


Geekbot is a personal assistant that supports asynchronous team collaboration for your Slack team operations.

By fostering greater autonomy and alignment among your teams, it offloads all the administrative burden. Daily standup meetings and retrospectives may be conducted asynchronously using Geekbot, and you can upload updates to your Slack channels at a time and pace that works for you. You can also create sophisticated statistics about team topics, activities, or roadblocks using Geekbot.

Changepoint PPM 

You must complete your tasks. numerous things. Your complex project mix is made sense of by Changepoint PPM (Daptiv). Utilize sophisticated embedded analytics, streamlined project intake, project alignment to business plan, and efficient resource management all in one flexible system. This lone source of truth offers transparency across all of your approaches across your whole portfolio. Come see us right away to find out more about how we can assist you in achieving greater business results.


For teams of 5 to 5,000 people, ProWorkflow is a market-leading all-inclusive project management application. We have 17 years of expertise and have completed more than 3 million projects, so we are knowledgeable with both minor details and massive data. Track time, documents, communications, quotes, invoices, Kanban boards, and tasks using Gantt charts. ProWorkflow may be simply customised to your task thanks to our robust API and features. Making the decision to join is simple thanks to free onboarding and world-class customer assistance. Also, read Best WhatsApp Alternatives.


For effective project management, projects must be divided into smaller, manageable tasks. Quire is designed for this crucial activity and is perhaps the greatest option for companies that struggle to break down large goals into smaller ones while also managing all of these tiny chores. Quire’s three primary view modifications, Task List view, Kanban view, and Timeline view, help you work more efficiently and motivate you to set greater goals.


Is It Expensive?

Using a CRM solution line to get the most for your money Making the choice to use this while still fulfilling your business needs is crucial for any business owners.

You could not have the money to pay for BlueCamroo’s price options, or you might not want to pay for crm capabilities that your company never uses. We evaluate all of the best BlueCamroo crm alternatives’ rates and pricing structures. Look for a CRM that better fits your demands and business.

Not satisfied with BlueCamroo Support?

Numerous CRM platforms provide excellent customer care support via phone, email, live chat, and social media, among other channels. If you are dissatisfied with the help BlueCamroo has offered, see if any of the BlueCamroo alternatives listed below better suit your needs. One of the good alternatives we’ve highlighted will have customer service that suits the kind of business you’re in.

However, there are several crucial aspects that you must consider when making a decision to ensure that you offer the correct customer assistance to all of your clients worldwide.

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