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Moviezaddiction: Free Download Or Stream Bollywood Movies & Web Series


Moviezaddiction: The government bans illegal torrent websites every day, while unidentified developers are constantly building new torrent websites. Movieszaddiction is one of the top torrent sites for downloading movies and other popular media in the recently launched torrent websites category. You should visit this website right away if you enjoy viewing Bollywood and Hollywood movies. There are a number of features of this torrent website that can keep you coming back for a while. You may get everything from HD movie downloads to a live video stream on this torrent service. The website receives a ton of traffic and is among the most popular among torrent website users and those who download movies.

Moviezaddiction Features:

No torrent website takes the top spot on the list of torrent websites with the highest traffic. All customers who enjoy streaming movies and web series should be aware of some of the best characteristics of this torrent service.

Web series that are streamed live

This torrent website offers recently published web series, and if you don’t have the time to download them, you have the option of live streaming as a service provided by this website for its users.

HD movies are readily available

The movies you’re going to download are both 1080p and 720p high definition. For watching movies, these two resolutions are suitable.

Films in various languages

The movies offered on this website allow visitors to download them in a variety of local tongues so they can enjoy watching films in various languages. This is undoubtedly a useful aspect of this website.

A selection of popular films

People excitedly anticipate seeing the super-hit movies that are known to be downloaded on the website. Users can download these movies by opening any of the numerous categories in which they are divided up.

Moviezaddiction Categories

When it comes to this torrent website’s categories, there are a ton of options accessible for users to choose from, allowing them to download practically everything. On the website’s home page, you may find these categories:

Comedy-related films and videos

To download comedy movies and videos, go to this website if you haven’t been able to chuckle in a while. You will laugh aloud after watching the comedies that you downloaded from this torrent domain.

TV episodes and serials

Many of us enjoy watching daily television episodes and serials. If you have missed any episodes of your favorite television program, you can download them from this torrent website’s category.

2020 Web series

This website offers web series that debuted in the year 2020. If you adore web series, get over to this website’s web series category as soon as possible to download some of the best episodes.

2019 web series

2019 web series are also accessible on this page. The collection is drawn from all of the top websites and channels for web series. For a full dose of pleasure, pick out your favorite web series and download them.

Bollywood films in 2022

In 2020, some of the most beautiful Bollywood films were released. If you haven’t seen those films, you should download them all right away by clicking the Bollywood movies category link. All of those films are accessible in full HD.

2019 Bollywood films

Bollywood had a very fruitful year in 2019, with the release of a number of well-known and celebrated films. If you haven’t viewed them yet, you should go to the Bollywood movies 2019 category and download them all.

2019 and 2020 Hollywood movie releases

We are all huge fans of Hollywood films, which is why we look for some of the most popular Hollywood productions so that we can watch them. From the category on this torrent website, you may download such blockbuster movies.

Best Moviezaddiction alternatives

Here is a list of the best sites to download torrents. In the event that is not functioning correctly, users are advised to download movies from these torrent websites. These torrent services offer the best movie download speeds:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Moviezaddiction

The most typical queries about this torrent website are as follows:

If we utilize Moviezaddiction to download movies, is our system at risk?

Yes, if you use this torrent service to download movies, both your computer and your identity are at risk. The government is monitoring this torrent website, and anyone who uses it will be imprisoned.

Why should we no longer use these torrent sites?

These torrent websites should be avoided since they are harming both our computers and the film industry‘s business. For those dedicated actors and actresses, these torrent websites are nothing but evil.

What would be the ideal replacement for these torrent websites?

Legal websites that charge a nominal fee for customers to download movies are the best alternatives to these pirate services. They protect the users’ privacy and security.

Why does the government routinely shut these torrent websites?

Because these pirate websites often publish copyrighted content, the government frequently bans them. These websites are blocked by the government in accordance with the piracy law.


The sole purpose of this post is to inform you of the drawbacks of using a torrent service to obtain movies and other media. You will be checked or arrested by law enforcement officials for violating the piracy law if you continue to use this torrent website. To watch movies without any issues, you should stop utilizing torrent websites if you want to stay secure. Instead, switch to using licensed websites. Participate in the effort to shut down illicit download websites.

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