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Dumpor: Is It the Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?


Dumpor is an Instagram Story viewer that facilitates your work. The application enables you to quickly scroll through your Stories and view which ones have received the most likes and comments.


In the ever-expanding social media landscape, there are a variety of techniques for gaining exposure for your content. One trick involves posting an Instagram Story to your feed. Instagram Stories are brief videos that disappear after 24 hours, so they only exist on a small portion of the internet.

The primary disadvantage of posting on Instagram Stories is that it forces you to think quickly about what you want to say without regard for the remaining time in the video. What is the solution? Dumpor!

What exactly is Dumpor?

It is an Instagram Story viewer that facilitates your work. The application enables you to quickly scroll through your Stories and view which ones have received the most likes and comments. You can quickly respond or enjoy these stories without reading the full post. It is also an excellent resource for discovering new Stories to follow.

How Can I Save Instagram Stories?

You likely spend a great deal of time on Instagram, just like the majority of people. However, what if you are unable to check your account daily? It is the ideal answer for you! It is an Instagram story viewer that facilitates your work.

To utilize It, you must first visit its website. Enter the name of the person or account you wish to follow once there. After that, click the “Download stories” link that appears next to the individual’s profile.

After downloading all of the user’s stories, you can view them all in one location by clicking “View stories” on the homepage of It. Additionally, you can search for specific articles using the “Search” box at the top of the page.

It is a fantastic way to make your job easier. It is simple to use and allows you to view all the stories in a single location. Try Dumpor if you’re ever faced with a large amount of Instagram content to read.

The Initial Step in the Procedure

If you’re anything like me, you spend a significant portion of your day scrolling through Instagram, looking at the newest fashion trends, and admiring your friends’ beautiful lives. However, you may not always have the time to save all of these posts for later.

This is where It enters the picture! It is an app that automatically saves all Instagram stories you view to a gallery on your account, allowing you to access them quickly in the future.

You must launch It, select the desired stories, and press “save.” Then, whenever you see an Instagram account that you wish to save, tap the “save” button in Dumpor, and it will be added to your gallery.

In addition to saving you time, it keeps your Instagram feed organized and manageable. Having a collection of stories that you can revisit at any time makes it simple to find inspiration and motivation when you feel stuck in a work or school routine.

Try It if you’re looking for an application that can make your work a little easier.

Dumpor vs Insta Storyz

Dumpor and Insta Storyz are both social media story viewers that make it simpler for users to follow their own stories. It is a desktop application that allows users to view stories in chronological order, whereas Insta Storyz provides a more intuitive interface that allows users to view all of their stories in a single location.

Additionally, both apps permit users to share stories on social media, comment on stories, and save stories for later viewing. However, it is slightly more expensive and offers fewer features than Insta Storyz.

Why You Should Use It

You, like the majority of people, spend a lot of time on your phone. There is always something to do, whether you are perusing your newsfeed or reviewing your notifications. Occasionally, that something is tedious work that you could perform instead.

Thus, Dumpor comes into play. It is an Instagram story viewer that facilitates your work. Instead of opening the app and searching for a story, it will automatically find the most recent story and allow you to view it directly within the app.

This is not only faster and simpler than searching, but it also conserves data. Using It, you can avoid downloading stories if they are unnecessary. It saves space not only on your phone but also on the data associated with your cell phone plan.

In addition to being faster and more efficient, it also possesses a number of other useful characteristics. For instance, you can add comments to stories directly within the application. You are not required to exit the app and return to Instagram. And if you wish to save a story for later, there is a “save for later” button that will save the story to your phone’s storage.

Overall, it is an excellent app for anyone who uses their phone frequently. It’s quicker and simpler than searching for stories; it saves data and has some useful features, such as comments and saving for later.


Dumpor is an Instagram Story viewer that facilitates your work. It allows you to view all of your stories at once and includes a number of features to help you track your posts.

Its ability to keep track of hashtags is one of its most important features. Using specific hashtags can help ensure that your story is seen by the appropriate audience if you want to ensure that it reaches the intended audience. It also allows you to add comments to your posts, which is useful if you need to ask a question or provide additional information about a post.

It also has the capability to save stories for later viewing. Having many posts that you wish to read sequentially can be advantageous. This feature can also be used to organize your posts by topic or even by date.

Overall, it is an indispensable tool for anyone who desires Instagram success. It is simple to use and provides all the assistance necessary for staying organized and productive.


A few alternatives to Instagram Story Viewer facilitate your work.

Another app that allows users to view Instagram stories without opening the app is InstaDump. Take a picture of the story, and it will be automatically uploaded to InstaDump for viewing at a later time.

Snapseed is a free photo editing application that can be used to edit Instagram stories and images. Cropping, adding filters, and adjusting brightness, saturation, and hue are a few of the features available.


SumoMe is an online marketing platform that provides users with a suite of tools for expanding their Instagram following. The story viewer allows users to view the entire story without having to open the app, and the InstaBoost tool promotes specific levels.

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that permits users to manage multiple accounts from a single interface. Instagram is one of these accounts that can share stories and interact with followers.

Followerwonk is an online application that enables users to see which of their Instagram followers are active and which posts they have liked. This information can be used to target future story shares to specific followers.

CoSchedule is software for planning and publishing Instagram stories. This tool enables users to select the desired audience, posting time, and format without having to open the application.

Hints and Tips for Utilizing Dumpor

Dumpor is a great Instagram Story viewer that makes your work easier. You can quickly view all the posts from a particular time period, filter posts by hashtag, and save posts for later viewing.

  1. To use Dumpor, first launch the application and log in.
  2. Select the account from which you wish to view stories and the timeframe within which you wish to view them.
  3. Use a hashtag filter to find specific stories.
  4. Swipe left or right to navigate between posts.
  5. Tap a post to read it, then tap the three dots in the lower-right corner to save it for later.
  6. When you are finished viewing stories, close the app by pressing the X in the upper-left corner.”

Can I Share My Experience?

Dumpor is an Instagram story viewer that facilitates your work. You can easily import your stories into the application, and it will begin playing them automatically as you work.

It also has great features, such as saving accounts for later or marking them as read, so you never forget what happened in a story. It is an excellent tool for streamlining your Instagram workflow.

How do I locate a story?

You can use the It search bar on the homepage to locate a specific Instagram story. Enter the username of the desired account, and it will display all of their posts. Additionally, you can browse by date or use the filters to narrow your search.

If you don’t have time to search through all of Dumpor’s stories, the “popular” tab on the homepage displays the most popular stories from each account. It is an excellent way to determine what people are currently interested in, and it is continually updated with the most recent posts.

If you want to save a story for later, you can pin it to the top of your screen. Once a story has been pinned, it will remain visible until you unpin it or select another story.

Can I save my favorites stories to view later on Dumpor?

It allows users to save their favorites stories for later viewing. Each story has a “Save Story” button in the upper right corner.

Does Dumpor work?

Dumpor is an application designed to facilitate your work. Dumpor enables you to view Instagram stories in a single location, allowing you to track all of your account’s updates and posts without going through each individual post.

It is available for free download and use on both iPhone and Android devices. You can begin using It by opening the app, clicking on the story icon in the upper left corner of the display, and then selecting the Instagram account you wish to view.

It is an excellent tool for busy individuals who wish to keep their social media accounts current without spending hours scrolling through individual posts.

Why Is It Beneficial?

If you’re busy, Instagram Story Viewer may be the app for you. This application facilitates viewing and sharing Instagram Stories.

It is a useful app because it allows you to keep track of all the stories you’ve posted as well as those of the people you follow. You can also view which Stories have received the most likes and comments.

It will be of great assistance if you ever find yourself unable to recall which story you posted or how to locate it. Additionally, it is an excellent way to organize your Stories by topic or day.

Overall, it is a useful app that makes the lives of busy people easier.

Is it Safe to Use Dumpor?

This app is free to download and safe to use. Additionally, you can use it to track your stories on other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to manage your stories, comments and likes in a single location.

Dumpor is an extremely useful tool for Instagram users who wish to stay organized. It is user-friendly and will make your life easier.

How do anonymous readerships function?

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy scrolling through Instagram Stories and viewing all of your friends’ adorable posts. However, there are times when you are too busy to read each story individually.

It is an anonymous story viewer that facilitates your work. Simply enter the hashtag or user name of the story you wish to view, and it will display all the stories with that tag or user name. Then, you can scroll through them all without stopping to examine each one individually.

It is ideal for those with a large number of Instagram Stories to follow or for those who lack the time to view each one individually. It is also great for people who are busy during the day but want to see what happened overnight on Instagram without waking their friends to check their stories.

Can I download an Instagram photo using Dumpor?

Undoubtedly, using Instagram can be a time-consuming endeavor. Between scrolling through all of your posts, liking and commenting, and searching for the ideal image for your blog post, it can be difficult to complete everything in a timely manner. This is where it enters!

It allows you to download the photo without having to go through each post individually. Once you’ve downloaded the image, you’re free to use it however you like!

Can I save Instagram videos using Dumpor?

It allows you to easily save Instagram stories videos for later viewing. In addition, it offers additional features that make it an ideal marketing tool for online businesses. Learn more about this fantastic Instagram story viewer in the following text.

Regarding video content on Instagram, there are numerous options. There is content for everyone, from live streaming to short clips. With so many available platforms and tools, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. This is where it enters.

Can I use a Dumpor-downloaded image?

Yes! It allows you to use downloaded photos in your Instagram stories. Simply launch the app and select the desired image. Then, follow the below steps:

  1. Launch It and select the desired photo.
  2. Click the “Share” button located at the bottom of the display.
  3. Choose “Instagram story”
  4. Enter a caption for your photo, then click “Publish.”
  5. Your story will be published to your account, and the photo will appear in your story feed.

Can I use Dumpor to view a private Instagram story?

It is an application that facilitates the viewing of private Instagram stories. Dumpor is ideal for those who want to know what their friends are doing but do not wish to be harassed in public. It is free to use and available on iOS and Android devices.


Dumpor is a new Instagram viewer that facilitates your work. It is ideal when you’re working on an Instagram story and want to see what your audience has been up to. This application allows you to quickly scroll through a story’s posts, highlighting the most popular post.

It also includes additional cool features, such as the ability to follow people in stories and receive updates whenever they upload new content. Check it out if you’re looking for a simple way to monitor your Instagram Story’s progress and activities.

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