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TikTok trend explained: Holy spirit activate

Holy spirit activate

Please warmly welcome the father, son, and holy TikTok spirit. There is no better way to be pumped up for significant events in your life than to ask the combined power of TikTok and the Holy Spirit. Many TikTokers are currently using a catchy slogan to get them through difficult times in their lives, but where did it come from?

Where did the trend start?

The well-known quote from a Celebrity Family Feud shows aired in September. As she waits for her turn, Chynna Phillips, a member of the 1990s pop duo Wilson Phillips, turns to the Holy Spirit and interrupts host Steve Harvey to sing her theme song.

“Activate the Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit, go forth! Chynna clapped, danced, and chanted.

Activate Holy Spirit!

The puzzled host said, “It’s been 11 years; this has never happened.”

Holy Spirit Activate on Family Feud

Singer Chynna began singing and dancing when she was called to answer questions on a September Family Feud episode featuring the pop duo “Wilson Phillips.” Host Steve Harvey was utterly taken aback.

Chynna stopped the host’s explanation of what she was about to do as she began to dance: “Hold on, wait! Activate the Holy Spirit, Activate the Holy Spirit.

The trend’s most well-liked videos to date?

Many certified TikTokers have used the soundbite and customised it with twists (and movements). The soundbite has already been utilised in over 290,000 videos.


Be kind Hannah. 🙄🙏#fyp

♬ Holy Spirit Activate – Victory Youth



👏👏👏 #gmm #rhettandlink #holyspiritactivate

♬ Holy Spirit Activate – Victory Youth


Why is the trend so popular?

People have used their Holy Spirit to prepare for everything from handling toddler tantrums to taking a test due to the soundbite, which has led to some pretty humorous TikToks. Additionally, it’s a soundbite that may be used in a wide range of contexts, which can occasionally be advantageous in the TikTok environment.

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