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Best 10 Brain Training Apps for Android and iOS

What is Brain-Training App?

The brain training apps are intended to help you improve your memory, thinking skills, focus, and even intellect, with the ultimate goal of helping you perform better on crucial daily tasks.

Brain Training is a smartphone app that employs short, interactive games to help with cognitive retraining. When a user starts Peak, he is invited to define personal goals in memory, linguistic abilities, focus, problem-solving, mental agility, and emotional processing. Following the choice, the user is guided through the program by a virtual coach. An initial evaluation is carried out, followed by comments on their performance, which includes a comparison to a peer group or a profession.

The creators suggest practicing three times each week. Each exercise is tailored to the user’s skill level and concludes with comments. The free version only allows you to practice a limited selection of daily activities at random. In contrast, the premium Peak Pro edition gives you unlimited access to all 40+ exercises, individualized training sessions, and detailed progress feedback (primarily in percentages and graphs).



Best 10 Brain-Training Apps for Android and iOS

1. 1Line:

1Line is a brain-training game with a simple goal: link any two dots with just one line to complete the patterns. Levels start simply with simple shapes, but as the number of lines grows, they get more complex. Fortunately, hints are available throughout the game and are free to utilize, albeit they should be used sparingly.

New lines, such as “one-way lines” or “overlapping lines,” are brought into the equation as you conquer levels, making things even more difficult. 1Line may be just what you’re searching for if you’re seeking a challenging puzzle game. With 15 stations and 850 stages, the game can keep you entertained for hours. 1Line is free to download and play, but you must spend $1.99 to remove the advertising.

Price: $1.99 / Free

2. Brain Wars:

When it comes to challenging others during brain-training sessions, Brain Wars (Android | iOS) has a lot of alternatives. It provides you with an excellent design, but it also allows you to compete with others in your area, worldwide, or in a particular country. This app’s small games will help you enhance your focus, observation, concentration, responses, and math/geometry skills, among other things.

Brain Wars also provides a visual representation of which portions of your brain are being exercised due to the games you’ve played. Inside Brain Wars, you can play 30 different games. Color matching, math, form identification, number memorizing, and more activities can help you improve your concentration. You don’t need to establish an account to use the app because you can play as a guest and provide no personal information, but you can do so if you like.

Price: Free

3. Memorado:

Memorado is a brain-training program that serves as a meditation service (Android | iOS). Its goal is to assist users in improving concentration, memory, speed, and reasoning. Memorado creates a training plan, particularly for you, based on a preliminary assessment exam and your unique set of goals and invites you to play five games each day – or more if you’re ready to acquire the “Master Programme,” which gives you access to all mini-games and mindfulness music. As previously said, the app features a library of mindfulness lessons that will assist you in relaxing, sleeping better, and feeling better in general.

Price: Free / $10.99 per month

4. Peak:

Peak (Android | iOS) aims to increase your language skills, mental agility, focus, memory, and other talents. Peak not only has a large number of puzzle games but also has a modern and stylish interface.

The app shows you how well you did in the exercises visually. You’ll be able to observe where you thrive and how you’ve improved over time automatically.

Peak also has a Pro tier, which gives you access to more features, including creating personalized workouts, unrestricted access to 43 games (plus several Pro-only games), in-depth analytics, and more.

Price: Free / $8.99 per year

5. CogniFit:

CogniFit (Android | iOS) is a set of cognitive skills that may be used to test and improve your cognitive abilities and brain plasticity. The app includes video training and a variety of other training options. It was designed to help you enhance your concentration, coordination, memory, thinking, and other skills.

The only drawback is that all CogniFit workouts are paid. You’ll even be required to swipe your card to receive an assessment, which may deter some people. However, you can use the Practice Lounge for free and play most of the games in CogniFit, but you won’t be able to use them as part of a training program or track your progress over time. CogniFit also has a mindfulness part where you can meditate to achieve a specific objective, such as overcoming procrastination. Surprisingly, some of the programs are available at no charge.

Price: $19.99 – $29.99 per month

6. Brain It On:

Brain It On! is a game that relies on physics to keep your mind active and aware. Levels are made up of minor puzzles that you must solve by drawing various items and shapes. For example, think of a means (or many) to “Lift the orange box off the ground,” for example. Each problem has various solutions, so let your creativity run wild because the sky is the limit here.

The game necessitates a great deal of patience. It may even inspire you to brainstorm with your buddies. It’s all about trial and error; therefore, the more you try, the better your odds of success get. Five levels are unlocked every time you play, and you must accomplish four of them to advance to the next set. Each problem you finish is given a one to three-star rating based on your performance. Solving a challenge within the time limit, for example, will provide you with two stars. The game is free to download and install, but it has advertisements that may be removed for $0.99.

Price: $0.99 / Free

7. Brain Dots:

In Brain Dots (Android | iOS), you have one task: create lines and other forms to make the two colored dots collide. It appears simple enough at first, but the solutions become more intricate as you go through the stages. Tap the light bulb icon in the top right corner to suggest how to pass the level. You can progress from a pencil to a pen or even a crayon once you master the basics.

You’ll need to utilize the coins you earned at the end of each level to purchase the pen or whatever you want. As you continue, more classes will be unlocked, and unless you pay for an upgrade, you’ll have to deal with a few adverts here and there. If you like Brain Dots, you should know that there is now Brain Dots 2 (Android | iOS), which has even more intriguing puzzles and options.

Price: Free / $4.99

8. Tetris:

Tetris (Android | iOS) may surprise some, but the iconic game has been adapted to mobile and is available to both new and veteran fans. Tetris is a game in which geometric figures are known as “tetrominoes” rain down onto a playing area, and the player must arrange them to construct gapless lines. Alexey Pajitnov, a Soviet software engineer, designed the original video game.

Price: Free

9. Elevate:

Elevate (Android | iOS) is another visually appealing software that claims to help you enhance your writing, speaking, reading, and everyday math skills.

The app produces a unique training plan for you after taking a simple exam to measure your talents. Up to three free games are included in daily workouts, but acquiring the PRO tier grants access to more games (over 40) and additional resources.

Price: Free / $9.99 per month

10. NeuroNation:

The brain training program NeuroNation (Android | iOS) has been around for a while. Once you complete a brief play session, the software produces a customized brain-training program for you to assess your abilities. Memory, focus, intelligence, and reasoning are said to be improved as stress reduction.

The software offers individualized sessions with various workouts and is constantly updated to include new ones. You may record your progress and compete against other people worldwide by registering. NeuroNation also displays your strengths and shortcomings and all of the cognitive skills you’re working on (on a graph).

The program has a Premium version that allows users access to 30 exercises on 250 levels; all produced based on scientific research.

Price: Free / $3.99 per month


Peak: Brain Training is one of the greatest iPhone and iPad apps available for sharpening your mental abilities no matter where you are. If you’re looking for an Alzheimer’s app or want to boost your memory, this software created by professionals in the area is a must-have.

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