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Best IDM Alternatives 2023

IDM Alternatives

One of the most widely used download managers online is IDM (Internet Download Manager). It may divide a single file into several smaller packets and download them all at once, among its many other functions. On the other hand, the browser often downloads the whole file at once, thereby lengthening the overall download time.

Hence, the reason IDM is so well-liked by consumers is no longer a secret. Nevertheless, it only works with Windows and is incompatible with Linux, macOS, and other operating systems. You may have therefore been looking for the top IDM options for Mac.

Best IDM Alternatives

1: Turbo Download Manager

One of the greatest IDM substitutes for Mac is Turbo Download Manager. Its support for multi-threading downloads, which accelerates downloading, is what distinguishes it, though. Moreover, it does many tasks like IDM, including stopping and resuming downloads. It differs from other apps since it offers Download Acceleration Plus for media file previews. Like IDM, it offers an automatic video-gathering feature that accepts any input, including audio, image, and video files. Yet, it works with every type of operating system.

2: EagleGet

EagleGet is ideal if you value dependability and security when downloading files from the internet, along with speed and convenience. Not only is this program free, but it also functions at many various levels of power as a download accelerator.

It is compatible with most web browsers and was created to run on the Windows platform, enabling you to download files and bookmark links online. Also, it features a virus scanner, so you can confidently download any file from the Internet.

The capability to download many file segments simultaneously is the best feature. This is how it quickly downloads any kind of file, including pictures, videos, and other types, to your PC. Few downloaders on the market today can compete with its ease of use when combined with drag & drop functionality.

3: Motrix

Motrix is a great choice if you’re seeking for a respectable IDM substitute. It is a crucial download manager with more advanced capabilities than the essentials, like the capacity to download up to 10 files simultaneously with 64 threads for each file. On the other hand, it also works with the well-known BitTorrent client and the Magnet links found in torrent files.

The most amazing feature is the availability of Dark Mode, which is absent from other download managers. There will be some bugs since Motrix is still being developed. Yet it has the potential to be a fantastic IDM substitute once it emerges from the development stage. However, the challenges you encounter during the testing phase are likely to be minor.

4: Folx

One of the main causes of Folx’s niche fan following is its support for proxies, which enables users to download files from geo-restricted locations. The cherry on top is that it supports automated resumes of interrupted downloads and Torrent and Magnet-Links. Folx is a Mac application combining two features: a torrent client and a download manager.

Its free edition, however, may only split downloads into two concurrent threads, which might not be sufficient for many users. But if you are willing to spend a little money, you can upgrade it to 20 threads.

5: Xtreme Download Manager

Did you realize that you may download websites’ streaming videos? You can achieve this with the help of video downloaders, sometimes with just one click. Maybe you’re trying to find a downloader that will enhance your download speeds by 500%.

People rely on Xtreme Download Manager for all of these and many other reasons. One of the better options is XDM, which can download streaming videos up to five times faster than other programs.

It works with all of the most widely used browsers, including Quantum, Vivaldi, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. If you find these features interesting, you should think about downloading XDM immediately.

6: JDownloader

JDownloader is a free program that ranks among the top IDM options for Mac. JDownloader has several functions, including an automatic download resume, the capacity to extract compressed ZIP and RAR files, and automatic captcha solving.

The integration of several cloud storage services allows you to download a file straight to the cloud rather than keeping it locally on your Mac. In addition to the features already mentioned, “Automatic CAPTCHA Solving” is something we weren’t prepared for. To ensure a seamless download, the application will resolve any CAPTCHAs. Also, it supports multiple languages, making it easy for users to use.

7: FlashGet

FlashGet, one of the top download managers available, can assist you in downloading any files you require. It makes use of a variety of protocols and features to speed up your ability to download anything.

It is specifically used to download YouTube videos directly and is free of malware and advertising. I like that the downloaded file may be checked for viruses automatically before opening it. Also, it uses little of your system’s resources.

You can apply categories to the location you are saving this information to using the tool’s extremely strong and distinctive file management features. You may quickly obtain films and target files with this user-friendly software. Consider checking out FlashGet right now.

8: Free Download Manager

Because it may take the position of Internet Download Manager, FDM is one of the finest IDM replacements for Mac. It includes many functions as IDM, including download speeding and download resumption. Similarly, you may arrange the download of a file for a particular time and date using its Download Scheduler function.

Moreover, it supports Torrent files and Magnet links, so a separate BitTorrent client is not required. Nevertheless, this software does not allow downloading files that need a password. It does function as a strong IDM substitute for your Mac.

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