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How can you make money on instagram? 5 best ways in 2022


Instagram, a social network that has won the hearts of millions of people with its simplicity and many functions, continues to develop and increase the number of active users. At the moment, this figure is moving towards 2 billion people, and the number of downloads of the application is growing every day. The platform has long ceased to be a regular network for sharing photos with friends. Now this network is a powerful marketing tool for influencers, major brands and celebrities, and other users do not miss the chance to increase their income on the network and start their own development on Instagram.

But many users do not know where to start, which professions are relevant at the moment and how to become a sought-after specialist. This is due to the high social network competition, making it difficult for newcomers to find their audience and stand out among the crowd. For this reason, we have created an article that will help determine which field of activity is right for you to make money online. We will tell you about the 7 most popular, highly paid and popular specialties in 2022.

1: You are a blogger

One of the most common ways to earn money on Instagram is to create a page and try to bring it to the top. To do this, you will need to spend a lot of time, effort and even money, but with a competent approach to promotion, the result will not take long to wait. Using this method, you will be able to monetize your profile qualitatively: launch collaborations with other bloggers, receive offers from advertisers and work with companies on a barter basis. Income is difficult to calculate, because it depends solely on how big and popular your blog is and how many loyal subscribers are subscribed to the account.

In many ways, success on the site depends on the chosen marketing strategy. Most promotion specialists advise novice bloggers to start on the site quickly and create a base of viewers that they can rely on in the future. Usually, the most effective methods of promotion are used to increase the number of subscribers: you can buy real Instagram followers or launch an advertising campaign. To avoid wasting time studying targeted advertising, beginners stop at the first option and look for a way to buy subs. They do this in order to create a presentable appearance of the pages and become more competitive.

It is known that the number of subscribers is one of the main indicators of success on the site. It is extremely rare for users to start following the profiles of authors who cannot show good statistical results. Therefore, if you decide to make money by running your own account on the network, take care to attract the attention of many users and take the page to a new level. This will give you the opportunity to increase the price for advertising and get more offers from various brands.

2: Creating masks, effects and images for “highlights”

Many users mistakenly believe that in order to make beautiful and stylish effects and masks, it is necessary to have the skill of drawing. It will take you less than two months to master this craft. At the same time, Instagram lifted restrictions according to which only approved developers with beta status could publish masks before. This means that now every Instagrammer can turn the creation of masks into a big business and increase their income. Study several training videos (for example on YouTube), try to create several effects and check their serviceability. If everything works out, then you can start creating a portfolio and take the first orders.

The design of special round pictures for “endless” stories is even easier to create than effects and masks. You can use Canva or Adobe Sketch applications to practice creating unique icons. Before you start brainstorming, we advise you to look at examples of creative solutions from popular bloggers, authors on Pinterest and on other platforms. This will help you train your viewing experience and create images that will be in demand. At the same time, it is enough to set an interesting background, add calligraphic inscriptions or use ready-made pictures that you can find on the Internet.

3: Preparation of advertising layouts

Every blogger who wants to become popular on Instagram needs high-quality layouts for promotion. As the competition is constantly growing and there is more and more content, influencers realized that now it is not enough to publish a couple of photos or videos to interest potential followers. Therefore, before promoting an account, they will take care to find a competent specialist who will help create a selling layout or create it yourself from scratch. 

In their strategies, they use many ways to attract an audience and use various tools, including advertisements, which are an integral part of targeted advertising and are necessary in cooperation with a popular author. It is impossible to predict income in this case, but the average cost for one simple layout starts from $ 10. Therefore, even if you start taking the minimum amount for orders, you can get a decent income per month. As your skills improve, the cost will increase, and in a few months you will be able to devote yourself to online work fully.

As we said earlier, one of the most popular ways to promote on the resource is targeted advertising. But not every blogger can master this tool on their own, so they turn to specialists for help. You can master this skill yourself using open information on the global network. If you understand  the principle of advertising, you can easily earn from $ 70 for one successful advertising campaign. It is important for a targetologist to learn how to accurately determine the target audience of the customer, because advertising will be visible only to those users who fit the specified parameters. And if you make a mistake at one of the stages, then all the work will be in vain, and the client will be dissatisfied.

In order to quickly create a portfolio, you can offer to launch several advertising campaigns for a symbolic cost for novice bloggers.

Clients are much more likely to pay attention to specialists who already have real examples of working with people. Therefore, by offering a job for a small reward, you will not only get the opportunity to practice, but also increase the likelihood of receiving orders for a large amount.

5: Online courses, guides and webinars

Are you an expert in your field and you know for sure that you can give useful and interesting information to the public? Then this is the perfect way to earn money for you! According to many blog authors, they receive most of their income through various training courses. With the help of such paid content, they share their knowledge with subscribers. It is important to note that only those influencers who really give valuable information and do not try to cash in on the audience are appreciated. We can say that you “pack” your knowledge and experience into a convenient format for users and sell it for a specified amount.

By the way, many developers of webinars and guides attract experts to work, and if you do not want to develop information products yourself, you can act as a specialist at one of the online courses and get rewarded for it. It is difficult to predict income, because everything depends on your knowledge, experience and popularity on the site. But if you gain the trust of the audience and create a positive image on the web, your fees can amount to thousands of dollars.

It’s real to earn income on Instagram. Especially when you consider that the platform is considered the most monetized and convenient for working in social networks. At the same time, as we said above, you do not need to have unique skills and abilities to earn money. Learn new professions, develop further, try on many roles to understand which of the online specialties suits you the most. We wish you good luck and more customers!

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