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Difference B/W PDF & PDF/A Files (How to Convert PDF to PDF/A?)

Convert PDF to PDF/A

Convert PDF to PDF/A- What distinguishes PDF files from PDF/A files? What are the benefits and drawbacks of PDF and PDF/A documents?

These days, using electronic documents is essential to living a normal life. They now serve as our primary means of communication for everything from school assignments to holiday cards. In this era of information, communication between people would be quite challenging without electronic papers.

Electronic documents are pieces of digital media that can be printed or used electronically. Various file formats may be present in these papers. File formats might differ depending on the programs used or how the file will be utilized. The PDF is one format that is often used today. Additionally, we’ll concentrate on Convert PDF to PDF/A and PDFA and PDF in this article.

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format is referred to as PDF. It’s a file format that Adobe created to display documents with both text and graphics. It also has the appearance of a printable document that can be read, printed, and distributed. On most devices, PDF file formats in various forms can also be viewed. It’s because a PDF reader tool is usually already included with viewing programs.

A PDF file can be encrypted to prohibit access, printing, and opening by outsiders because PDF is also a secure and signable format. You should be aware that to open an encrypted PDF file; you will need specific software. You can also include an electronic signature in your PDF so that it can be uniquely identified. We can now see the benefits and drawbacks of PDF.


The advantages of PDF as a file format include its security, portability, and compactness. Additionally, it shows the file’s initial form’s content and original layout. Additionally, PDF can reduce a lot of data, including text and graphics, into a size that is simple to send and receive.


It is simpler to edit files in other formats, such as Word when it comes to editing PDF files because editing a PDF file on its own requires a particular tool. To convert scanned PDF files into other formats, specific software is required. Additionally, when data are compressed into PDF files, there is a loss of pixels in the end product, particularly with photographs, which results in a slight deterioration in quality. We can now observe the benefits of PDF to PDF/A conversion.

What Is A PDF/A?

A special version of PDF called PDF/A was created with long-term electronic document storage and archiving in mind. Additionally, PDF/A forbids features like font linking and encryption that can jeopardize preservation. It is one of the finest ways to guard against future technological advancements that make the files challenging to access and read. In a nutshell, this is a file format designed to be saved and secured for use in the future. Additionally, it ensures that documents are created consistently regardless of the program. We can now observe the benefits and drawbacks of PDF/A.


The fact that PDF/A files can be viewed on any platform is a significant benefit. The free programs that are used to display PDF/A files give their users a lot of flexibility. Additionally, it has everything required to display the file and cannot be affected by external factors that can have a detrimental impact on the display.


Although PDF/A files offer benefits, they also have drawbacks. The fact that some digital files can only be converted to PDF/A is a glaring drawback of this format. The reason for this is that several characteristics of these digital files are incompatible with PDF/A. Some file properties cannot be preserved over time since PDF/A is a file format recognized for long-term archiving. Additionally, a complex text and image format, PDF/A may prove to be problematic in the future.

Converting PDF to PDF/A:

Online Technique

More features and capabilities are added to online conversion websites as a result of the growing demand for them. Converting a PDF file to a PDF/A format is one process that is occasionally employed. For someone who needs it, even though it is regularly utilized, it is still a crucial tool. You can use this program to convert your file quickly—in less than 2 minutes. The processes for converting PDF files to PDF/A are listed below.

  1. Click the Select Files button in the page’s middle to upload your file. Drag the file to the website to begin the upload process.
  2. The website will scan your paper after it has been uploaded.
  3. Press the downward pointing arrow to select the PDF/A compliance level.
  4. To begin converting the file, click CONVERT TO PDF/A NOW.
  5. Select “Download” from the menu. Your file is now accessible from the download folder.

Making PDF to PDF/A Conversions Using Offline Software

Many software developers have included conversion capabilities in their software programs as a result of the growth of the industry. Convert PDF to PDF/A is one in particular. Since several programs can convert them, Adobe Acrobat will be our main emphasis. Here are the procedures for using Adobe Acrobat to convert a PDF file to a PDF/A file.

  1. Go to Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF file you wish to convert.
  2. In the Menu bar, click the File tab and choose More Options. Pick PDF/A from the More Options menu.
  3. After that, the Save As window will show up. Select Settings from the menu.
  4. The Preflight window opens and asks you to select the kind of PDF/A you require.
  5. To save and convert the file, click OK.

Final Remarks on PDF to PDF/A Conversion

Both PDF and PDF/A are significant in and of themselves. Both have benefits and drawbacks, and what you want to do with the file ultimately determines which is best for you. You can better grasp PDF and PDFA with the aid of the information provided in this article. Also, decide how to convert them most effectively. The guidance provided by this article ought to assist you in choosing the format that best suits your present requirements.

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