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Top 20 Best Envato Elements Alternatives in 2021

Top 20 Best Envato Elements Alternatives in 2021

Envato Elements is a subscription-based advanced level service that gives you access to over nine million downloadable digital assets for your projects. The program offers monthly and yearly payment options, as well as limitless downloads.

You won’t have to worry about credits or download limits, unlike most premium picture and digital asset services, and Envato Elements’ approach is excellent. It allows you to try out different files before deciding on the one to utilize for your project. ( Best Envato Elements Alternatives.)

The service assets are created by a community of individual designers when it comes to content creation. The revenue-sharing concept compensates all of these designers for their efforts. It expands your creative options for all of your business design assignments. In comparison to other element solutions, Envato Elements is one of the best.

The most notable benefits of Envato Element are limitless downloads for a single charge, a single simple commercial licensing for all material, a large choice of unique templates, free files, and access to thousands of audios, among others. This platform’s elements are all adjustable, and you can easily add new ones without any restrictions.

Top 20 Best Envato Elements Alternatives in 2021

We have compiled a list of the  Best Envato Elements Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Icons8



Icons8 is a web-based icon library with over 77900 free flat icons in various formats, sizes, and colors. Several social networking icons, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, are available on the platform. With the help of this platform, you can add Apple, Microsoft, and Google symbols to your UI, making it more appealing.

The software is designed specifically for designers and developers who want to save time and have access to a large number of free icons. All of the icons on this platform are divided into categories, with each category having its own set of icons that is updated regularly with fresh content. Icons 8 is a free-to-use website that you may access from anywhere in the world at any is one of the Best Envato Elements Alternatives

2. Audioblocks



Audioblocks is a site that allows customers to effortlessly download royalty-free music and sound effects for a minimal monthly fee. Users can use the platform’s endless stock of videos, audios, and photographs after downloading them. It enables customers to quickly locate and download the exact music they require for their projects.

Users can choose from a range of moods of music on the platform, such as joyful, fun, sad, furious, or love music. It includes music genres like ambient, blues, country, techno, horror, jazz, and many others.

3. ONE Membership by Template Monster



You may access over 10,000 themes, templates, and graphics with only one web design subscription. They’re all well-known top products that work with common CMS platforms. You can select from a variety of versatile themes as well as specific business niche-specific themes. Business and services, design and photography, sports and travel, fashion and beauty, and other categories are among the most popular.

In these collections, you’ll find eCommerce themes. Ecommerce themes are a quick and easy method to get an online store up and running (or restaurant, if you need). You can choose among Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, VirtueMart, or WooCommerce themes, depending on your preferences.

4. Freepik



Freepik is the world’s most popular and greatest online platform, with a huge selection of original vectors, icons, and stock pictures for your apps, websites, and other projects. It boasts the world’s largest community of graphic designers, who continuously provide new content.

Only high-quality graphic designs, exclusive images, and other graphical materials that make your site more appealing are available on the platform. This platform’s content is divided into many parts, such as vectors, icons, images, PSD files, and so on. It is one of the Best Envato Elements Alternatives

5. IconArchive 



IconArchive is a web-based program with over 735,802 icons and up to 2458 icon collections. Icons, colors, and formats are unique to each set. The app is a competitor to Flaticon, but it has a unique UI with several new features and services that set it apart from the competition. Icon Archive is a 100% free website with no registration or login required.

You must go to the website, select your favorite icon, download it to your computer, and use it as you wish. This web-based program gives you two alternatives for finding your favorite icons: explore categories with a variety of possibilities or utilize the advanced search box. To get your icon supplied in seconds, you’ll need to use icon-related tags or something similar.

6. Nucleo



Nucleo is a beautiful icon collection with over 25011 icons, as well as useful tools for collecting, customizing, and exporting them all. It’s a comprehensive platform that lets you drag and drop icons into your favorite design tools to speed up your process.

The platform comes with a ready-to-use icon collection, with all icons classified for simple search and an advanced customization option that sets it apart from the competition. This app’s best feature is that you can import your own icons and organize them into collections and projects.

7. The Noun Project



The Noun Project has millions of icons for all kinds of things. It’s a web-based software that’s free to use and designed specifically for individuals looking for free icons for commercial projects. The platform allows for unlimited customization, so you can make sure your icons look great wherever you use them. You may quickly modify the color, rotation, flip, and backdrop of your symbol with its editing features.

It allows you to make your own icons by altering items to your liking. It has a simple interface that allows you to rapidly search and insert icons into your Google Slide, Docs, or anyplace else you choose. The Noun Project is a comprehensive tool that may help you come up with fresh ways to explain everything from complex presentation topics to fun children’s book graphics. it is one of the Best Envato Elements Alternatives

8. Fontello



Fontello is a web-based icon library with millions of free icons in a variety of formats. It’s a competitor to Flatiron that offers all of the major services, tools, and features for a more realistic experience.

The software also includes a number of unique tools for creating new icons in a variety of font styles, shapes, and colors. It also includes a community where the top designers in the world help newcomers better their work.

9. IcoMoon



IcoMoon is a pixel-perfect icon solution with hundreds of free and premium vectors in formats like SVG, PDF, Polymer, CSH, and XAML, among others. It’s a competitor to Flatiron that includes all of the major services as well as some new ones. For perfectionists, the platform strives to design and supply the greatest iconography and icon management solution possible.

It only includes the greatest icon sets available. Its icons are all custom-made on a pixel-by-pixel basis. IcoMoon makes it simple to generate and use icon packs in a variety of formats. IcoMoon App, IcoMoon Packs, and Go Premium are the three main plans available on the platform.

10. Iconfinder



Iconfinder is another platform that offers millions of creative professionals high-quality icons. It has a large team of professionals working to make it the world’s most popular icon site by always supplying new and updated content. There are around 2,675,000 distinct icons on the site, divided into categories including Abstract, Fall, Flags, Christmas, Summer, Shopping, Easter, Desktop apps, Mobile Apps, and Holidays, among others.

Each category has its own symbol, which is updated on a regular basis with new content. One of the best features of this platform is that it supports customized icons and has an icon editing system that allows you to change them to your liking. You can also use a variety of colors, shapes, and tools to design icons. Iconfinder comes with all of the latest technologies and features you’ll need to design professional icons. it is one of the Best Envato Elements Alternatives

11. Ego Icons



Ego Icons is the world’s premier platform for individuals who wish to produce outstanding vector icons for their UI designs. This portal has more than 3600 brand-new, fresh vector icons that are ideal for making your apps, online interfaces, and user-interface design stand out. To set it apart from the competition, it has a unique community feature that allows you to communicate with the world’s top vector designer and gain new ideas for improving your interface. Each vector on this site was designed by a professional vector artist and is available in a variety of formats, including SVG, PDF, Sketch, and EPS.

12. Free Icon Pack by ThemeIsle



ThemeIsle’s Free Icon Pack is one of the most popular venues for finding unique WordPress Themes, Plugins, Vectors, and Icons to help your project stand out. It’s a free platform that you can use from anywhere in the world at any time. It contains numerous categories, just like Flaticon and other similar platforms, and each category has its own option for regular updates with new content.

13. SilhoutteAC



SilhoutteAC allows you to search for the best vector silhouette to use without attribution. It is a free-to-use and widely used platform with over 52,000 interesting vectors that you can use for business or non-commercial purposes.

People, Music, Icons, Insects, Animals, Sports, and many other categories are represented in the vectors on this platform, and each category has its own set of vectors to utilize. It is completely free to use the platform and there is no need to register in order to download your favorite content.

14. Project Clarity



Project Clarity is a UX design system that includes a wide range of UX standards, HTML and CSS frameworks, iconography, and Angular Components to help you create amazing experiences. Designers and developers will benefit from the platform. It includes a large number of sketch templates with ready-to-use elements.

15. Flaticon



Flaticon is one of the most comprehensive collections of free icons accessible in PNG, SVG, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. It has around 1025000 vector icons organized into 20314 packs. It includes a 16px to 512px vector and raster, which is used across all portals and apps. All of the vectors on this platform are divided into different categories, with each category having its own set of vectors that are updated on a regular basis. it is one of the Best Envato Elements Alternatives

16. Font Awesome



There are more icons, styles, and settings. Font Awesome is a collection of the world’s most popular icons, including thousands of unique icons to make your UI more appealing. It’s a completely free platform with a tonne of themes, plugins, and whole projects to choose from. Font Awesome offers a unique user interface in which all of the material is divided into several packs, such as an automotive icon pack, an education icon pack, a map pack, and so on.

17. is a web-based site that allows you to download free PSD files for personal use. It generates a huge number of free PSD files, images, templates, backgrounds, business cards, and other items. It also includes a large collection of web templates that you can quickly download and alter without any restrictions.

18. Best PSD Freebies



Best PSD Freebies is an all-in-one web-based portal where you can acquire free web elements, web templates, mockups, flyers, business cards, and resume templates that have been professionally designed. It was created and produced by a professional design team to assist newcomers.

Thousands of designs are available on the platform, and you can pick and choose from them without any restrictions. All of its templates are fully customizable, with various elements, icons, and color schemes, among other things.

19. Premium Pixels



Premium Pixels is a comprehensive collection of free design resources for both professionals and amateurs. All of its resources are available for free, with only a few limitations. And they update it on a regular basis with new resources in order to provide complete and up-to-date information.

Thousands of icons, mockups, and designs are available on the site platform to help you improve your designs. Premium Pixels is completely free to use. And you can download its materials from anywhere on the planet. It is one of the Best Envato Elements Alternatives

20. Brusheezy



Brusheezy: Free PSDs are the finest place to find and share free Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop tools. You can use this platform to look at and debate the work of other artists from all around the world. Or to locate the ideal small freebie for your next project.

The platform was created with the intention of assisting newcomers and delivering all of the leading ideas that would make the project more exciting. Vectors, movies, and brushes are also available via the Brusheezy app. Everything on this site comes in several categories. Each of which has its own set of alternatives from which. You can choose and download without restriction.


This article has discussed some of the Best Envato Elements Alternatives. If you have any suggestions, you can contact us. Goodbye!

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