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Top 18 Best Leaksify Alternatives in 2022


Leaksify is a tool that informs users whether or not their account is vulnerable. Users can utilize the platform to see if an email address, website, username, or any other account associated with those email addresses or usernames has been stolen. (Best Leaksify Alternatives)

Users can check whether or not their email address has been compromised by typing it into the search bar. Users can also enter their website or username on other login sites, and Leaksify will tell them whether or not their account has been hacked.

Furthermore, it divulges the information that has been compromised. Leaksify checks every account against numerous data breach records and notifies users whether or not their password or sensitive data has been compromised. Finally, it displays the account with no data printed in red if no data has been obtained from it.

Top 18 Best Leaksify Alternatives in 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best Leaksify Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. LeakCheck



LeakCheck is a secure platform that allows you to save people’s and organizations’ digital identities. On any subscription, the platform allows you to save credentials with API access for developers. LeakCheck provides immediate search results for your searches and aids you with large databases that eliminate the need to browse the internet for data. It is one of the Best Leaksify Alternatives.

2. NuclearLeaks



NuclearLeaks is a smart platform that provides access to a large number of publicly accessible internet databases. Security researchers and journalists can use the online program to acquire access to the most recent data and information. NuclearLeaks came to alert you about database breaches by providing information on the data that is leaking. It is one of the Best Leaksify Alternatives

3. MyPwd



MyPwd is a clever application that assists you in locating a leaked email address and password. When your website, passwords, or usernames are compromised, the platform adopts a functional approach to take preemptive action. MyPwd contains a database of over nine billion leaked records, so you won’t have to worry if you’ve been a victim of data theft.

4. Leakwatch



Leakwatch is a command-line utility and Java API that lets you keep track of data leaks from Java apps. The platform is free and simple to use, and it keeps your personal information private while you’re online. Leakwatch uses a proactive Cybersecurity method that allows you to monitor for exposed data and detect it.

5. is a platform that houses a database of users’ accounts from which information is leaking. The website offers a simple layout that allows users to enter their email address into the search box and click search to see if their information has been exposed. It is one of the Best Leaksify Alternatives.

6. LeakBase



LeakBase is a new online automatic data forensic service that lets you search for data lookups in data. The site provides you with information on how to become more alert of data breaches and how to secure your personal information from hackers.

7. Hacksy



Hacksy is a portal that informs users whether or not their personal information is leaking. It functions as a security bot, allowing users to offer recommendations to other users and assisting them in securing their data by using stronger passwords. The platform serves as a security service, allowing users to communicate with the service about issues such as password strength and other security concerns.




LEAKED.SITE is a free hacker tool platform that allows users to hack data from anywhere while keeping their data safe on the other end. The platform includes a toolkit that assists users in keeping their information safe and secure. Users can use the search box to find the products they’re looking for, or they can go straight to the category they require. It is one of the Best Leaksify Alternatives.

9. is a versatile and trusted search engine that allows you to browse the most up-to-date databases while also ensuring your online safety. Members can access names, addresses, and many other things included in the data leak thanks to the software’s cleartext results. Major organizations and law enforcement benefit from the program, which allows you to take preventative measures against account takeovers.

10. FireFox Monitor



FireFox Monitor is a lightweight security program that alerts you when your email account is not safe. The platform uses a traditional approach to determine whether or not your data is at risk, and if your information is unsafe in a new data breach, the system will notify you immediately. If you want to be notified about security breaches, you must sign up for notifications that contain all information on previous security breaches, including sensitive breaches.

11. DeHashed



DeHashed is a sophisticated anti-fraud and security solution that lets you recover information from stolen databases. The program allows you to locate your data that is vulnerable and hackers might utilize it. DeHased is a basic and uncomplicated interface, and you must follow a simple approach to find your information. It is one of the Best Leaksify Alternatives.

12. We Leak Info v2



We Leak Info v2 is a new version of We Leak Info that allows users to check the status of their emails, domains, and other important information. The site allows users to type in the email address they wish to check, and then choose the search option they want to utilize. It contains a database with billions of records in it, allowing users to quickly discover what they’re looking for.

13. LeakCorp



LeakCorp is one of the most popular systems for determining whether or not a user’s account is vulnerablehackers. The software allows users to browse through a database of billions of records to find the account or domain they’re looking for.

14. Have I been pwned?



It is a platform that informs users whether or not their personal data has been compromised. Users may easily write their email addresses on the site, and they can see whether or not that email address. Furthermore, it uses a unique password to keep access to the user’s data and emails protected while searching the results.

15. We Leak Info



We Leak Info is a data breach platform that caters to a wide range of users. The website gives users access to over eight billion records, and then it constantly updates the database. Furthermore, the data is safe, which means that visitors will always receive comprehensive data, even if it doesn’t exist anymore.

16. Inoitsu – Email Address Breach Analysis



Inoitsu – Email Address Breach Analysis is software that allows users to analyze their emails to determine whether or not they have been pwned. Users can enter their email address in the provided area and then click the submit button on the site. It also retrieves the information quickly, allowing users to see what type of breach they experienced if one exists.

17. Spybot Identity Monitor



Spybot Identity Monitor is a versatile threat detection program that gives you the tools to see if your data is in the hands of a hacker. The platform relied on cutting-edge technologies to keep you informed about data and information leaks. If you discover that your data is vulnerable, you can immediately change your password. It is one of the Best Leaksify Alternatives.

18. Snusbase



Snusbase is a reputable data search engine that keeps you up to date on the most recent database breaches. The tool delivers internet security as well as information about your website’s indexes. Users can utilize Snubase to look for emails, passwords, hashes, and usernames in order to gain access to the hacked data.


This article has discussed some of the Best Leaksify Alternatives. If you have any suggestions, you can contact us. Goodbye!

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