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Fix Instagram Story Not Posting Issue: Easy Solutions!

Instagram Story Not Posting

Fix Instagram Story Not Posting Issue: Instagram Story is a feature commonly employed to increase user engagement. Even though Instagram Story can only display photographs or videos for 24 hours, it is more entertaining to use than Instagram Post due to its interactive elements. Unfortunately, Instagram Story not publishing is a common complaint among users.

Users have generated compelling videos, but they cannot submit them to Instagram Story, which is quite frustrating. However, if you experience this issue, you need not worry because it can be resolved swiftly. Before learning the different remedies to Instagram Story not posting an issue, it is important to understand the potential reasons of this issue.

Why Isn’t My Instagram Story Posting?

If you cannot upload photos or videos to Instagram Story, there may be a variety of causes. You may have a bad or unreliable internet network connection, for instance. Or, Instagram may have disabled, blocked, or banned your account.

The second potential difficulty is that the video or image content you intend to submit violates Instagram’s guidelines. Therefore, you must confirm that your Instagram account is real and that the content you upload adheres to Instagram’s guidelines.

If Instagram Story does not allow the video or image content you wish to share; you may be unable to upload files. Obviously, you cannot upload videos or images to Instagram Story if you encounter any of the aforementioned issues. However, you can attempt to resolve the issue by addressing its root cause.

Eight Simple Solutions to Instagram Story Not Posting

There appear to be various reasons why you may not be able to add anything to your Instagram Story. You should not worry, however, because you can handle it without difficulty. Here are eight potential remedies to the Instagram Story issue:

1. Check with Instagram If This is An Issue For Them

Before attempting to repair the Instagram Story not posting an issue, you should determine whether or not the problem is Instagram-related. By visiting the DownDetector website, you may determine if there are numerous reports for Instagram Story.

Users may notice difficulty uploading files to Instagram Stories, for instance. Therefore, Instagram is most likely responsible for this issue. Additionally, the hashtag #instagramdown can be followed on Twitter. to receive updates on Instagram-related issues.

Then, you can assess whether the Instagram team is working to resolve the issue. Instagram regretfully lacks a Twitter help page, making it impossible for the company to update consumers on current app-related issues. Consequently, if this issue occurs, all you must do is wait for Instagram’s staff to fix the bug.

2. Log Out and Log In Again

By logging out and back in, you can remedy the issue where your Instagram Story is not posting. This strategy is simple to employ and frequently effective. Be sure to open your Instagram account before leaving the site.

Next, press or click the profile picture in the lower-right corner. Tap the three-line icon in the upper-right corner to access the options menu. Tap Sign Out next after scrolling down. After you log out of your Instagram account, the login page will appear on the screen. You can retry uploading to Instagram Story by entering your login information.

3. Remove Data From Android

It’s frustrating when Instagram Stories fail to upload. This is because, despite having created intriguing Instagram Story content, you neglected to upload it. If the previous solution did not work, you could try this one. Android is the only platform that supports this method.

It is straightforward to clear the application’s data. After deleting the data, it is natural that you must log out of all Instagram accounts. However, removing the data will not delete any of your Instagram photos.

4. Reactivate Instagram

You can open your Android device’s settings and select Apps to delete Instagram app data. Tap the Instagram app after selecting Storage and locating it. Tap Clear data or Clear storage, depending on your Android smartphone’s options.

You may now access your Instagram account again. The issue should have disappeared after deleting Instagram application data. Therefore, you can add fresh stuff to Instagram Story.

Consult our tutorial to learn how to download Instagram Stories on desktop, mobile, and iOS devices. Start Instagram again

If you’re using an Apple device, it’s conceivable that you won’t be able to clear the cache. This is so that app data and cache on Apple devices cannot be erased. You can terminate an application using an Apple device by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Press the center button until the app drawer shows.

You can close all of your apps, including Instagram, and then relaunch the app for a second test. On different Android devices, the procedure for closing the Instagram app differs. On Google Pixel and OnePlus devices, for instance, you may swipe up from the bottom of the display and hold it in the center.

Remove recent applications from your Samsung.

The Instagram application or all of your applications are then swipeable. Additionally, tap the menu button or the three-line icon on a Samsung device. Find Instagram and then slide to dismiss it. By selecting the Close all option, you can also choose to close all of your open applications, not just Instagram. After then, you can retest Instagram to determine whether this approach is effective.

5. Remove and re-upload the narrative

This is a creative approach to resolving the issue with Instagram Stories not uploading. You could try re-uploading the content to your Instagram Story. If you intend to record your narration live, make sure to save it before attempting to do so.

You can then prevent your gadget from accessing the internet. “Upload failed,” the screen will indicate. Click “Try Again” on the article you’re about to post. To save your content, click the three dots in the bottom right corner. Then you can attempt to upload the story again by deleting the previous attempt.

6. Upgrade Your Instagram

Some app problems may be caused by outdated software or a lack of updates. If Instagram Stories is not posting automatically, you can check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to see if a new version is available. Moreover, you must upgrade your Instagram.

Restart your mobile device following an update. Then, relaunch the Instagram application and try to upload the required story. The program can be upgraded to eliminate faults and improve its security.

If you have one of the most recent versions of the Instagram app, when a new update becomes available, certain functions may no longer function properly. Nonetheless, if your mobile device has sufficient storage space, you can update Instagram as soon as a new version becomes available.

Instagram restricts all users from simultaneously using a new feature in order to avoid overburdening the service. You need not panic if this occurs; you can simply wait.

7. Install Instagram again

You can reinstall the Instagram app on your smartphone as an extra solution to this issue. Therefore, you must delete Instagram from your mobile device.

On an Android smartphone, you can search for Instagram in the Play Store, click the Uninstall option, and then exit the window. Open the iPhone’s Settings, navigate to General, tap iPhone Storage, and then search for the Instagram application. To uninstall Instagram from your iPhone, tap the Delete button.

However, you will be logged out of Instagram if you deactivate the app. If you have previously removed Instagram, you can reinstall it. Reupload the desired story by launching the Instagram app and attempting again.

8. Reboot the Network Connection

If you have tried all of the above solutions without success, it is probable that your internet connection is to blame. This is because internet connection troubles might occasionally hinder the functioning of applications. Therefore, you can disable the Wi-Fi network for 10 to 15 seconds before reactivating it.

You can temporarily suspend cellular data usage and resume it shortly thereafter. Try connecting to a separate Wi-Fi network if you are utilizing open WiFi. Before sharing content on Instagram Story, determine whether this strategy can resolve the problem.

The issue of Instagram Stories, not uploading occurs regularly for a number of reasons. For example, a slow Internet connection, an Instagram problem, or an outdated Instagram program. However, now that you are aware of how to address it using the aforementioned eight approaches, best of luck!

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