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Fix SD Card Not Mounting On Mac: 7 Easy Solutions!

SD Card Not Mounting On Mac

Due to their portability and interoperability, SD cards are utilized frequently by both tech specialists and ordinary people. However, digital devices are not indestructible, and difficulties may arise. For instance, the SD card is not identified by the computer, the SD card does not appear on the device, the SD card is not mounting, and the SD card is not readable on Mac. This essay focuses on solutions to the mounting problem when the device or SD card cannot be located or accessed. If you are concerned about the same issue, continue reading.

Solutions for Mac SD card not mounting

If an SD card is not mounting on a Mac, there are a number of checks and remedies to perform. It is recommended that you perform each step individually to determine the cause and solution for this bothersome problem. Let’s get it started.

Solution 1: Try the memory card on a different Mac or card reader.

To confirm that it is not the SD card itself that is malfunctioning, you can test it on a different device. You can either try a different computer or a different card reader. If the memory card is operating normally, then it has not been destroyed or corrupted.

Solution 2: Restart your Mac

Don’t underestimate the power of a Mac restart. Surprisingly, a new beginning can resolve the issue. Therefore, if your SD card is malfunctioning, you should restart your Mac and see the results. Then, there is a possibility that it can be identified and mounted.

Solution 3: Verify the memory card’s format

Compatibility may potentially provide a problem. Mac cannot read Windows BitLocker-encrypted SD cards. This Microsoft-developed functionality is incompatible with macOS. If you are prompted to enter the SD card’s password, it is BitLocker encrypted. To use BitLocker-encrypted discs on a Mac, you must first decrypt the drive on a Windows machine and then connect it to your Mac.

Solution 4: Update the disc driver

An outdated disc driver may prevent your SD card from being mounted properly. Therefore, to maintain compatibility with the external storage device, you must update your disc driver to the most recent version. In System Preferences, you can check for Software Updates and upgrade the software.

Solution 5: Check the Finder and Disk Utility settings

There exists a circumstance in which your memory card is attached but not configured to display. This is why the card is not shown on the desktop or Finder. Both Finder and Disk Utility provide access to the settings. This is how.

In Finder:

If you locate a memory card that is greyed out in Disk Utility, your storage media may have system issues such as damage or corruption. Proceed to the subsequent solution to determine what may be done about corrupted SD cards.

Solution 6: Repair a malfunctioning SD card using Disk Utility

A grayed-out symbol indicates that the computer recognizes the SD card but is unable to mount it normally. In this situation, a file system error is possible. Luckily, Apple’s Disk Utility includes a built-in disc repair tool that may be of some use. Let’s observe the magic in action.

After completion, you can test the card’s functionality.

Solution 7: Reformat the SD card (not recommended)

There’s a fair probability that after doing everything above, the SD card not mounting on Mac issue remains unsolved. You can reformat the memory card for a fresh start, which is the last and most effective option available. Caution: formatting a hard drive will erase all its data, and the files cannot be recovered. Using professional data recovery software such as iBoysoft Data Recovery, it is strongly advised that you restore data prior to formatting an SD card. After organizing your files, you may begin the formatting process.


Even if there are viable solutions to external hard drives not working on a Mac, this problem might arise at any time. It should be noted that having a frequent backup is always a smart practice, just in case an accident occurs.

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