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9 Best Nycpokemap Alternatives To Get Latest Pokémon Go Maps


You were hurt by Nycpokemap’s shutdown. Are you looking for the top Nycpokemap substitutes? Thus, you are in the proper location.

One of the most well-known games, Pokémon Go, has generated a lot of buzz among both gamers and non-gamers worldwide. Finding produced Pokémon in their actual location is the goal of the game. Following the release of this app, a ton of new apps emerged to assist gamers in catching every Pokémon in their area.

One of them is Nycpokemap, but owing to several problems, this software is no longer available. Fortunately, there are some Nycpokemap substitutes that provide comparable or superior functionality to Nycpokemap.

About Nycpokemap

One of the apps that shot to fame as soon as Pokémon Go was released is Nycpokemap. The unique feature of this software is that it shows on a map where a Pokémon in Pokémon Go may be found easily. Players can therefore enjoy this game without leaving their houses.

Players only need to enter the place where they wish to discover Pokémon in the Nycpokemapapp, and the app will display the areas where the likelihood of finding Pokémons is high. Every Pokémon also has a timer shown, and you have to catch it before it runs out.

People are so dependent on this game that they would rather watch sports or the newest movies than play Pokémon Go. The players who don’t want to leave their comfort zone will find this app to be quite helpful. Unfortunately, Nycpokemap was shut down, shocking its users, due to legal difficulties with the Pokémon Go makers.

 9 Best Nycpokemap Alternatives

These are the best apps and maps that are currently available for catching all Pokémon in the areas you choose. Additionally, these are totally free and quite simple to use. These websites will be useful to you if you are looking for Pokemon Go maps.

1. Pogo Map

Pogo Map is a good substitute for Nycpokemap because it has a ton of awesome capabilities for locating hidden Pokémon. It helps you find the Pokémon you’re looking for and offers a more straightforward user interface. It uses latitude and longitude to display Pokémon’s current location. Simply select “show me Pokémon” and enter your current location.

2. Tools For Pokémon Go

With features like the Community-based Nest Map, the Evolve Estimation Calculator, the IV Calculator, the Egg Guide, and the Dex with plenty of Information like Max CP, States, Attacks, DPS, and Evolution, this is one of the greatest Nycpokemap alternatives that will help you become the best trainer. With the use of the Evolve Estimation calculator, you can quickly determine how strong a Pokémon will be after evolving. While the IV calculator aids in determining the worth and potential of the Pokemon.

3. PokeFinder


A website called PokeFinder aids Pokémon Go gamers in finding the Pokémon they’re hunting for. It is particularly effective at displaying Pokémon locations. Additionally, it displays the location of the most recent Pokémon you caught. The website is quite easy to use; all you need to do is input the location of the search you wish to do. Double-tapping on the map will add a new “Pokémon Sighting” to the list.

4. Poke Map

Pokémon spawn points from the mobile game Pokémon Go are displayed on Poke Map, a fantastic Nycpokemap substitute. Additionally, it displays Pokegyms and Pokestops around your search location. When a user’s desired Pokémon is nearby, this map also notifies the user. You can find all of the Pokémon moves as well as data like strength, movesets, etc. on this map.

5. SilphRoad

The SilphRoad is a community of Pokémon Go fans. You may find a poke gym, discover the location of nearby spawning grounds, and more using this map. Since the SilphRoad community is ubiquitous throughout the world, you can learn about local Pokémon nests wherever you go.

6. Poke Find

Poke Find is a crowdsourced map that aids in Pokémon capture. Each Pokémon sighting that you can find on this map was reported by an actual user. Simply click on the large Red Plus button in the top-left corner of the map, move the marker to the desired place, and then select your Pokémon to add to the map. Simply type the name of the Pokémon you’re looking for in the input box, and the map will display only that particular Pokémon according to your request.

7. SGPokeMap

Users in Singapore may simply track any Pokémon they desire with the help of SGPokeMap, a real-time Pokémon Go map. A few advertisements can be seen alongside the map, but they are not at all annoying. The map displays very clear information. The map will instantly display the location of your desired Pokémon when you refine your searches using criteria like Minimum IV, Pokémon Name, Generation, etc.

8. Pokevision

This is another tool that displays Pokémon locations in New York City in addition to Nycpokemap. The map is quite accurate and aids users in locating specific Pokémon. There isn’t much advertising along with the map, but that’s how they make money. To narrow down your searches, you can add a lot of filters. You can find the answer in their FAQ area if you have any questions.

9. Poke Info

Poke Info, which offers comprehensive information about all 802 Pokémon across all generations, is regarded as a good Nycpokemap substitute. Additionally, it displays the position of the desired Pokémon. The type of defences, stats, and moves of your target Pokémon are also displayed by this app. Other fascinating features offered by it include Evolution, Mega Evolution, Stat Calculator, IV Calculator, Catch Rate Calculator, etc. The user can obtain all the necessary information about a Pokémon by using these features.


We’re done here; it’s your turn now. These are some of the top Nycpokemap substitutes for locating and discovering Pokémon in your search area. The new Pokémon can be found with the help of these applications and maps. If you are aware of any other apps or websites that are superior to Nycpokemap, please suggest them in the comments below and we will add them to our list.

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