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Top 15 Best Phraseanet Alternatives in 2022

Best Phraseanet Alternatives

Phraseanet is an open-source project and digital asset management system for managing, publishing, and sharing digital content. The software includes all of the necessary capabilities for capturing, indexing, and organizing the use of digital materials. A PHP software development kit with an API is also available to expand the functionality and integrate with existing systems. Phraseanet is a search engine that uses the Elastic search engine to offer a link to full text, thesaurus searches, and facets to categorize and filter results. (Best Phraseanet Alternatives)

You get a thorough view of the document’s description, modification history, and downloads, as well as its popularity, list of baskets, and anecdotes. Create databases and collections with ease, set documentary structure and standards, language labels, and thesaurus links. The under resolutions for documents, processes, and workflow activities can also be configured. Furthermore, you can gain access to rights handled by collections as well as more advanced rights management. Overall, Phraseanet is a fantastic tool that you should consider as one of your options.

Top 15 Best Phraseanet Alternatives in 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best Phraseanet Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management



With communication, organization, and automation features, Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management software takes your firm to the next level. You may quickly model numerous portfolio conditions using this tool to ensure the optimum strategic route. Consider the recommendations in light of the strategic business drivers, as well as cost and resource restrictions. You gain access to a greater range of portfolios and initiatives within the organization. To keep everyone on the same page, share built-in reports like burndown or Power Business Intelligence dashboards. It is one of the Best Phraseanet Alternatives.

2. Clarizen One



Clarizen One is a project management tool that lets you organize tasks, manage operations, automate tasks, and collaborate with others. It makes team collaboration and project execution easier, and it keeps data up to date and aligned. The software is highly customizable, with hundreds of custom fields and business rules available. Clarizen One’s cloud-based platform allows you to complete tasks more quickly, effectively, and with better outcomes.

3. Shotgun



Shotgun is a production and design management software that helps visual effects and animation studios manage their TV show, video game, and film projects. Teams have a unified production workspace with creative project tracking and scheduling, task workflows, and asset management. It streamlines operations by assigning duties to each member on a per-assignment basis. This ensures that everyone on the team is working on the proper project and gets the knowledge they require to complete it. It is amongst the Best Phraseanet Alternatives.

4. ResourceSpace



ResourceSpace is a digital asset management application that makes automating your processes simple, fast, and safe. The software is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including product marketing, charities, museums, academic institutions, and charities. The entire system is adaptable and may be adapted to your specific requirements. With adjustable headers, displayed text, search results display, and more, you can tailor the interface to your brand’s demands.

5. SetKeeper



SetKeeper is a production management software that allows you to interact and collaborate with confidence. Without a hitch, have contracts and paperwork approved and signed. With real-time delivery analysis, you can provide documents and scripts to your team. Keep all of the production data on your person and use it anytime you need it. Long paragraphs and hefty pages are no longer necessary.

6. ElasticHQ



ElasticHQ is an all-in-one open-source elastic search management and monitoring software that improves the efficiency and agility of your workflow. The software makes an impression with its user-friendly interface, which makes managing and maintaining Elastic Search clusters a breeze. From monitoring individual clusters to seeing real-time threads, real-time monitoring is working well, and it will be easy for you to switch insights into elastic search cluster runtime metrics and parameters. WebSocket data streams are more likely to keep you up to date with internal working clusters at all times.

7. ElasticHQ



kaizen With a GUI for elastic search, ElasticSearch is an innovative solution that has been providing you with all-important metrics and insights. The software is compatible with all major platforms, including MAC, Linux, Windows, and others, and is a fully functional desktop application that requires no installation. The software allows you to quickly explore more documents with more individual fields, and it includes a built-in editor that allows you to rapidly create, change, and delete them.

8. Elastic Stack



Elastic Stack is a platform that consists of a collection of open-source solutions built on Elasticsearch that help customers acquire data in any format and from any source. The information will subsequently be used for real-time searching, analysis, and visualization. Elastic Stack is available as a SaaS solution or as an on-premises solution. This utility offers excellent support, including complete elastic search capabilities as well as JSON-based search and analytics.

9. Log fusion



Log fusion is a program that allows you to see and monitor your log files in real-time using a lightweight application with a wide range of useful features. It’s a sophisticated tool created specifically for system administrators and developers. It is one of the Best Phraseanet Alternatives.

10. Xapian



Xapian is an open-source search engine created with programmers in mind. The platform is developed in C++ and has bindings for Peri, Python, Java, PHP, and Lua, among other languages. Programmers can use Xapian to provide extensive indexing and search capabilities to their apps or websites.

11. Yamdu



Yamdu is one of the most innovative project management tools available for visual creation. You can schedule projects, plan tasks, manage operations, share information, collaborate, communicate, and create items you need to remember during production with its straightforward tool.

It provides everything you need to properly manage your commercial or non-scripted material, whether you’re working on advertising, music videos, documentaries, or any other type of video project. Arrange the strips on the stripboard to quickly create a shooting process and a call sheet.

12. Ftrack



Supervisors, artists, developers, and producers can use Ftrack as a project management platform. You may obtain complete control over your projects, processes, and teams with this application, which allows you to consolidate all information about your projects, workflows, and teams in one easy-to-use interface. You can learn how to stay on budget with the resources you have. This avoids the inconvenient bottlenecks that occur while managing resources and helps you prevent costly errors. With the reporting and production tracking, there will be no more late deliveries.

13. Prism Pipeline



Prism Pipeline is a top-of-the-line open-source workflow management application that streamlines the workflow of artists, animators, and VFX designers. You can use this tool to manage your scene files, generate assets, sequences, and shots, among other things. Begin with an empty timeline or an existing scene, and let the software manage the file location, filenames, and temporary rendering placement on the scratch drive. Drag and drop can be used to import objects into scenes. Prism allows you to work on numerous projects at once. You can always start a new project and go back and forth between your previous ones.




TACTIC is an open-source workflow and digital asset management platform that allows you to communicate with teams and streamline project creation and delivery. The automated event triggering system streamlines workflow processes and ensures teams stay on track and on time by applying customized business logic to specific workflows.

15. Vani Production Tracking Software



Vani Production Tracking Software is a project management and tracking tool that you may use to keep track of your projects. You may plan tasks, review them through project bidding, and manage reports using dynamic dashboards, among other things. The HR module allows you to keep track of an employee’s personal talents and experience in Vani, as well as their exit, department transfer, and mode change. It allows you to send the assignment to the vendor with a certain deadline, and all outsourced task data is saved on a separate page for easier access.


Here, we will conclude our list of the Best Phraseanet Alternatives. If you have any suggestions and queries, you can contact us. Goodbye!

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