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How To Watch Friends Series For Free: Complete Guide 2022

Watch Friends for free

People are looking for free ways to watch the newly baked Friends Reunion Episode, which is making the rounds in the media. Also included are some for Friends’ Indian fans. But what if you want to start from scratch or recap and binge-watch all Friends seasons for free? It is possible to watch Friends online via piracy, but there are also legal alternatives.

There Is No Direct Method To View Friends Without Cost

We are not here in any way to deceive you. In reality, there is no free website where Friends episodes can be streamed without payment. You will need to subscribe to a paid streaming service. However, the catch is that these services offer free trials and service bundles. Consequently, if you have already subscribed to these services, you pay nothing.

Watch All Seasons of Friends for Free: Alternatives to Hulu’s HBO Max Trial

Friends: The Reunion is now available to stream on HBO Max, as both the sitcom and the streaming service are owned by Warner. If you are a Hulu subscriber, you can sign up for the 7-day free trial of HBO Max and watch all ten seasons of Friends. The pandemic has granted us infinite time.

The free trial of Hulu HBO Max is available on the $5.99/month base plan and can be canceled at any time.

YouTube TV Trial on NBC

NBC is an American cable television network that aired all Friends seasons from 1994 to 2004. It’s also part of YouTube TV, and you can use the YouTube TV Free NBC trial to satisfy your Friends’ fix.

Essentially, it’s a YouTube TV trial that includes NBC and more than 85 other channels. It is available to new users, who will pay $64.99 per month following the trial period. Obviously, you can cancel at any time if you no longer wish to continue.

AT&T Free HBO Max Access

AT&T, the American telecommunications giant, also offers free access to all Friends seasons. Some of its plans, including the Ultimate Elite wireless plan ($50/mo), Fiber Internet 1000 plan ($60/mo), and AT&T TV choice ($84.99/mo), include free HBO Max.

If you are already a subscriber to one of these AT&T services, you can watch Friends online by downloading HBO Max from Google Play and the App Store.

JioFiber Netflix Bundle

If you are a resident of India and a JioFiber subscriber, you have free access to all Friends seasons in India with just a few clicks. JioFiber plans at or above $1,499 include a free Netflix subscription as part of their OTT package.

Netflix no longer offers free trial in India; therefore, these free bundles are your only option.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the optimal viewing order for the Friends series?

The best aspect of Friends is that it is possible to begin watching from almost any episode, especially recaps. Friends has a storyline that spans 10 seasons, so it’s best to watch the series in chronological order the first time around.

How long will it take to watch every episode of Friends?

The ten seasons of Friends contain a total of 236 episodes, each of which is 22-23 minutes in length. Therefore, the total running time of friends should be between 86 and 90 hours. You can either devote 5 hours per week for 18 weeks or use your supernatural abilities to complete the task in approximately 3.6 days.

Are Friends Still Available on Basic Cable?

Even if you do not have an HBO Max or a Prime account, there is still a way to watch Friends and feel like you’re at Central Perk with the cast.

TBS is airing a Friends marathon throughout the month of June, airing every episode in order, just as you would’ve watched them when they originally aired (though you won’t have to wait a week between episodes).

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Hulu + Live TV, which provides access to a multitude of live TV channels, including TBS, Bravo, CBS, and ABC (though check ahead of time to see which ones are offered near you).

If you are not currently paying for a standard cable package, Sling TV is an easy way to watch channels like TBS, and you can register for a plan for just $10 for your first month of streaming.

How to watch Friends wherever you are in the world

If you frequently travel to other countries, you may have encountered problems logging into your online accounts when you were away from home. When it comes to streaming, HBO Max is not available everywhere, so watching Friends while traveling may be difficult.

Using one of the best VPNs is the best way to circumvent this restriction. Such services allow you to connect to a U.S. server while traveling abroad, fooling the streaming service into believing you are at home and allowing you to watch the content. Our favorite VPN is ExpressVPN. It provides quick speeds, a dependable connection, and excellent compatibility with streaming services, allowing you to watch HBO Max and all of your other favorites while traveling abroad.

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