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Best Online GIF Makers In 2022

Best Online GIF Makers

You can add emotional hues to your talks by using the top GIF creation websites and free GIF maker tools that we’ve highlighted below. Although they aren’t a brand-new format, they’re here to stay. They are adaptable media that are simple to create and distribute. Have you ever considered making your animated GIFs? Are you looking for a GIF maker online? We are here to support you.

What Are GIFs?

Since 1987, when CompuServe tried to find a means to have computers display an image while simultaneously being able to conserve memory, there have been GIFs. The Graphics Interchange Format, or GIFs as we now know them, was created by them.

A GIF file, pronounced “gif” or “jif,” is an image file. However, the GIF file may be used to produce animated images, unlike the PNG and JPEG formats. One of the most widespread myths about GIFs is that they are video file formats. Videos have sound, however GIFs don’t, which is one of the contrasts between the two. Think about GIFs as a collection of images in a single file, much like the flipbooks you may have owned as a youngster.

Best Online GIF Makers


Another free and user-friendly GIF maker is EZGIF. To begin producing, upload a series of GIFs, JPGs, PNGs, TIFFs, HEICs, and other file types. You can even submit files of various sizes and formats because the website automatically converts them. It supports files more than 100MB in size overall, or 6MB each. You may tweak your GIF before creating it, thanks to a function that enables you to change the animation speed and the image upload process. A finished GIF can be edited.

Make a GIF

Make a GIF enables you to make GIFs from various media, including images, Facebook or YouTube videos, direct webcam videos, and more. You can resize your photographs, change their order, and choose the desired animation speed with Make a GIF. We appreciate that creator have the choice of making their GIF public, private, or unlisted.


GIFS can be found in GIPHY. Numerous animated photos organized into several categories—from animals to memes—can be found here. Additionally, GIPHY offers a GIF Maker that makes making and sharing GIFs essentially painless. The website supports the following file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, and MOV. Making a GIF is simple with the GIF Maker on You can add a file from your computer or a URL from a website like YouTube, Vimeo, or GIPHY Links. The finished product will be immediately uploaded to GIPHY, enabling you to share, download, or edit it right now.

Gifs is a website that reinvents the process of creating and customizing GIFs. It provides a wide range of effects, including padding, stickers, captions, and black-and-white effects. You may create GIFs using source materials like YouTube and Facebook videos on You can create GIFs on that are up to 15 seconds long. The maximum file size for upload is 150 MB.


ImgFlip lets you make free GIFs of excellent quality. It’s a straightforward GIF creator that offers customers a variety of effective customizing possibilities. You may create a GIF using imgFlip in just two simple steps. Additionally, you may add text and images, rotate, give text and graphics motion, and create GIFs from already-existing GIFs.

If you have an imgFlip account, you can also save your creations online. PNG, JPEG, SVG, TIFF, BMP, and more file types are supported. Additionally, you can use a video’s URL or upload a video directly to the website to convert it into a GIF.


Unquestionably one of the most well-liked websites for GIFs is Imgur. Additionally, it serves as a tool for creators to make their own GIFs. It only takes a few clicks to create a GIF using Imgur—just paste the video URL into the address box. GIFs can be created that last up to 15 seconds. Once your GIF has been created, you can change it to alter the outcome further. You have the option to rotate, trim, change the brightness, add text, effects, and stickers, among other things.

Gifmaker Me

You may upload up to 300 PNG or GIF picture files to to make your own original GIF. When creating a GIF, you can even use the live preview option to see precisely what you’re receiving. One of its capabilities is the ability to add audio from a video over a GIF file.

Other functions include breaking a GIF across multiple frames and merging two GIFs into one GIF. You have the option to trim, resize, rotate, and compress your file after making a GIF.


Although the GIFPAL website appears straightforward, don’t be deceived by its simplicity. You can create GIFs with it using your webcam, phone camera, or photo files. It’s an amazingly capable GIF producer. You can also view a preview of your finalized GIF using the preview tool. Additionally, you can alter the appearance of your GIF before it is created. In addition to filters and the ability to change the animation speed, GIFPAL features a reverse frame capability.

Last Words

GIF creation and sharing have been simpler recently. You can utilize a variety of free GIF maker apps or online GIF maker websites to produce your very own collection of original content. This immensely versatile, not to mention useful, file format is here to stay despite current technological breakthroughs and shifting web trends.

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