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Top 15 Best Facebook App Alternatives for Android 2021

Facebook App Alternatives for Android

Facebook is the most commonly utilized social networking tool on the planet. It has over a billion registered users, with the vast majority of them active every day. Unfortunately, many people dislike the official Facebook app because it is a data-hungry, resource-hogging, battery-draining catastrophe. (Best Facebook App Alternatives)

We’ll take a look at the top Facebook apps for Android because having options is always a plus. If they aren’t enough, we’ve got a second, more in-depth list of Facebook alternatives here! New Facebook apps are also in the way, though we don’t think they’re close to being ready just yet. This includes apps like this one.

Top 15 Best Facebook App Alternatives for Android 2021

We have compiled a list of the Best Facebook App Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Faster for Facebook Lite



Faster for Facebook Lite is a relatively new Facebook app. It uses the lighter and less resource-intensive Facebook Lite template instead of the conventional Facebook template. The app can watch a wide range of content, including video and GIFs, and it supports Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

If necessary, you can even return to ordinary Facebook mode. It’s a web wrapper, like other Facebook apps. On the other hand, the dark mode and all-in-one experience are clearly enticing. The premium edition is available for $2.99, which is a very reasonable price. It outperforms the vast majority. It is one of the Best Facebook App Alternatives.

2. Facebook and Facebook Lite



We understand that you’re on our list of people who need to uninstall this program. Nonetheless, it is occasionally unavoidable. When Facebook launches a new feature, it will first be available in the official app, followed by third-party Facebook apps. Official Facebook apps include Messenger, Facebook Groups, Facebook at Work, and Facebook Mentions (if you’re famous).

They may not have the finest battery life, but they are always the first to receive new features. Facebook Messenger is famously difficult to use outside of the official app. As a result, Facebook came up with the concept of Facebook Lite.

3. NoSeen



NoSeen is a one-of-a-kind Facebook replacement. Both Facebook and Messenger are included. It also provides features that allow you to read messages without alerting the sender. Users are also encouraged to keep their personal information confidential by using the app.

A tracker blocker and an ad blocker are available for a cleaner experience. There’s also a dark mode, themes, and support for numerous accounts. This is a newer addition to the list than the others. A few problems must still be addressed by the developer. If they stick with it, however, this should remain one of the best Facebook App alternatives.

4. Facebook Ads Manager



The Facebook Ads Manager app is available directly from Facebook. Its purpose is to make the process of creating ads simpler. This tool is a must-have for anyone who buys Facebook ads on a regular basis. The software helps you to create and manage new ad campaigns as well as track and learn from the success or failure of prior ads.

You can choose from any of the groups or pages that you currently manage in the app. Manage all aspects of Facebook advertising, including post boosts, site traffic, and the marketing of a page or an event.

5. Buffer




Buffer has been a popular social media post scheduling app for a long time. And Buffer is beneficial since it allows you to schedule your posts so that they are spread out over time rather than assaulting all of your followers all at once on Twitter or Facebook.

In the free edition, each account is limited to three social profiles and ten scheduled posts. If you don’t use a lot of social media accounts, Buffer is an obvious pick. All of your social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, are linked.

6. Phoenix



Phoenix is an alternative to Facebook that also supports Facebook Messenger. You can perform almost everything in the official app, including the Messenger section includes audio calls and chat heads.

Users also get a few extra capabilities that aren’t available in the Facebook app. We encountered the rare error or hiccup throughout our testing, but it’s also absolutely free with no advertisements, so you get what you pay for.

7. Social One



Social One is a multi-social app that supports Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s effectively a wrapper for all three sites, allowing you to get the most out of each. Despite the fact that most multi-social apps do not, it functions quite effectively for the most part.

The app is free to download and use, and it is obvious that it collects anonymous, non-personal data as well as ad data. You should probably skip this one if that upsets you. Aside from that, it’s a decent film.

8. SlimSocial



SlimSocial is an adequate Facebook application. The software is free and without adverts, but you may assist the developer by donating. In any case, it’s a basic yet functional wrapper.

It’s as simple as logging in, doing your Facebook business, and using Messenger all in one app. The program is also open-source, which means that the source code can be viewed at any time. The main problem is that the program has phases when it is truly wonderful, followed by periods when the developers run into bugs. When things are going well, it’s fantastic.

9. Video Downloader for Facebook



I’d like to see the Facebook video, but I don’t have time right now. Using the Video Downloader for Facebook, you can save high-quality videos to watch later.

Simply save Facebook videos to your gallery so you can watch them when you aren’t connected to the internet. To download Facebook videos, either copy the URL from Facebook and paste it into the program, or use the downloader’s built-in browser to log in to Facebook and select the download option.

10. Desygner



Desygner is a free web application that allows you to create unique designs for banners, business cards, posters, and other printed materials. The web app provides thousands of free themes, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

The Desygner mobile app allows you to do the same thing right from your phone. Create distinctive social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other networks by using pre-made themes. You can choose from a range of design layouts that are optimized for Facebook postings when posting to Facebook. The program may also be used to make Facebook ads and profile header photos.

11. Unseen for Facebook Lite



You may use Facebook as you want with Unseen. If you don’t want to show your friend that you’ve seen their messages, install invisible & manage read receipts. Receipts for deliveries can also be hidden. Users can disable all notifications and continue to browse Facebook without interruption.

Switching to Facebook mode allows users to save data. With only a few clicks, you can back up your account data. Themes that are easy to understand. Advertisements from third parties should be hidden. Make a list of the messages or content you’d like to remember. You can give this one of the Best Facebook App Alternatives a try.

12. Facebook Pages Manager



Facebook Pages Manager is an excellent business tool that allows you to keep a closer eye on your company. Make sure your attention is focused on any situation that necessitates it. The software can also help you gain audience insights and keep track of your business.

Manage your pages at any time, from anywhere. Notifications of significant activities. The navigation is simple and intuitive. Examine all of the messages, comments, and actions sent to you.

13. Workplace from Facebook



Workplace is a fantastic Facebook application for Android users. The major goal of the software is to make workflow easier through effective communication. You and your coworkers can successfully share ideas, update endless projects, files & folders, and so on using Workplace.

Simple video, audio, and voice discussions are among the app’s other features. The collaboration tool for your team Logs in with your current account. Each team should be divided into various groups.

14. Folio for Facebook & Messenger



Folio is a relatively new Facebook wrapper with a lot of promise. You can engage with recent news feeds or perform a quick search by default. In order to improve the user’s mobile experience, the software has focused on the slightest aspects. Folio is a reliable application that supports both Facebook and Messenger.

It’s easy to use. Downloads of photos and videos are accessible right away. Services that are both comprehensive and efficient. Individualized service is available.

15. Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free



With over a billion users, Messenger is an all-in-one communication app. You can quickly sync your phone’s contacts and chat or call anyone at any time with Messenger. At any given time, users can have up to eight people on crisp, high-quality audio and video chats.

You may also record, save, and share voice messages right now. Because of a new room function that allows you to distribute group video chat connections and host up to 50 people, it’s becoming more popular. Emojis and stickers are excellent methods to communicate. It is the last name on our list of the Best Facebook App Alternatives.


So it was our list of the Best Facebook App Alternatives. Please let us know if we’ve missed any fantastic Facebook apps in your suggestions. Goodbye!

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