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Best Facetime Alternatives 2023


The finest FaceTime replacements for Android will be covered in this post. Switching from iOS to Android is challenging, especially when looking for FaceTime replacements. So, we will discuss the top Android options in this article.

It is pretty challenging to find an excellent face-timing app on Android. Apple’s well-known video chat app is exclusive to iOS devices. Finding a replacement for FaceTime’s ubiquitous presence when switching from iOS to Android becomes more challenging. The FaceTime capability is quite good and works well with iOS. The top FaceTime alternatives for Android have been narrowed down. These Android apps, in our opinion, are the most effective alternatives to FaceTime on iOS.

Best Facetime Alternatives

1: Facebook Messenger

First off, Facebook Messenger is the first FaceTime substitute for Android that I will discuss with you. It is one of the most well-liked FaceTime alternatives. It is also among the simplest to operate. The reason for this is that many individuals use Facebook and as a result, are familiar with or utilize Facebook Messenger. As a result, you may video contact someone without having to persuade them to download and use a new software that they might not even be aware of.

The calls are often of decent quality. Also, the program is cross-platform compatible. This increases the enjoyment because you can sync it with Android, iOS, and even your computer. The same program also has a lighter version with less data and storage. Although some features of Facebook Messenger are downright irritating, in general, it is a fantastic alternative to Apple’s FaceTime.

2: Google Hangouts

One of the best Android messaging apps for keeping in touch with pals is Google’s own Hangouts. You may contact any phone number worldwide, send Hangouts messages or text messages using the app, and make free audio and video conversations to other Hangouts users. It can even be linked to your Google Voice account to integrate voicemail and to call.

Hangouts is a wonderful choice for Android users who want to interact with other Android users in various ways. It features video and voice calling, messaging features, the ability to exchange GIFs, animations, stickers, and maps easily, and a $0 price tag. It differs from FaceTime’s constrained functionality in that it supports sending text messages and integrates with your phone and voicemail. Call ordinary phone numbers and persuade your friends to download a free app. Hangouts is hard to beat on Android.

3: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the first application on this list. One of the most widely used apps available today, WhatsApp, comes to the rescue regarding messaging services. You may text chat, call, or video chat with your loved ones with this software, which is free to use. It doesn’t really matter what your friends or family have because the app is cross-platform.

You can send all kinds of things using this app’s platform in addition to these features. Because the chats are encrypted, security and privacy are well handled. WhatsApp’s extensive feature set makes it an obvious choice for users.

4: Snapchat

In addition, it is one of the strangest messaging apps. This app’s distinctive feature is that it employs photo chatting rather than simple text chats. But, this software also comes with text, phone, and video chat features. After going through a significant reconstruction procedure, Snapchat underwent a significant change.

This program offers excellent AR capability and is completely free to use. Among its users, the self-destructing texts are quite well-liked.

5: Skype

Everyone is familiar with Skype because it is the industry leader in video calling and offers many amazing features. To stay in touch with your friends, whether they are online or not, the Android app provides instant messaging in addition to the video and voice calling you’re used to on your PC. Because so many people have Skype software on their phones, you may be able to communicate with many of your friends without using text messages at all.

You can communicate with those who don’t have the app by using Skype to call landlines and mobile phones. If you don’t make many calls, you might use it to augment your carrier’s very small talk plan as the per-minute cost is fairly inexpensive. You may even send friends recorded video messages that they can see later using the mobile app. You may use it across all of your devices instead of just Apple-made ones because it is, of course, available on every platform.

6: Google Duo

The Android equivalent of FaceTime is Google Duo. Your phone number is used when you sign up for the live video chat service. You can start phoning people after registering. The Duo app must be downloaded by both you and the person you are contacting. Due of its cross-platform nature, Duo is also accessible to iOS users.

This app is made even cooler by the new Nifty function Knock Knock. You can see callers before answering their video call. The multi-platform, free Google Duo software performs admirably. One of the top apps on our list; you should give it a try.

7: Viber

It is an application that has been available for a while. Initially, Viber was a calling app. After that, it became a messaging app, and later a free app for video calling. Astonishingly, this app has more than 600 million users worldwide. You may stay updated on world events with this app’s social feature.

Moreover, Viber supports Android wear. Although the app is free to use, optional in-app purchases may be made to access stickers and other items. For Android, Viber is undoubtedly a fantastic and underutilized alternative to FaceTime.

8: ezTalks

Last but not least, ezTalks Meetings is the best FaceTime substitute for Android that you should try. This program was designed explicitly with group video conferencing calls in mind by the makers. This makes it the most excellent option for you if you own a business and enjoy holding conference calls or speaking with numerous family members simultaneously. Also, the software gives users the option to make private calls. Sending an email invitation with a link to the attendees makes adding them to a video call incredibly simple.

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