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Most Funny Phone Numbers To Call In 2022

funny phone numbers

Funny Phone Numbers: We are all aware that life can sometimes become tedious, so enjoying and appreciating the amusing little things is crucial. You can have fun with prank calls and amusing voicemails from unknown phone numbers. Some were meant to lessen the blow, others were meant to tease the ones we love (and detest), and yet others were meant to prevent emotions of stalking.

To provoke a strong response, do we search for humorous phone numbers to dial? Prepare to pick your poison; we have all the facts. Despite how enticing the concept of funny phone numbers or Prank Calls may sound, many individuals are still unfamiliar with what a funny phone number is.

Everyone could need a little levity in their lives, which may be obtained by dialing some hilarious or peculiar phone numbers. These hilarious phone numbers are designed to be a practical joke, as they will lead callers to unexpected locations. You can find a phone number for every circumstance, ranging from one with rejection hotline messages to one with bad breath alerts.

When saying “no” is too tough, it is more entertaining to have a machine do it. These amusing phone numbers to call and prank calls are authentic, so the caller will truly hear a voice on the other end. When someone answers the phone, a hilarious message will be left for the caller.

From Where Do These Numbers Originate?

Before discussing the brilliance of prank hotline numbers, let’s briefly analyze their origin. A provider of cloud-based phone systems, such as GlobalCallForwarding, offers virtual numbers for sale. After recording and personalizing your voicemail greeting, send the emergency number.

Using vanity numbers is a second option. These numbers spell a word or use repetitions of letters to aid in memorization. These numbers offer amusing phone numbers that can leave a lasting impression and add a personal touch. Numerous businesses have 1800 toll-free vanity numbers, including:

Call 1-800-GO-FEDEX for FedEx support.

The moving company 800-GIANT-MEN

Now, for the humorous phone numbers section

What do you need to convey the sad news to someone? To make a bargain with Santa Claus? to discover what happened to Hopper in the third season of Stranger Things? Enjoy your day by dialing one of these hilarious phone numbers!

Potter enthusiasts, beware! Attending Hogwarts as opposed to simply riding the ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been your fantasy. Call immediately for details on how to reach platform 934 and admittance requirements. Muggles are prohibited from reading this.

Santa: 951–262–3062

When is the worst moment to contact Santa? Santa Claus, often known as Saint Nicholas, determines whether or not you receive Christmas gifts. On Christmas Eve, he finds a way to visit each youngster, and when they awake on Christmas morning, they find gifts under a beautiful Christmas tree. Everything is fantastic, but have you ever considered revealing Santa’s telephone number?

Santa Claus can be reached via telephone at (603) 413-4124. The simplest way to ensure that following contact attempts are tainted is to disclose the number as a joke. You may always give this number to your friend if they behave badly. Tell them that the woman on the other end of the line is out of their league, and watch their hopes evaporate. You can’t wait until December to find out what gifts Santa brings, right? Calling him at any time of the year will provide a cheerful message from Santa Claus and a dose of festive enthusiasm.

Brush your teeth and utilize prank telephone numbers.

Have you ever seen someone who, at first appearance, appears to be the ideal companion but whose mouth emits a foul odor as soon as they begin speaking? Possessing a phone number is the most prudent plan of action, despite the fact that it is never advisable to be unpleasant. By dialing 605-475-6959, they will be transferred to the Bad Breath Notification hotline. Even if they were unable to go on a date with you, perhaps that wake-up call would improve their lives.

It may always be negative.

Life can be difficult at times. There appears to be no respite from having to pay bills, suffer awful employment, or face arbitrary parking fines. Despite the fact that we adore our friends and family, their constant whining can be extremely irritating. Momentarily, you wish the mute button on your remote worked with them as well.

You may advise them in jest that your phone number has changed and request that they call 605-475-6964. This number directs callers to “It could always be worse,” where they can listen to humorous anecdotes read by an artificial voice. It will be worth it despite the fact that your friends may dislike you after the call.

Exist individuals wanting a divorce?

Nobody enjoys admitting that less than forty percent of wedding guests anticipate the couple to remain together. Although maintaining a positive view is admirable, an increasing number of individuals are choosing to terminate their marriages rather than continue living with an undesirable partner.

Even though divorce is a laughing matter, sometimes a buddy needs a little support. Even if your acquaintance is first angry, the absurdity of the call will help them see the humor in the situation, and you may hand them this number to contact the “Divorce Hotline.”

Is Friday today?

In 2011, a young woman named Rebecca Black produced a music video that was so abhorrent that people still recoil whenever it is mentioned. The music video for “Friday” has over 125 million views on YouTube and over 3 million dislikes owing to its nasal voice and awkward movements.

Rebecca Black gained notoriety for all the wrong reasons. Despite the video’s lessening effect on Rebecca Black’s success, she still maintains a sizeable fan base. Providing someone with her bogus 781-452-2079 telephone number is certain to attract their notice. You would be shocked at how credulous some people can be. Even if it is not Friday when they call, it will be by the end of the call.

618-625-8313 Murray Bauman

Still considering the Stranger Things season 3 conclusion? Murray Bauman may have the answer. Call him to find out what message he has for Joyce Byers.

Rejection Hotline: 605-475-6968

Have you had an odd person continually request your phone number? Hopefully, this number will clarify things for them. Save it for a night of terror.

Instead, contact Saul at 505-503-4455.

Do you need the top free legal advice? Dial the number of Saul Goodman and Associates. They will persist until your issue is remedied. You are now in competent care.

Dial the Bad Breath Rejection Hotline at 605-475-6959.

They had difficulty informing your coworker that they have bad breath. Never is it easy to attract notice to such matters. Leave instead a note with the number for the Bad Breath Hotline and hope they get the message.

Keeping an Idiot Amused Hotline: 605-475-6962

Want to make a hilarious jab at your annoying cousin? Call this number, which emphasizes their brilliance. But use caution. Some individuals may perceive it to be harsh. In the end, everything is in good fun (the truth hurts, doesn’t it?)!

You can reach Oates at 719-26-OATES.

You want to listen to Hall and Oates, but you cannot locate the appropriate music? You can request to hear One-on-one, Maneater, Rich Girl, or Private Eyes by calling the Emergency Hall and Oates Hotline.

Sobriety Test Hotline: 605-475-6958

Can’t tell if you’re sober or intoxicated? You can always phone the Sobriety Test hotline and ask a series of exceedingly scientific questions to confirm your suspicions, but this is not required (that should be a hint in and of itself).

Dial 605-475-6973 to stop your complaining.

Do you know someone who constantly complains about minor issues? Whining and moaning inconsiderately? Do you know someone who really needs a shift in perspective? You may wish to contact this helpline.

Are these humorously fictitious phone numbers reachable?

Their ability to provide everyone with amusing phone numbers to call is one of their best attributes. Whether you reside in Michigan or California, feel free to utilize these numbers at your convenience. You never know when someone who is not interested in you will attempt to obtain your contact information, whether you are in a library or out with your friends. Providing a phone number is the simplest way to avoid unpleasantness. The requirement that the phone number be accurate was never stated.


Evidently, humorous phone numbers and fake numbers never go out of style. Giving someone intriguing phone numbers to call is one of the best and easiest practical jokes. Because there are so many distinct numbers that can be dialled, there are a ton of hilarious pranks that can be played on people.

Some figures could be supplied that are more extreme than others, as demonstrated by the preceding list. No number is off-limits so long as the individual is not endangered. Always remember that this is just for amusement. Distribute humorous callable telephone numbers.

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