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Best Bows For Ganyu In Genshin Impact: Complete Guide!

Bows For Ganyu In Genshin Impact

If you obtained Ganyu in version 3.0, you might wish to construct her in an optimal manner. Regardless of artifacts, selecting the proper bow is a crucial first step in building her. Given that Ganyu is a highly adaptable character, only seven of Genshin’s bows are particularly appealing to her. In this article, we will examine the seven best bows for Ganyu in Genshin Impact, including those that are compatible with the free-to-play model.

Ganyu, released in Genshin Impact versions 1.2 and 2.4, is still one of the most exploited units in the game. The Cryo vision and bow user has one of the most insane damage numbers in the game, reaching over 30,000 frost flake damage per hit, which can be increased by 20% when attacking from within her ultimate.

I had a great deal of difficulty constructing her, particularly when gathering artefacts and selecting the best ones. As a free-to-play player, one of the most difficult decisions I had to make was selecting the appropriate weapon. After reading this guide, hopefully, you won’t experience the same difficulty I did.

Four and five stars are the best bows for Ganyu.

Here are some of the best bows for Ganyu, ranging from 5* limited banner bows to relatively easy-to-obtain free-to-play bows.

1. Amos’ Bow

The Amos’ Bow is Ganyu’s defining weapon. Its sub-stat is based on attack percentage, whereas its perks are designed to help Ganyu inflict significant damage. Amos’s bow deals 608 total damage at level 90, with a 49.6% attack percentage.

It increases the damage of normal and charged attacks by 12%. In addition, after firing a normal or charged attack, the damage dealt is increased by 8% for every 0.1 seconds the arrow remains in the air, up to a maximum of five times. This is excellent for long-range shots as well as melt and freezes comps.

2. Aqua Simulacra

Evidently, Yelan’s signature weapon is also effective against Ganyu. Aqua Simulacra scales off Critical Damage, with a maximum of 88.2% Critical Damage at level 90. If you employ a 4PC Blizzard Strayer, you could technically ignore her crit rate and focus solely on her crit damage. With Aqua Simulacra, she’ll add tremendous value to freeze matchups, but she’ll also be incredibly valuable in melt matchups that include Xiangling. Nonetheless, there is one issue.

While the passive ability of the weapon, “The cleansing form,” increases the HP of the equipped character, it also increases the damage dealt to “nearby” foes by 20%. Consequently, to maximize the damage, you would always need to be surrounded by enemies, which is not ideal given that Ganyu’s HP scaling is quite low. But overall, Aqua Simulacra is an excellent weapon for Ganyu.

3. Thundering Pulse

Ganyu can also maximize the effectiveness of Thundering Pulse, the signature weapon of Yoimiya. Similar to Aqua Simulacra, Thundering Pulse has maximum critical strike damage of 66.2%. The weapon’s maximum base attack is 608, and its passive is, at best, average.

The Rule of Passiveness By Thunder augments the attack by 20% and bestows “Thunder Emblem.” Now, the Thunder Emblem has three stacks, increasing damage by 12/24/40 percent. The majority of Ganyu’s damage comes from charged attacks, so she does not exploit this. Nevertheless, it is a decent weapon for her.

4. Skyward Harp

If you already have good 4PC Blizzard Strayer artifacts, it’s easy to take the crit chance on Ganyu for granted. If you don’t have a good Blizzard Strayer set, you should move on to the next entry; however, if you have a Skyward harp, this weapon could save your Ganyu. Initially, if you’re using Wanderer’s Troupe, Skyward Harp increases your critical strike chance (max: 22.1%) and passively increases your critical strike damage by 20%.

Thus, with adequate Wanderer’s troupe artifacts, Ganyu would deal respectable damage, although it may not compare to Amos’ bow or Aqua Simulacra.

5. Blackcliff Warbow

Imagine that, like me, you spent all of your savings on the Amos’ bow and lost the 50-50. What do you do next? Be miserable, right? Blackcliff Warbow, a fantastic free-to-play bow option for Ganyu, is waiting for you in Paimon’s bargains.

Blackcliff Warbow scales off critical strike damage, and while its scaling is far below that of its five-star counterparts, its passive more than makes up for it. Its maximum critical strike damage is 36.8%, and its passive increases attack power by 12% for 30 seconds (Ascension level 1). There can be a maximum of three stacks of the passive. However, this passive will be ineffective against stronger foes.

6. Prototype Crescent

The Prototype Crescent and the Blackcliff Warbow may appear identical, but there are vast differences between them. At level 90, the Crescent’s maximum attack and attack percentage are 510 and 41.3% respectively. Its passive, “Unreturning,” increases movement speed and attack by 10% and 36%, respectively, when weak spots are struck.

The issue is that not all enemies have weak spots, which renders the passive ineffective. If you have no other options, Crescent is a suitable weapon for Ganyu.

7. Hamayumi

This free-to-use weapon option for Yoimiya also functions reasonably well on Ganyu. However, similar to Thundering Pulse, there are a few things to keep in mind. The maximum base attack of the bow is 454, and its maximum attack percentage is 55.1%.

The bow’s passive grants a 16% attack bonus to normal shots and a 12% attack bonus to charged attacks. If the character’s energy reaches 100 percent, this effect is amplified by 100 percent. Ginyu’s elemental burst provides an additional 20% Cryo damage bonus, which contributes to the DPS. By not using Ganyu’s elemental burst, you will lose a great deal of value.

Which is the best bow for Ganyu overall?

Obviously, the Amos’ Bow is the best overall option for Ganyu. However, if you are a free-to-play player, Prototype Crescent and Blackcliff Warbow are your best options (Crowd control). The items on this list are all excellent, but Amos’ Bow will maximize Ganyu’s potential.

What are your opinions? What type of bow do you use on Ganyu? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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